Fort Yargo State Park and a Different Kind of Church

Fort Yargo State Park and a Different Church

Since yesterday was Easter Sunday, and I’m a Christian belonging to The First Church of No Sect in Particular, I decided to attend a different kind of church today. God is everywhere around us and inside of us, and since I can go anywhere on earth to commune with the Lord, I headed to Fort Yargo State Park, in Winder, Georgia.


Fort Yargo State Park

My agenda was two-fold. For Christmas, my husband bought me a Nikon Coolpix S6000 digital camera, and I’ve been amazed at the incredible pictures that it takes. Notice I didn’t say anything about the pictures that I take, because I’m a really BAD photographer. I know little about lighting, angles, shutter speed, etc. I always have problems with cropped out faces, and any good pictures I’ve taken in the past have been flukes.

Fort Yargo

Before yesterday, I’d never been to Fort Yargo State Park, and I wanted to take some nature pics, so off my husband and I went to check it out. I wasn’t imagining that my photography would win any awards, but I thought I could get some nice shots. I also had my time with the Lord while I was there, because I feel closest to him when I am out amongst his most beautiful creations. I can’t think of a better place for that than the forest.


I love green leaves on the trees.

I don’t have to sit in a pew in a church to worship God, and my church congregation is everyone I know. Fellowship is amongst friends intimately discussing interpretations of scripture, and everyone is my brother or sister. My tithes are made to places like St. Jude’s hospital –not a “building fund” or other such rubbish.

I hope you enjoyed the post on Fort Yargo State Park. Love different topics–even the controversial ones? Tell me in the comments.

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