Crazy Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Yesterday I mentioned crazy mommy bloggers amongst a few other tidbits, but I decided to take it a step further.  Contrary to the critical nature in which I spoke about folks being crazy, crazy isn’t always a bad thing. Some of the most amazing people I know act a little crazy, but without them, my social life would be far less interesting, and my marriage would be far more boring.

Pitbull-CRAZY ft. Lil Jon

If I weren’t a little crazy myself, I might not be willing to embark on some of my hiking excursions and travel adventures, or  be willing to create a blog or book full of personal thoughts, ambitions, and observations for the world to judge. My flavor of crazy doesn’t care about the criticisms of others, and my world is infinitely sweeter, as a result. Crazy can even be admirable.

Admirably crazy means taking chances, taking a stand, being different, moving crowds, and not being afraid of a damn thing. I love this type of crazy. You know why? This is the type of crazy that changes lives or sets the precedent for how easily others can express their true selves.

Here are a couple  famous people who have used crazy to their advantage:

Lady Gaga-Bad Romance 

1. Lady Gaga– Love her or hate her, she has made millions of dollars and fans by working her craziness. Her fashion taste is definitely not the norm (Beef slab dress, anyone?), and if you’ve seen a few of her videos you’d know she is definitely “out there”.  Regardless of personal sentiment, you have to admit she has been a brilliant market strategist and rose to fame because she dared to be different.

2. Former President Ronald Reagan-Love him or hate him, Reagan did something previously unheard of, long before Arnold became governor of California. He had to be a little crazy as an actor running for a presidency and dealing with scathing criticism, but he did it with grace. Not only did he become president, he also walked away with a better reputation than many of the men who have been in office before and after.

Now, of course, I realize there are a lot of examples of “real life” people who are crazy in an inspiring way, and I happen to be friendly with many of them. Who touches your life in an artfully crazy way, without being hurtful or ridiculous? Tell me in the comments.

In the meantime, keep being wonderfully crazy, and I’ll be back with more adventures soon.

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  1. I'm with you girl
    CRAZY = An exciting person I want to know & be inspired by!
    NORMAL = Boring, in my book!
    Live a little! Make every door you walk through, a living work of art! 😛

    • Lisa, I love that. Can I use it? Living work of art sounds wonderful to me.

  2. It doesn't hurt to take risks in life. Or be a little crazy! I rank right up there with you. My husband isn't. He's boring. I'm a spontaneous person to. I'm the kind of person who wouldn't think twice about going on a road trip 10pm at night.

    • Irene,
      My husband and I balance one another. He has admitted he doesn't think he'd do half the nature stuff (traipsing about conservatories, searching for alligators and other coastal wildlife) had it not been for me. I love that I've changed him and improved upon his life with my craziness.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. It's no fun to be normal… really…I know because I'm crazy.

    Other crazy people I love – Bukowski, Hunter S Thompson, and most authors — I think we all have a bit of the crazy gene that some might call creative thinking.


    • Eden, I agree with it being creative thinking. Maybe that's why crazy is so endearing to me. Thank you for your comment!

  4. I agree. Being crazy isn't always a bad thing. Otherwise, I would be bad and people would run away from me too lol. Yes, I'm one of those crazies but I got many good and best friends who just love my craziness. Moreover, if I'm not crazy, I would not have traveled abroad and brought my kids along considering the risks of comfort and all. But I took all of these crazy adventures and it's quite exciting. My kids are bi-lingual and multi-cultural. The absence of a bit of craziness would make our lives just plain boring. I love my husband too, a kind of spontaneous crazy adventurer.

    • Katya, I bet your family is loving life, and that's another important perk of living the "crazy" (not destructive) life.

  5. I love those crazy people too.. I am a bit crazy but not always in the fun way LOL.. I have numerous friends that are crazy fun and they really make life enjoyable.. Love them all..

  6. Crazy = every person who climbed a mountain higher than anybody else before, crossed a pole, crossed an ocean, planted a nation, went on a gold rush, escaped a POW camp, circumnavigated the globe, cycled around Africa… Any real adventure requires crazy. The list of people is too long but the list of normal people who never did anything is so much longer.
    Go crazy!

    • Gerhi, I agree! Go crazy!!

      And thanks for the comment 😉

  7. You are the nicest person ever. Look at you finding something wonderful and inspiring out of all that crazy commenting going on at that one site. You're admirable and a role-model yourself hon.

  8. Crazyness is in the eye of the beholder :)

    • ReadingDiva, I agree, and I love to behold crazy people in action, too!

  9. People who think crazy is a bad thing need to get out of their snake hole and let loose and have some fun. If you know me by know, you would know that I am crazy and different in all the good ways. I know you're crazy and different in all the good ways too! That's why I married ya :-)

    • KP., aw, I appreciate you honey. And you kinda have to love me–knew what you were getting into beforehand, and now you're mine. Bwahahaha!

  10. Actually Amberr, I'd love to say that was mine, but I stole it too! lol…Its a line from a Thriving Ivory song… 'make every door you walk through a living work of art' from 'For Heaven's Sake'…so yeah, sure, feel free to use it! hahaha


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