It is pure fallacy to believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder. In reality it is often a breeding ground for indifference.

Area close to Jackrabbit Mountain

Now that I’ve settled the Triberr drama, I can happily move on to other amazing adventures, and today is about Jackrabbit Mountain in Hayesville, North Carolina, but first up is a much-anticipated Tastykakes update: Madison McDonley has offered to send me some Tastykakes after all. Hurrah! Now, I only have to reply back with my home address to receive my yummy rewards.

Lake Chatuge at Jackrabbit Mountain

Jackrabbit Mountain escapades were lovely, as we discovered during our last visit with The Frau to check out The Georgia Mountain Fair in nearby Hiawassee, Georgia. The area surrounding Jackrabbit is ripe with opportunity for photography, or if you simply wish to admire the scenery. I love the photos of the trees growing in lake the lake water a bit more than the other shots, and the entire escapade delighted. How I feel when surrounded by such rich, unspoiled natural beauty is simply impossible to put in the words, but I can try to sufficiently explain through the photos.

My daughter playing on the shore of Lake Chatuge

I was thrilled to work out a little quality time at Lake Chatuge with The Frau and her husband, although I only swam for a few minutes during our time there. The water conditions were muddy and murky even beyond my standards. However, I always enjoy time with my friends, and having the chance to watch my little girl play. In the archives of my memory, the most poignant of those will be the ones that I am making with loved ones each day. Time is too valuable to neglect or waste. I Occasionally lose sight of this when I’m too consumed with projects, when lost in the “vortex of social media”, or when I’m intensely focused on my writing. This is NEVER a good thing, friends, so be careful if you can relate.

Beach and picnic area at Lake Chatuge on Jackrabbit Mountain

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Trees growing in Lake Chatuge on Jackrabbit Mountain

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