Adult Footie Pajamas Look Ridiculous

Sunday Soapbox: Unless you are under the age of 10, you look ridiculous in footie pajamas.

If this were my husband, I’d revoke his man-card for life and possibly file for divorce. Adult footie pajamas are just wrong. 

Agree or disagree? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. The idea of my husband reclining on a park bench sucking his thumb
    whether wearing footie pajamas or not is so preposterous I can't even contemplate my reaction.

    In other words, agree!

    • Pooks, I tried and failed to envision my hubby sucking his thumb in footie pajamas.

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

  2. I really hope that he wasn't wearing a diaper under those DREADFUL pajamas…..;)

    • I know, Lottie, I'd be so embarrassed if it were me–especially with the thumb sucking.

    • Haha @Buster Bluth.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I love it!

    • Christina, I said possibly divorce, but when I say possibly, I mean definitely.

    • DC, I'd hope there were a rational explanation–like a mental break down, and I'd give him a fair chance. If he wears it in his right mind, it's an automatic divorce.

  3. I think it depends on the person and if it was custom-made by them or not. It definitely shouldn't be for public display. Only family!

    • Lynn, you make a good point, but still, I can't respect any man who wants to wear these.

  4. Oh My WORD!!!!! This is WRONG, just plain Wrong!!! hahahahhahaha

  5. I agree with Lynn….footie pajamas aren't for public display, but would be fun for home. C'mon it's just pajamas not a character flaw…have a sense of humor :)

    • Christine, maybe not a character flaw, but a possible mental disability? Haha. I like fun, but this?! I don't know…

    • Kelly, they might work for you, but I just can't see any self-respecting man wearing these.

  6. Funny enough, last year I saw a bunch of bloggers promoting a matched footie pajama company that made sets for the entire family.

    • Sophie, that is hilarious. Which blogs? Maybe I'll go protest them. Haha!

  7. #1 – Yes, totally for Buster Bluth.
    #2 – Conceptually they can sound fun but in no shape or form should a man ever wear a 1-pc jumper.

  8. I totally agree. I think it looks juvenile. I'm sure they're comfy, but must be hard to go to the bathroom.

    • I would love to have a pair of pink ones, like the man on the bench is wearing. What really turns me on though, is the possibility of being breastfed in them!

  9. (Shoves footie pajamas under bed) Yeah! What you said. :D

  10. OH MY GOD, when my hubby and I first saw this commercial we thought it was a joke. We rewound multiple times to watch it over and over…I cannot believe any self-loving human being would wear one of these! Honestly! I'd divorce my hubs if he wore this. :-)

  11. I agree.. If it were my guy.. He would have to watch me burn that man card.. and then go straight to therapy.. LOL It might drastically affect my feelings for him.. heehee

  12. Hahaha, I can't believe they even make this for adults. Besides, even for little kiddos it's uncomfortable to go to the bathroom in this.

  13. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read and comment on my posts. I really appreciate it.

  14. Those footies are terrible. Remember when commercial said that you'll be the talk of the tailgate? More like the joke of the tailgate. lol

  15. This is tooooo funny!
    Thanks for the laugh.

  16. What’s worse is when they come to the Emergency Room at 3 in the afternoon and they have tweety bird print all over those pjs and they have the matching slippers! This happens at least once a week. It’s absurd.

    • That is ridiculous, Jenny. Just wow.

  17. I love my jammies, I have a smurf & leopard print. You can take my man card, but you can’t take my freedom. 

  18. Thunb in the mouth not appropriate. I want to wear my fleece footed pajamas in public someday!

  19. Any douche bag wearing anything or nothing at all laying on a park bench sucking his thumb is going to look like a douche bag. Imagine anything on that guy and he still looks like a douche. I have a pair of footed pjs and I love them. Warm and comfy. I wear them at home after work and for bed. I don’t put them on and then go to the park and suck my thumb like a fag adult baby. This guys picture gives footed pjs a bad name.

    • Bob, a crass but accurate observation. To each its own, as long as it’s not a guy sucking his thumb on a park bench. ;-)

  20. Really, though? Really?
    I think it’s stupid to be so opposed to people enjoying something.
    Insulting them for being different.
    Right up there with the nazis and the racists.
    Hope you feel proud, you’re all horrible, ignorant people.

    -A 20 year old guy that likes his awesome footy pj’s.

    • Nazis and racists? Hahahahahah! Gotta love the overly-dramatic flair from a 20-year old boy. Enjoy your Pjs, sweetie, and don’t get so bent out of shape over an opinion. Life’s too short to stress so hard.

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