What Have I Done with my Life?


Life isn’t always easy, but it can be better.

Life can be tough, whether you consider yourself lucky or unlucky in life, and it really doesn’t help if you suffer from a lack of self-esteem. Having confidence in yourself massively affects how you handle day-to-day challenges, and having too little or even too much confidence can also begin to affect you negatively when it comes to performing even the simplest of tasks.

It is important to spend a little time out of your busy schedule simply relaxing and making the effort to be kind to yourself, as when we run about trying to fit everything into this haphazard mishmash of unorganized life events, you tend to forget a few little details.

Rushing Forwards, Always Worrying

Being confident in yourself means being comfortable with who you are as a person and where you’re going. A lot of people worry endlessly over the question, Where am I going in life?. We are always rushing forwards, constantly trying to finish that next assignment or make it to the next milestone. We often take time to remember past events and bask in the memories of times long gone, but not often do we take a step back to recall our past achievements.

What Have I done?

What have I done with my life? Is another question you’ll regularly find yourself asking. Try not to think Where am I going? or What have I done?, but think more of How did I get where I am? You might seem stuck in a rut at the moment, or you don’t feel like you have any particular talents, but you need to remember that you have pushed yourself forwards to live every single day.

If you play an instrument, write poetry or draw, or even if you sometimes play a sport or a video game, take the time out to remember when you first picked up that pen, paintbrush, tennis racket, or games controller and remember how skilled you were then. You’ll soon find  you’ve improved far more than initially perceived.

Where am I going?

To see where you are going, you must first look to where you have been. Even if it is taking the initiative to try new things, meet new friends, or even go and visit a big city near you, these can be positive experiences. They have been essential building blocks used to create the person standing before you in the mirror. Right now, try to think of five things–as big or small as you like–you’ve learned just within the last year.

We are human. We are constantly learning, constantly adapting, and always seeking more from our environment and the world.

The next time you worry about where you are in life, or if you think you haven’t changed at all, take a look back at who you were one year ago, or even five years ago. You’d be surprised to see how much you have changed, and it’s hopefully been for the better.

About the author: James Nelson is passionate about the inner strength we each have to help ourselves resolve conflict and doubt. As a student of life and writer he also writes for Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy.


What are your thoughts on this piece? How are you different now than you were one year, five, even ten years ago? Tell me in a comment. 

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