Christmas Isn't The Same Without Music

Christmas isn’t the same without music.

Welcome back for great music chosen by my readers! Christmas is less than a week away, so I thought I’d share some Christmas songs to spread the holiday cheer. In my opinion, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without great music, and while I could have picked different versions of most of these songs, I picked the most personally nostalgic ones that made me most nostalgic. Enjoy…

Carol of the Bells with Celtic Woman

O Holy Night with John Berry

Hard Candy Christmas with Dolly Parton

Silent Night with Elvis

White Christmas with The Drifters

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlmen with Nat King Cole

What are some of your very favorite Christmas songs? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Lovely blog! Mine is John Rutter's "Candlelight Carol" by a loooong way.

  2. Anything Bing Crosby is a good christmas song..I also love the Little Drummer Boy he does with David Bowie. I grew up on the Elvis christmas soundtrack with my dad trying to sing like him in the background. I love your festive touches Amberr – the snow is great since we don't have any here yet..

  3. All of the above + Oh Tannenbaum- it´s German forgive me, it´s Christmas Ha,Ha!

    • Adrian, no worries. I had to sing and learn the translation of this years ago. 🙂

  4. I'm a HUGE Dolly Parton fan. Not to mention Bing Crosby and…yeah. You've got a stellar line up here sweetie. 😀

    • Silent Night is beautiful. Wizards of Winter. Not sure I've heard it, but I need to.

  5. Oh Bring Crosby…I love you!

  6. My absolute favorite is White Christmas!

  7. John Lennon – Merry Christmas, War is Over and Wham! Last Christmas (a UK 80's classic, though I'm not sure it reached the US?)

    • Jane, the War is Over song did, but I'm not sure about the other. Thanks for dropping in 🙂

  8. Two mentioned above are key – Silent Night in general and Merry Christmas by John Lennon.

    However, the lack of Frank Sinatra being mentioned is sacrilege and you all should reflect on your sins.

    • Martin, I am properly repentant. How I could miss Sinatra, I don't know, but shame on me 😉

  9. Jingle Bell Rock is so festive, my little one loves dancing to it with me!

    • Maria, what a perfect song for entertaining the kiddos. 😉

  10. Beautiful collection! There are so many carols it is difficult to select a favorite. Sacred – "Lo, How a Rose"; Popular – "The Christmas Song" (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire) would be two I most enjoy.

    • Oh, Musicsparks, very nice choices. Thank you for taking time to read and comment. I appreciate you.

  11. I love Dolly!

    All of these are wonderful to listen to — especially if you make some of DC's Cocktails and relax with the family! (love the snow falling too!)

    • Justin, yes indeed, cocktails are a must. The snow was a nice little touch provided by WordPress to last until January 1st. That's all the white Christmas I needed.

  12. Silent Night by the Mormon Tabernacle Singers always brings a tear to my eye. But recently Lindsey Stirling just put out her version while playing the violin that gets me alittle choked up.

    • Irene, this was absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Transiberian Orchestra FTW!! 😀

    • Jenny, YES! I forgot all about them for this lineup though. Oops!

  14. Dolly Parton's Hard Candy Christmas is always a revelation. Elvis's Blue Christmas is another song I love to hear round Christmas. Away in Manger brings up childhood memories; but my favourite song for this time of the year is a song probably none of the contributors here have heard … it's the only Christmas song by the Rolling Stones – mournful yet uplifting. Jagger's lyrics and Mick Taylor's guitar work makes this one of the Stones hidden gems. Winter by The Rolling Stones

    • Ragged wagon, what an amazing Stones song. I'll have to add it for next year, for sure!

  15. I love Judy Garland's Christmas Song, Elvis Presley's Blue Christmas

    • I can't believe I left off Blue Christmas. I missed quite a few of the greats. Good thing there's always next year 😉

  16. There you go tugging at my heart strings again. I am a Christmas music fiend. I’m writing this as I listen to a project I created in December. I spent hours and hours of time and thought creating a very ROCKING…if I do say so myself…Christmas play list on Spotify. I’ll explain it.

    I ditched almost all traditionals like Perry Como and Bing…at least for the songs they’re known for. (I do have Hard Candy Christmas, as above, by Dolly…Love her.) I shook it up a little. I pulled from every genre of music. I typed in the song I wanted, looked at who sang it, and took a listen. I also typed in by artist and skimmed the list to see what they did in Christmas, listened, and found my favorite. I dug for some unique songs that I love but never get to hear.

    Unique…I HIGHLY recommend listening to Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “The Cherry Tree Carol” on Spotify. Some recordings do not have the fullness of sound that this one does.

    The sad thing was that I only listened to it twice because my Mom and sisters wanted “Songs that we can sing to”.

    Anyway, I have several of Michael Bubble for some reason, but I rarely repeated an artist. If I did, it was only twice.

    I have anything inside and outside of Brian Setzer, Sawyer Brown, Louis Armstrong (Zat You Santa Claus?), Harry Connick Jr. (Ave Maria ~ The carol that always leaves me breathless when well done), Emmylou Harris, Kutless, Korn, Twisted Sister (Yes, & it’s GREAT!), Chieftains, and I actually have Michael Bubble and The Bare Naked Ladies together (The Elf’s Lament), Faith Hill (Where Are You Christmas), Celtic Woman, and more. I wasn’t kidding when I said diverse.

    If you want to look at/listen to it, I think you can find it with my facebook name Debbi Weiss. Let me know if you need anything else…if you go in. It is definitely “published”.

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