Photos: Sunset Dolphin Tours on Jekyll Island

Photos From Sunset Dolphin Tours on Jekyll Island


Dolphins spotted on the Sunset Dolphin Tour on Jekyll Island


A beautiful sunset on Jekyll Island Sunset Dolphin Tours.

My family absolutely adored the Sunset Dolphin Tours on Jekyll Island, so make sure you add them on Facebook for future Jekyll Island travel activities to enjoy. I’ll post more details about the dolphin tour experience on Thursday–in conjunction with a more critical topic.


Osprey seen on the Sunset Dolphin Tour on Jekyll Island


Oyster bed under the wharf and marina on Jekyll Island. They emerge during low-tide water conditions


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  • Suerae Stein

    Jekyll Island looks beautiful – I enjoy looking at your photos! ~ Suerae

  • Raylene

    Sunsets are my fav, no matter where they are! Luv it!

  • http://[email protected] Mommy C

    Gorgeous photos! I didn't see a button, so I added your linky to my website. Have a Happy Wednesday!Crysta l

  • http://[email protected] ErinPatrick

    Amberr,I think my favorite is the sunset. I'm glad you allow some words on wordless Wednesday cause we wouldn't be able to leave comments if you didn't! :0) Sorry, in a silly mood tonight!~Erin

  • http://[email protected] datingdivasites

    Sunset on the beach is amazing. The pick sky and water and the white sand. AHH I need a vacation at the beach. Thank you for sharing these. I live on the river and watch the sunset set on the water almost everyday. I feel so grateful for the beauty of this world that God has blessed us with at that time.

  • http://[email protected] Adriene Joyce

    Great photos, Amberr! I also love the one with the sunset. This looks like a great place to vacation.

  • http://[email protected] RSEmeline

    I miss water. I spent most of my life around salt water, so the last five years have been hard on me away from it. Only the last two I've been completely away from water. Got to love the desert. These pictures remind me of the work I did when I first married my husband. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://[email protected] BiculturalMama

    Hi, I didn't to WW today, but like your beautiful photos!

  • Amberr Meadows

    Thank you, everyone, who linked up. I've completed comments and Alexa reviews for your respective blogs. Take care, and thanks for being amazing readers!

  • http://[email protected] Elisa

    Awesome pictures! :0)

  • http://[email protected] Sunsetdolphintours

    Can't wait for Thursday!

  • Lakesha Brown

    Hey Amberr! So it looks like I need to add Jekyll Island to my travel list! I especially like the photo of the Oyster bed as I've never seen anything like it before!Also, did I ever tell you I love your blog's tagline – too cute :-)~Kesha

  • Amberr Meadows

    Thanks, Ms. Kesha, you should add Jekyll island to the list, and if you're ever down this way, let's go kayaking. Thanks for the compliment on my tagline ;-)

  • Amberr Meadows

    It is now on for today. I'll post it on FB when finished. Take care!

  • Amberr Meadows

    Thanks. Maria!

  • Amberr Meadows

    RSEmeline, I appreciate you stopping by, and I could never live in the desert. I need the beauty that plants and trees offer. The desert does not invite me, whatsoever.

  • Amberr Meadows

    It is extremely beautiful! Thanks for stopping in, Adriene.

  • Amberr Meadows

    Dating Diva,Vacation at your house! Woo hoo! ooxx

  • Amberr Meadows

    Erin, Silly is good sometimes, right?

  • Amberr Meadows

    Mommy C, THANK YOU! You rock! ox

  • Amberr Meadows

    Me, too, lady. Hope your migraine has exited stage right. Total bummer.

  • Amberr Meadows

    Suerae, I enjoy you coming to look at my photos. Take care!