Top 10 Reasons I Never Visit Your Blog Anymore

Reasons I don’t visit your blog anymore

For Thoughtful Thursday, I decided to do something I rarely ever do–hand out blogging advice. I’m no expert or self-proclaimed “guru”, but I am a blogger, and more importantly–I am an avid blog reader. I read more blog posts than I can keep track of during the week, and I comment on at least half of these. As a consequence, I’ve developed certain preferences over time.

During my weekly blog escapades, I find new blogs I love, some blogs I like, and others I stop reading altogether. A number of circumstances influence my decision to totally abandon a blog, but here are 10 reasons I will stop reading yours:

1. You are Annoying.

You “mention” me or “DM” me on Twitter with your latest post link almost every day, you constantly “stumble” your posts my way, you frequently ask if I’ve read your latest post, and you generally do everything you can to shove your blog down my throat. Sometimes your intensity is frightening, and I wonder if you are more stalker than blogger. I don’t care if your blog is the next masterpiece on the interwebs, if you do crap like that, I willย  hate your blog.

2. You are completely self-centered.

You implement some of the same annoying practices outlined in #1, but when I ask ONCE if you’ve read my latest post or if you can comment occasionally, you pause for a long moment before claiming you haven’t, promising to “check me out” later. Later never comes, I realize you’re completely self-centered, and I drop your blog like a bad habit.

3. Your blog adds no value.

This one is extremely important. I read blogs for one of two reasons; to seek expertise on a topic or for pure entertainment. If you offer a little of both, I will probably love your blog and visit frequently. With so many voices clamoring to be heard in the blogging arena, you need to be doing one or the other, and doing it well, to rise above the masses.

4. You don’t allow comments.

If I visit your blog and you have comments disabled, I am automatically suspicious. People who disable comments generally fall into one of two categories: They either think they are too awesome for feedback, or they are too cowardly to allow feedback. Either way, disabled comments is a blog repellent.

5. Your blog has no community.

I’m a very social creature, like most human beings, and I like to connect to the person or people behind the blog. It’s important to create some sort of community on your blog to attract loyal readers, and it isn’t that difficult to achieve. Ask questions of your readers, reply to comments, or otherwise encourage interaction. If your blog has no community, I seek others that do. (I am not alone in this sentiment, and I know this because I’ve been busy and neglected my own community this past month. As a consequence, my readership has suffered.)

6. You cuss too much.

Cussing doesn’t offend me, and I’m far from a prude, but using the F-bomb or A-hole in every sentence is ludicrous. It indicates you are either trying to shock your readers in a contrived manner, or you are a weak writer lacking creativity. Language is art, and I tend to cleave to blogs that render the written word more artfully than their potty-mouthed counterparts.

7. You are all about giveaways and coupons.

Some giveaways are fine and maybe even a necessary part of your marketing campaign, but hosting giveaways too often is irritating. I’m not willing to jump through a lot of hoops–which is usually required– just to win a $10.00 Amazon giftcard or stuffed animal for my kid. Just seeing the words “Rafflecopter giveaway” makes me cringe. In regards to coupons and discounts, I’ll seek out deals relevant to my current needs or wait for my daily email from Groupon. I don’t need to visit personal blogs to find deals.

8. You are too whiny.

I’ve been by your blog a few times, and maybe you’re even a great writer, but if you whine all the time, I’ll stop visiting your blog. Nobody wants to see the same, “My day was horrible, wah, wah, wah, life just sucks, blah, blah, blah,” and I’m no exception. Being heartfelt and open is one thing, but if you never have anything positive to say about your life, you might need to spend more time in therapy and less on your blog. Your circumstances might be terrible, and I do sympathize, but I’m not going to read that depressing crap all the time. I don’t even watch the news often for that very reason.

9. Your content is amazing, but your layout is atrocious.

The many colors of the rainbow are indeed beautiful, but some of them don’t belong on a blog. Bright yellow backgrounds with white text, black backgrounds with dark text, or any other color combination that is headache-invoking or requires squinting to read, isn’t going to get the “blog love” it might otherwise deserve. How do I know it’s true? I’ve been there, done that–especially when I first started blogging. (Does anyone remember my awful psychedelic theme phase?)

10. Your layout is brilliant, but your content is terrible.

You might have the most polished, appealing, user-friendly layout online, but if your content is awful, I’ll never visit your blog again. I’m not grammatically perfect myself, but I expect to read blogs where some attention is paid to sentence structure, and there is evidence of a spell-checker in use. Anything less is pure laziness. Also, if you write the same regurgitated content found everywhere else and you lack your own distinct voice and opinions, it’s not worth my time to read.

Those are my top ten reasons I’ll stop reading your blog, and while this does not mean I’m “full of myself”,ย  I do know what I enjoy.

How about you? What makes you stop reading blogs, and what would you add to the list? Tell me in the comments.

That’s all I have for today, but I’ll be back on the next scheduled day with my customary cheer and goodwill. ๐Ÿ™‚

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to single out any one person, blog, or genre in particular. If anything on the list above pertains to you, it’s up to you to fix it or ignore it, but you don’t need to defend yourself to me. After all, I am only one reader of millions.

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  1. I can agree with pretty much everything here! I don't read many blogs now because of time management issues but when I was following a dozen a day and came across something new it had to really engage me without annoying me through layout, grammar, and many of the factors you mentioned.

    I think anyone starting a blog has good intentions toward promoting his or her product and its perfectly fine to give a new blogger time to fine tune. Hopefully when I finally take the step of "going to blog" into "blogging" I can earn your readership by avoiding everything you mentioned above!

    • Ben, you are a smart cookie. I have no doubt you will be a blogging success when you finally get started. Can’t wait to see what you bring!

  2. A thousand times yes to all of these. #9 and #10 are especially tragic to me, and I'm not sure why.

    • Jonathon, I feel that way, too, because the offending bloggers are innocent, are probably not annoying, and probably feel bad when they don’t get the attention they might otherwise deserve.

  3. You go girl….thanks for the sanity check ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nothing like a cat amongst the pigeons to get a vibe going;)

    • Catriona, meow! Muahaha! I kid, but you are right. Someone needs to remove the sugar coating sometimes and say it out loud!

  4. Great post. I usually try to add one to the list, but this time I don't think I can! I blog and just started nine months ago (way late to the game). I've had a steep learning curve where I likely violated most of the 10 at some point (hopefully not the whiny one). At least I have no coupons or cussing…

    • Chris, I’d be willing to bet you are doing just fine, and I’ll be finding out when I return your visit ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I really liked #3 Your Blog Adds No Value. I'm wondering when bloggers (especially mommies and daddies) will figure out that posting the same crap that everyone else in the blogosphere is posting is boring and has a short lifespan. I want to read something that is different. Something I haven't already seen 10 times and I want it to be written well. Not too much to ask for, is it?

    • Christina, it is totally not too much to ask for. If a blogger can’t provide the “bare bones” they probably shouldn’t be blogging. imo

  6. Great post, Amber! I can only hope that my blog is entertaining and non-repetitive – I try very hard to create interesting content, and since I have nothing to sell or promote, it's all about my readers. Having come late to the blogging party, I am overwhelmed by the quantity of mommy blogs out there – whew!

    • Sharon, you are doing great. The best thing about mommy blogs? They are very easily avoided, and they stick to their own niche which allows me to explore other niches without as much aggravation or competition.

  7. Like the last one the most! content is king. Something i am really concerned with at this point having just launched my blog.

    • Connor, content really is king. i can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with, too!

  8. I stop visiting blogs when it is nothing but a recap of photos the blogger got from Pinterest with a few words to tie them together.

    • Renee, that is purely laziness. Photos need words and not just a couple of lame, lazy attempts. Good one!

  9. Grammar and spelling are deal breakers for me. Their/there seems impossible for a lot of people to understand, as does its/it's. I need more pictures for my blog, and maybe a slightly more dynamic layout. Working on it!

    • Molly, I sometimes slip with the it’s. I don’t know why. I know better, but I mess it up sometimes. Throw in some pics, girl! There are millions of amazing photos at Flickr under Creative Commons. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Coupons, reviews, people that are fashionistas posting pics of other people wearing chic clothes, people who post nothing but recipes, people who post vacation spots they have never been to, people who post about lovely places they have never set foot in or around, mommy's offering advice, first time mommy's offering advice, crafty blogs. All pics, not enough pics, but the number one thing I cannot stand is music usually along the christian or country genres. It's enough to make a chick puke her breakfast on her lap top. I Like blogs with humor, real stories even if they get dull now and then atleast they are real.

    • Jill, yes, yes, yes! I will throw this in–I do post about travel to exotic destinations I haven’t seen, but I always throw in that I haven’t seen such-and-so place, but I really want to.

    • I SOOOOO agree on the music thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      HATE music on a blog, and yes, especially the Christian music thing!!! Sorry, Christians! But . . . it’s IRRITATING!!!
      I like country music, but NOT ON A BLOG!!!!!
      NO music should be on a blog! I don’t want to read the blog with music! I SKIP IT! Click! Next!
      GREAT advice!
      Thanks for adding this!
      Laurie Carlson

  11. I like! Thanks for posting this. Now I'm going to head off to my blog and delete my swear words ;0) Just kidding. There is only one today I think…

    • Haha! Tracy, you know I love your blog, and you don’t go “sailor-crazy” with the swear words. Big difference in those who do.

  12. Love #8. But I have to say, sometimes I click the read a blog posting and it's even hard to find with all the other items on the page, giving it a "busy" feel.

    • Trish, I used to be guilty of the busy look. I had about 40 useless badges at one time, until I realized they did nothing for my traffic. I’ve been guilty of a lot of blogging no-nos in the past.

  13. Been reading about blogs lately. I have one, I post on it, and I add too it, but I need to find more ways to get vewiers to like it. This will help. Thanks.

    • Lynn, if you ever need any help at all, please reach out. ox

  14. #11: You wrote a blog telling me about all my blog's faults. JUST KIDDING! Seriously, Amber, great blog. Can't really disagree with any of them! ใƒ„ ใƒ„ ใƒ„

    • Thanks, Rob! Your blog is just fine. That switcharoo you did with Bert was a hoot!

  15. Good ideas! Well said.

    • Thank you, Eileen!

  16. Amberr, how great to read about this list of pet peeves specifically detailed and centered around Blogs, Blogging, and Bloggers. There are probably several more people will contribute in this comments section and as a primer for new bloggers (only one year under my belt) I'll be revisiting this advice.

    • Thank you, Justin, but I have to say, I really love what you are doing with your blog. It works!

  17. The layout one is a definite buster. And the whinny.
    There are blogs that I read that should HAVE comments closed. They post about the same "whinny" thing and everyone is expected to comment I guess. And if you don't, then you're looked at as "insensitive". How many times can you say "I'm sorry you're having a bad day."? It gets redundant.

    • Irene, that’s kind of how I feel. My life can be in upheaval, but you won’t see me complaining about it on my blog every day. I’m here to entertain rather than be a drain. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Amberr, this is so good that I’m interrupting my lunch to comment. You speak the truth.. Honest brilliance at its best. My hope, though, is that some of the offenders can brush their ego’s off and take this advice to heart.

    • Tony, you totally could have finished your lunch first, but I’m super flattered you enjoyed it enough to comment!

  19. I need to link this on my website. LOL You've touched on just about every reason why I wouldn't want to check out someone's blog. And probably touched on a few things I'm guilty of myself. It needs to be on a blogger's must read list!

    • Erica, I know you always do the best you can, and you know how I feel about your blog. There is a reason I love guest posting on your space. I think you’re terrific!

  20. Agree with all, but especially #4, #6 and #8. I hate reading a blog with no comments – I feel robbed. You never make a point with too much swearing. I rarely swear, and never when I'm angry. My husband says it's the scariest thing about me! And I also don't watch the news because it's too depressing. Why would I therefore want to read stuff like that on someone's blogs?

    I also especially can't stand someone who ONLY blogs infographics and other non-original content.

    • Ciara, yes, I love how you put that “feeling robbed.” I want the opportunity to run my mouth a little, too. Everyone likes to share their opinions. That’s half the fun in the blogging arena! I like your approach to handling anger. Quiet without cursing is a signal to watch out!!

      P.S. I think infographics, for the most part, are ridiculous and show a total lack of energy and creativity on the part of the author. If I want graphs, I’ll hit up a math or science lab.

  21. This is an EXCELLENT post! I have come in contact with many of these problems with other people. The shameful part about it is that the first two are manifested in close friends of mine, especially the second one. I'll gladly read, support, comment and tweet my friend's posts because I believe in them, but when the favors are not reciprocated… ouch.

    Again, great post, I found myself nodding along to every one of your reasons. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Karen, it is painful, and I’ve experienced the same thing. Rather than gripe about it, I just stopped visiting. If it’s a close friend, I have to evaluate whether the friendship is even worth it.

  22. I couldn't agree more. I read a lot of blogs each day and usually come back to those that are fun, relevant to me and where the blog owner comes back and comments too. I try to make my blog fun and not the same as everyone else's.

    • Mary, I think authenticity is a beautiful thing, and with the hamster lady thing, you have it covered. Thanks for making your blog entertaining!

  23. Excellent post and I agree! My pet peeve is when you click on a blog (or a website for that matter) and music starts playing. Give me a choice, please. I have music on my blog, but the visitor can choose to click on it or not. Thanks, Amber!

    • Intricate knot, Yes, yes, yes! I despise a musical background. When I click on a blog I don’t always pay attention to my speaker volume, so I’ve had the crap scared out of me when something awful came blaring out of the speakers.

  24. Ha ha ha! I love this post, Amber. Tell it how it is, girl! it's such great advice from a reader direct to a writer. Hopefully it helps those bloggers improve and drive more people to their blogs.

    • Deena, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I never knew I could give effective advice. Woo hoo!

  25. WOWeeeee. You say it like it is Amberr and I love that.

    I am as you know, relatively new to all of this but you've covered many of the things that have started
    to pee me off. It's very good to know that I'm not alone in these thoughts.

    I've loved reading all the comments on this post too.

    Excellent post Amberr. Illuminating and very helpful, especially to a new blogger such as myself. Thank you

    • Lottie, I am so glad you enjoyed this post. I think you’re headed in a lovely direction with your blog, and I think you’re simply marvelous–as I’m sure you’ve figured out.

  26. No wonder we don't play well together. But credit where credit is due.

    • Thank you, Sev.

  27. I stop reading when there are posts 3-4 times a week that are pointless. I would rather read one good post a week than 3 mediocre ones. Example, the other day, I clicked on an interesting title by someone I usually like to read and the blog was 'just letting you know I'm going to blog about this at the end of the week!' Next day, again, same title, sounds good, this time, 'here's the pictures that go with my blog at the end of the week, so many, thought I'd share them early!" Needless to say, I didn't even read the post. I read a lot of blogs—give me one good post a week and I'm happy.

    • Kelly, I agree. People need to get to the point and just blog about it already!

  28. Definitely number one. It drives me nuts when I follow someone (especially on twitter) and they instantly DM me with a "Thanks for the follow, now check me out" link and then with "Like my FB page!" or "buy my book!". I'd prefer to make that decision without a prompt. As far as my blogging life, I am slack about commenting on others, and replying to comments, but I'm trying to improve on that – it's usually a time issue. And last, but not least, people whose comments on my blog consist entirely of a link and promo of their own blog get a big raspberry followed by deletion.

    • Li, I’ve been bad about comments this past month, but I’m really trying. Readers deserve the love. I also agree with the deletion of promo comments–followed by the raspberry and occasionally the finger.

  29. Amberr !! Wow!! What a great post!

    So true. I really try to be conscious of all things you mentioned above. I just started blogging for the first time 4 months ago, so I think its a learning process. In the end I create my blog to document my experience as a new writer and hopefully at the very least help other know they are not alone when writing hurdles occur. I have been grateful for you and other writers that give such great feedback and advice.
    Thanks for the post!

    • Natasha, you are right. It is a learning process, and you will steadily evolve and tweak. Just remember to have fun with it, and enjoy writing for the joy. Thanks for making me smile. It pleases me to be able to help others.

  30. I know you're talking about me, Amberr. Just admit it. I mean I don't whine but I do sometimes drink wine. And I say "shoot" and "darn it" a lot, so I've got the swearing thing going against me too. I have a community but it's mostly just my parents and some guys I met at a bar and pay to comment on my blog. Oh, and speaking of blogs, did you read my latest post yet? I think you'll like it. It's about how I had a really crappy day (again).

    So I totally know you're talking about me… and I'm totally stoked! I mean Amberr is talking about me! ME! Thank you!

    Actually, Amberr, you nailed it. Great post with great advice ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Barmy, okay, I WAS totally singling you out for an attack. Muahaha!

      In seriousness, you implement humor in a major way, and I always look forward to your posts in my stream (however seldom that is).

  31. Great post Amberr, thank you. Very honest.
    And I'm with you on many of these points.
    It IS about a relationship with your readers. That is what is so great about blogging – that interaction you can have.

    • Chloe, I agree, and coincidentally, that’s how I was able to connect with wonderful you!

  32. Thank you for this post. Since I have started responding more to comments on my own blog, my community has increased dramatically and I really like where it's going. I wish I had done it sooner. Your post is spot on. Bad layouts make me leave regardless of what I am reading. It could be an award winning blog post and I will be gone if the blog hurts my eyes. Well said on all fronts.

    • Kara, thank you for the amazing compliments. the comment replies are very important. Everyone wants to feel valued, and it only takes a little time to respond to one. With this being said, I’m guilty of being a slacker sometimes, but I do try really hard to be considerate!

  33. I liked this blog post. You're saying what a lot of us think! And thanks for visiting my site and leaving comments…I know you visit often. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Maria, you bet I do! I just ignore the Rafflecopter parts and skip to the goodies! ooxx

  34. He, he, I was reading them thinking, "Oh god, do I do any of those?" You had me worried for a minute lol. Great post Amberr and you've given me a standard to blog by – thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dionne, I think you are innovative. i still haven’t been brave enough to do a podcast.

  35. Blogs that are about anything and everything can be a bit annoying. I'll be attracted by a post on a particular topic, but next time I visit, the blogger will be discussing something completely different and it's often something I'm not interested in.

    • Patsy, I discuss a variety of topics, but I stick to the same topics for differing days of the week in a scheduled format to have a little predictability in the seemingly unpredictable.

  36. Will you come to my website if I blog about my washboard abs and Hurricane Sexiness? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • KP, if you have photos of these specimens with sexiness and washboard abs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. all good point! the blogs that are all about giveaways and coupons drive me nuts. i avoid like the plague. on twitter, too…

    • Fadderly, i avoid it on Twitter, too. If someone follows me and their stream is all FREE, Giveaway, GREAT DEAL, I run away.

  38. Will definitely take what I read into consideration the next time I'm posting on my blog!

    • Frugal, can’t wait to see what you have going on in the bloggy world.

  39. I don't understand those blogs that are only coupons and giveaways. Where's the beef?
    And who has time to jump through 77 hoops for a free drink at Starbucks? I know I don't.
    Great list.

    • Dude, with giveaway/coupons there is no beef–not even a little tiny dessicated piece of beef jerky. Thanks for stopping by!

  40. GREAT post, very thoughtful. I was checking your excellent points against my own blog as I read through, which is always a good exercise. I am also totally with the person who said music on a blog is a turn off for them – even if I'm on a break at the day job, no one else knows that and hearing music blare in my office is never a good thing in our work environment! Thanks for the post!

    • Veronica, you’re right. I didn’t even consider the work environment dilemma. Music playing on a blog is bad enough in general. I’m so glad you liked the post. Thanks for the ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. As a new blogger, I am still learning all of the proper blogging etiquette. I will leave a blog and never return if you criticize your spouse. Period.
    I'm guilty of not commenting on other's blogs as often as I should. Just learning the time management piece with still working and having 4 kids. I know that I will improve here as I know it's important.
    #9 and #10 for certain! I have been amazed at how many people with large twitter followings have blogs with horrible graphics or poor content. They win blog awards and I'm left scratching my head. I don't like blogs that are only crafting, only stories about their kids' grades, or only about how to write a blog. I know you are supposed to find a niche, but sometimes that leaves a site pretty boring. Thanks for this post.

    • Jenny, I’m with you. Some people think criticizing their spouse is funny or okay, but it’s disrespectful to me. Now, laughing at the spouse’s antics can be funny, but there is a difference between playful humor and blatant insult. The people winning blog awards and such must participate in lots of blog hops–or they are mommy bloggers.

    • I love your rule about criticizing a spouse! I don’t like to hang out with couples that are mean to each other, so why would I want to read about it on a blog? Never thought of that– great standard to set!

  42. Great post, Amberr. I don't like visiting blogs that constantly change their layout, lecture other people about their views, seem to be looking for an argument just for the fun of arguing, do not offer original content or any real content for that matter, have posts that are waaaaaay too long, consistently use their platform as a place to vent without bothering to make it clever or humorous, or always blog about the stuff they are selling – meaning nothing but excerpts from books they've written, reviews they just received, featured items they just made, etc. Not to say I don't like reading these things, just not every single post.

    • Oh, DC, I have changed layouts 100 times, I think, but I just had to get it right. I might change again next year. I think once a year is okay (I think). I, too, enjoy reading the excerpts and stuff, but it gets boring. Entertain me–don’t inundate me!

  43. I enjoyed this. As a young blogger (5 months only) I seek advice on how to be successful. I’m amazed at how many blogs are out there and how, while everyone wants to be nice and supportive, it is rather cutthroat. Is that the right word? But you’re right, everyone’s trying to be heard. I like a blog site that is hip and relevant. I love when it makes me laugh or provides entertainment. I’m a mom, but I don’t prefer craft idea posts. And I discredit someone who cusses. I’m no prude either, but I don’t think its neccesary. I don’t look for politics or religion. Same as you, I would turn on the news for that stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity here! Cheers!

    • Jen, it can be cutthroat. I cleave to people who are likeminded and avoid catty, unnecessary people. I am impatient, and I despise BS. Thank you for the amazing comment, and keep up the good work. I’ll see your blog momentarily!

  44. Good article – but it depends upon how the giveaways are handled….:D

    • Andrea, you’re right. I do not mind giveaways that only require simple steps–like commenting on a post–to be entered. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. I love this! I'm new to your blog, but I can tell that I'll be back!

    I'm experimenting with using social media in the college classroom, and you know what my students' main complaint is about blogs? They all talk about the same things. I challenged my English 101 students to find interesting, writing-focused blogs, and it was harder than you would think!

    Great post. You made me laugh with your first point – "You are annoying." Ha! It's funny because it's so true.

    • Lori, I love the guidance you are giving your students. Having them seek authenticity and uniqueness will open their minds and hearts and permit them wonderful experiences in social media. I am so glad you enjoyed this post, and I can’t wait to see you again (on your blog and mine). ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thanks, CJ!

  46. I agree with this list 100%. Going to make sure you are a part of my google reader.

    • Thanks, Whitley, I’ll be continuing to show you some blog love, too, as often as I’m able.

  47. Thanks for such an honest post. It’s helpful – both personally blogging and professionally. All great points!

    • Storkfund, I am glad you enjoyed it!

  48. Girl…Number 1 and 2 have me in fits. Can NOT stand either. Or the other eight turn-offs you listed (even if I'm guilty of several).

    • Sandiegomomma, I’m glad you got a laugh out of the deal. I think everyone has been guilty of one or more at some point. It is only problematic if they never face reality.

  49. Wow! Amazing advice Amberr. As a new blogger, I'm going back to examine mine… Great post:)

    • Jane, thank you! You are doing just fine on your blog, I think ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. Great post, Amberr. Would love to have a post on these lines on the A to Z Challenge April 2012 blog. Let me know if you'd be interested ๐Ÿ™‚

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    • Damyanti, I will check it out, but I do fear time commitments might pose a hindrance ๐Ÿ™

  51. I have a friend who started a blog and I wish she would tone down the busy layout (watermarked designs behind the writing, etc. because it's distracting.

    Ah the swearing thing…there are a few swear words in my novel because the character swears, but I don't see the need for them in a blog. Yesterday I started to read a blog and was completely turned off by the swearing. I think he was trying too hard to be controversial or something, don't know.

    • Sherri, Bingo! If he was trying to be controversial, then he’s just not.

  52. Blogs that pick on other blogs LOL just kidding, geeeeshhh Great post and a wonderful list, although I know I am guilty of some of them.

    • Peter, I would never pick on other blogs–I just hope to help them out a little. If you’re guilty I haven’t noticed, but that might be because you are hilarious, and that is appealing.

  53. Wonderful! Admittedly, I haven’t read many of your posts (okay, two), but already I see a definitive voice developing. I have but a single quandary: I see no need for you to become apologetic at the end of this post. However, as you said, “See? Even I’m not perfect.” Thanks again, I’ll be returning!

    • James, you are right, and as a result of your feedback, I edited that out. I’m not sorry…I’m just honest. Thanks for coming by, and I can’t wait to see what you have going on, too!

  54. Smart blog post! When I decided I wanted to build a web presence, I spent almost a year thinking about who I wanted to be online and what story I could tell really well. My favorite blogs all have some sort of unifying theme. Maybe it's romance novels, maybe it's funny ways of sharing daily life stories, maybe it's photography. But they all tend to have some sort of focus.

    • Diana, I agree. It’s nice to have focus. People seem to crave some stability and predictability, and it is possible to have both without compromising creativity. Great insights!

  55. Well worth the read, Amber. Much appreciated. You gave me a great deal to think about. Many thanks.

    • Christina, you are most welcome, and thank YOU for mentioning me on your blog. Very appreciative.

  56. Awesome list and says so much that a lot of us really thinks, Amber!
    The layout yes…I can’t stand blogs with too bright too eye catching backgrounds that ended up hurting my eyes. How bout automated music? OMG!

    • Maureen, automated music is just awful. Several people have mentioned it, too, so it should be up there on the list.

  57. I agree. Two of your ten bother me the most.

    1) Freebies: Whenever freebies come up, I always wonder who is behind the bribes. Seriously. Is someone paying the blogger to hand this stuff out? I know of at least one person who is getting free pet food, writing about how wonderful it is, and giving out samples for the pet food firm.

    2) Constant Self Promotion: Are you really this insecure? Do you really have this much time on your hands (yes, I know this can be automated, but setting it up takes time too). Do you know how much it annoys people? Do you think that people who stop following you on Twitter are going to get your tweets?

    I'd like to add something. I personally don't think that blogs should run ads. Newspapers and magazines, yes. That's part of their business model. Blogs aren't a business directly. They can be an adjunct to a business (I hope that people who read my blog will look into my books), but they aren't a business in themselves.

    Besides, could you trust the opinion of someone who is getting paid? One of the reasons bloggers have built up a certain level of trust is that most of us aren't getting paid. There are exceptions, but most of us give an honest opinion. And that's valuable.


    • Wayne, you’ve made some good observations here, but I do have to disagree about ads. Bloggers work hard, and if they have the opportunity to advertise with a couple of tasteful ad boxes to make a little pocket change, where is the harm? I do disagree with tacky ads all over the place that detract from the content, though. Thank you for your great comment!

      P.S. Honest opinions truly are most valuable.

  58. Great points! But if everyone read this and took heed we’d have nothing to whinge about ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Turtle, you are absolutely right!

  59. The main reason is – “Your blog adds no value”.
    Nice tips for bloggers.

    • Vikram, Thank you, and YES, blogs that ad no value get pushed to the side to make room for those that do. Great comment!

  60. Great post! I agree with it all, and there are two more things I’d add to the list, which probably does make me full of myself, but what can you do? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just kidding.

    One is heaps of comment spam. I love reading blog comments almost as much as I like reading the posts, but it’s a turn off when it’s filled with spam. Weeding out that stuff is part of a blogger’s responsibility, and it feels neglectful when it is ignored.

    Two is all the latest posts beginning with something along the lines of, “Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. . .” It’s understandable when blogging loses priority to real life, but if the blogger isn’t showing their interest, then mine is probably going to wane too. At least try to put on a smile and show some enthusiasm, even if you only post once in a while.

    So there’s my two cents, rounded up =)


    • Rainy, you’re absolutely right. There is no excuse not to comb through spam comments and get rid of them. That is pure laziness. Also, if someone posts once a month with “Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile…” then they aren’t interested in blogging anymore. Usually interest is lost when they lose readers previously due to the numerous gripes I listed and those in the comments.

  61. New bloggers need be a little humble, and learn from those who have come before.

    Thanks for spending the time to help the newbies, Amber.

    • Nate, I agree, but by the same token, seasoned bloggers need to practice humility, too. I stop reading the “big blogs” when the bloggers behind them develop an obnoxiously large ego. Such a put-off!

  62. LOVE IT! And now I’m totally checking my blog out to make sure I’m not annoying. LOL. Happy Friday girly!

    • Krystal, you are doing just fine. Now we just need to get you a domain name that’s all your own!

  63. Hmmm, I love your list. Might add a few more but you GOT the hot-button items SPOT ON! Among my pet peeves are being harangued by pop-ups and subscription requests. And, when I do comment being put thru the ringer for it to be posted! If you’re not monitoring your comments regularly, you are NOT serious!

    • Bruce, you are right. The moment I get a pop-up for a subscription I exit the blog/website immediately.

  64. I had to chime in and say thank you for succinctly stating why swearing in a blog (or tweets) makes me hit the unfollow button. Until now, I haven’t been able to articulate why it made me so uncomfortable. Great post!

    • Jo-Anne, thank you! I don’t mind some swearing, but some people are obnoxious.

  65. I have to say that I agree with every one of your 10 points. My time is precious and I try to use it wisely. I love finding new blogs with interesting, well written and well presented content. I stumbled on your blog by following a link on Twitter and I plan to return frequently.

    Hopefully, I can learn to keep value in my blog so that I can build my community further.

    Thank you.


    • Thank you for dropping in, Peter. I can’t wait to see what you have going on, too. I’ll be by for a visit as soon as I’m able, and that goes for everyone who comments.

  66. Great Blog post.. I love it!! Now I better go take a peek at mine and see which ones apply to it… lol ๐Ÿ™‚ I dont get here nearly enough but I do really enjoy your blog..

    • Thank you, Shauna, I often enjoy your posts, too. Thanks for dropping by ๐Ÿ˜‰

  67. This is a great post and very helpful to us newbies on the blogging scene. So thank you very much for that.

    I am attracted to blogs that are writerly and tell a good story. I like bloggers who are honest and introspective.

    The one thing that will drive me away from a blog is overt bitchiness or an overly negative vibe. You can tell a lot about a writer if they always lead with a slam.

    • Jenn, that is true. I like a little sarcastic wit, but not when it becomes acerbic.

  68. You mean you don’t want to highlight my blog text to create a contrast for easier reading? Well, poopy fuzzy-bunz…<3 the post

    • Isis, thank you! Also, thanks for the recipes for homemade laundry detergent and hand soap. I’m all about saving money ๐Ÿ˜‰

  69. What about being a know-it-all? Does that fall under annoying? I’m pretty sure I fulfill that just about every day.

    • Being a know-it-all is nervewracking, but I do respect it if they really DO know what they’re talking about. I’ll be by to find out soon if you are or not, and I bet you’re exaggerating. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  70. Great post- that sums it up all right. Great little list for all of us to be mindful of – thank you.

    • Thanks, Natalie! I appreciate the feedback.

  71. Yes, I agree with all of your points. If your blog is amazing, I’ll read it even if you never read mine, but otherwise… it’s all about community, isn’t it? And depressing blogs that just complain about life depress me. I’d much prefer to read something that will cheer me up!

    • Tat, yes. Life can be hard enough without adding the depressing crud into the mix. I’m a huge fan of humor.

  72. I’m pretty certain you just made up all the above names and wrote the comments yourself as a sort of “force multipler” thing to show your “community” (Point 5). I know. I used to do the same until I got into a really heated argument with my alter egos and it got really ugly (Points 6 and 8 above). Now I just pretend that my Blog is a secret agent stealth thing where I’ve “gone dark” (like Jack Bauer on the TV series 24). For that I’ve been using your Points 9 and 3, but now I’m worried I’m too much a Point 2. Anyway, not matter. I’m pretty sure I have millions of visitors “cloaking” their presence (like those invisible Romulan ships on Star Trek).

    Thanks for this,

    Eli (no, really, it IS me!)

    • Eli, how did you know??? Will the real Eli please stand up? Haha! Thanks for your comment.

  73. Stumbled your blog through the recommendation of girlsgetaway and I truly enjoyed going over it and found this post to be full of substance. From now on, I’ll use it as a yard stick for my posts. I would be very much happy if you could offer some thoughts on how does my blog fare with your 10-point criteria.

    • Edsan, I’m glad you enjoyed, and my regards to Dian over at Girls Getaway. I’ll be by to check you out, and I’ll be happy to provide feedback as long as you understand I am NOT an expert. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Alison, I HATE captchas, too. When I removed the captcha feature, coincidentally I started getting more comments. You are also not alone in your loathing of music on blogs. Grrrr.

  74. God! I hope I’m not the whiner. 0.o ๐Ÿ™‚ That does really bug me, when people whine.

    • Connie, you are far from whiny. I love your observations, but I do fear you might watch too much news, and that’s not so conducive to the therapeutic humor and laughter we need. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. Loved your list especially #9. These late middle aged eyes can’t take too many strange color combos. (and oh gee, some of my posts are somewhat self-centered….uh oh. I’m in trouble now.)

    • Alana, I try to consider how middle-aged and elderly eyes view my blog. I hope the fonts are large enough for everyone to enjoy, if they so choose. Also, your posts should sometimes be self-centered, but you should still try to return the blog love to people who take time to read and comment. Great feedback!

  76. I commented yesterday and have watched the continued stream of comments being added. Testament to an excellent posting but I’d like to add another dimension and one you might find confrontational…

    I add comments to postings, as I m sure most people do, in order to engage with the author and perhaps start a more profound conversation. There are approaching 100 comments on your posting and I haven’t see a reply to one of them… It might not drive me away from your otherwise great content but it will stop me from commenting further!

    I don’t expect a response to every comment and I certainly don’t expect a response to all of my comments but no responses at all?

    A little embarrassing considering the subject of your post?


    • Peter, you are absolutely right. Shame on me.

  77. For everyone who has left a comment, I will reply to your responses individually throughout the next couple of days. When I posted this on Thursday I had no idea it would receive such an overwhelming response, and while I am delighted, it will take me a little time to reply. My apologies. I’m a little late–as I often am–because of life, work, and parental duties, but I do appreciate every one of your amazing comments. After my replies, I will also do as I customarily do, and visit each of your blogs to comment in kind. I hope you are all having a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Perfect, thank you and I take back my earlier comment about not seeing a response to any of these comments!


      • Oh, good, Peter. I’d hate to seem unresponsive. Welcome back, and I can’t wait to check out your material. I’ll be by as soon as humanly possible.

        • LOL… From the flood of email I now have in my inbox, I humbly apologise for thinking you were unresponsive! I have subscribed… Now I have to figure out how to condense the volume of emails down to a digest!

          I am looking forward to interacting and sometimes sparring… Should be fun.


          • Muahaha. I always welcome friendly debate, and I’m glad you’ll be coming back.

  78. Hi Amber,
    Great list. I am also new to the blogging world and any advice, especially from the reader’s perspective, is like gold. Going to bookmark this and refer to it as I blog along. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Like many of the others who commented, it’s frustrating to be inundated with repeated tweets to visit the same post. I re-tweeted a link to my latest post yesterday and instantly thought, well that’s going to annoy someone (luckily I only have 18 followers). Vowed then to only send it once per post.

    Happy blogging!

    • Julie, I am flattered, and I hope it helps add value to your blogging experiences. You have 18 now but perhaps 1800 next year? You can do it!

      • Always something to aim for! To your point #9, I just visited a blog with black background and white text. Took about five minutes after leaving it before I could focus my eyes on anything else. That is my #1 pet peeve…

  79. Really great post! I am with you on all points, especially number 4. I was always led to believe blogging is an interactive activity so why turn off comments? Doesn’t make sense to me! Another pet hate for me is more than one blog post a day. I have some blogs in my reader that generate several every day and I quickly skip past them. Soooo boring! And like Alison, I can’t stand Captcha, makes the whole issue of leaving a comment an absolute hassle.

    CJ x

    • Crystal, some people post five times a day, and when I subscribe via email, it gets old fast. I usually unsubscribe when they do it frequently. Captchas are sucky.

  80. I love this! #1 needs a special shout out. I don’t mind receiving the occasional invite about something that I can participate in (author chats, read-a-thon, etc), but enough with the numerous invites to look at every little post! Blah!

    • Yes, Steph. That is my #1 pet peeve hands-down so it needed special mention at the top.

  81. Love all of these, especiallythe kne about Rafflecopter. I think we’re all guilty of having committed at least one of these.

  82. Agree 10000%! #1 especially drives me crazy. That random @mention at the end of link . . . totally spammy.

    • Nina, yes! I generally unfollow people on Twitter who do that nonsense, too.

  83. I agree with all points of this blog and enjoyed reading the comments almost as much as the blog. I especially agree with what Peter said about engaging with the author. I have met some wonderful people that way.

    • Dicy, you are absolutely right. I love to connect with the people behind the blog and have made great contacts. I’m very pleased to add you to those contacts now, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. My takeaway from this post? Blogs must entertain or provide expertise. I want to knock my reader’s socks off so I’ll strive to do both.;) Thanks for an honest and helpful post.

    • Brenda, I love that “I want to knock my readers socks off…” So do I, and for once, I think I managed to with this post. Happy dance!

  85. I hate it when people have no more than a passing acquaintanceship with the rules of written English. I realize we don’t all have editors up in here, but still.

    • Marjorie, yes! It also bugs me to see people an entire blog post composed as if a tween was texting. OMG, ikr, kma, blah, blah, blah. A few of those is fine, but I don’t want to try to decipher it.

  86. Great list! I agree with all of the above. I don’t like it when blogs are too long because I am reading so many that it becomes a total time suck. Worse, though, is when they describe the really mundane details that could be left out.

    • Lola, you are absolutely right. That’s why it’s good to edit some of the superfluous details. Thanks for the great comment!

  87. Pretty much me, but we all have to fall somewhere on the blog spectrum. And I LOVE comments.

    • Virginia, we do have to fall somewhere. Comments are almost like a hug or a smile, aren’t they?

  88. Great blog post – going to share/tweet!

    • Kimberly, thank you!!

  89. Thanks for the wake up call. We all need a bit of tough love now and again.

    • Peter, as long as people get the love part overall. I never try to be cruel to people even when I stop reading their blogs. Thanks for your comment!

  90. I feel good that I do not giveaway anything. However, I think swearing is really underrated. It used to be a simple comment to say if you swear you lack the vocabulary to really express yourself but I disagree with that. I think swear words are truly appropriate (not around kids under 12) and especially if you have the rare gift of stringing together 3-4 in a row to really convey your anger or annoyance with someone or something.

    I agree whining is bad but being difficult and angry should not fall into that category or at least you should get a few bonus points if you admit you are difficult from the get go.

    For me the biggest sin is pandering. I hate pandering in any form. FB is for pandering. It is wanting people to say Happy Birthday or Cheer Up or I’m Praying For You to one of 300 of your closest friends that is the worst thing in the world. I hate when people pander in their blogs to get the most comments or traffic. I like to hope people write to write. Whether they inspire or offend if they are honest then congrats to them.

    • JM, I’m not opposed to some swearing, but if it’s your whole post, blah! Pandering is a big one, too, and I might devote a post to that topic soon, too. Not sure though, my belligerent friend, because you already covered it nicely. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I have to promote swearing as that is 63% of my entire blog. I am trying to find out a way to get the word F*** to sponsor me.

        • Martin, let me know how you fare. You also have some very cool art and realistic observations. Plus, I just like you in general. ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. Great read – thanks so much for sharing this list!

    • Glad you enjoyed, Donna!

  92. Excellent points. And a lovely blog (I’m new here).

    In addition to all that you’ve mentioned, I have two personal peeves.

    One deal-breaker is difficulty in posting a comment. If a blog appears to want comments but asks me to log in with only LiveJournal, WordPress, Google or Blogger to comment, if it bounces back as not authenticated because of some tricky thing I haven’t enabled or some step I’ve forgotten to do, if the captcha is impossible to read or has letters I don’t know how to find on my standard keyboard, if the wretched thing times out on me because I took too long figuring out how to identify myself, and especially if it eats my comment altogether after I’ve tried all of the above three times, I’m done.

    My other peeve is bloggers who appear to want contact (i.e., they have a contact form or give an email address, they have a book review or blog tour or guest post policy) and then don’t reply at all to a polite query. I guess this goes along with not responding to comments a bit.

    • Camille, welcome, and I agree about the contact forms, the ease of commenting, and the importance of returning/replying to comments. Thanks for your wonderful insight.

  93. Hi, Good Blog and much to podnder if you write on the web. Number 5 in particular made me think about my own site. But for me it is the look of a site that puts me off in the fist instance. If I can’t read it because it is too dark or too flashy / flickery I just don’t bother. You just can’t beat black on white.

    • Joanna, you are absolutely right. Nothing beats black and white. All the publishers are doing it, so why would bloggers think a drastic departure from the norm will be better? Makes me scratch my head.

  94. Some really nice stuff on this internet web site , I really like it.

    • Thank you, Yuriko!

  95. I’m guilty of #5! :p My blog is newly published you see! Great post!

    • Penny, newly published gets a pass ๐Ÿ˜‰

  96. This is an EXCELLENT post! – oh, Karen already said that…but it really is. I’ve been turned off by exactly the same thing as I read a lot of blogs. I actually had a hard time finding the ‘content’ of one blog there were so many giveaways and contests. Good points – all of them.

    • Kathy, thank you, and I appreciate you adding to the conversation.

  97. You know, I don’t think I can disagree with anything you said here. Great post!

  98. You make some very convincing points in this article. I agree with you completely that there are too just way too many voices out there now to get away with not having decent content or some standout feature or skill being offered on your blog.

    • Samuel, it’s true, and you are evidence of what great content and good photos can do for you. I love your blog!

  99. Some very useful ideas here, thank you! I am new to blogging so will take these into consideration going forward. I agree with number 10 I like blog writers who have done a bit of research into their topic and speak with their own voice.

  100. Hi Amberr My biggest complaint… People who post 10-20 per day! I love to follow blogs and usually get my email updates on Mondays, but with theirs my I am getting all those emails every day, it’s enough to make me want to stop following them.

    • Karen, I can’t stand OCD posters. Very friggin’ annoying.

    • Thank you, Paris, I shall now take a vow.

  101. Very informative especilly for me as a newbie blogger who is trying really hard not to be anoying while still adding value to world !

    • Saph, I can’t wait to see how your blog progresses, and I will be by to check you out, rest assured. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  102. Ha ha, this made me laugh out loud at Number One! All very good points, so true! Well done for putting it out there!

    • Thanks, Tash! I’m glad you liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. Great post, I also find many of these things off-putting when I read blogs. I am particularly annoyed by #6. I hate to read swearing on blogs. In its place it can be very effective but when used excessively it suggests that the writer has a limited vocabulary, or is too immature to speak properly. I would stop reading a blog for this reason alone.

    I’m off to evaluate my blog now and see if I commit any of your other crimes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Runaway Brit, I’m sure you are fine. I’ll be by to check out your blog soon. Everyone who comments gets a visit back. It takes time, but I think it’s a great way to say thanks!

  104. I am a very happy camper because you are a frequent visitor to my blog! As am I to yours. If I am every traveling in my future rv in your neck of the woods, beers on me!

    • John, I’ll be pleased to take you up on if!

  105. Good initiative with this blog post – if only all the “blogging sinners” would read it and take notice.
    What peeves me off the most is definitely #1 & 2 – they are what I call the shameless self-promoters. It’s true for blogging and it also true for Twitter – have you noticed?
    Personally I find #5 a bit harsh for the newbies – if a blog is new then it does take some time to develop a community, especially if you’re trying your best to avoid doing #1 & 2! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Rita, for newbies (as in a few posts in) I cut them some slack, because they are still on the learning curve. I often even leave the first comment they ever receive as a way to encourage them. This is more of a reference for those who are at least a few months in and still sucking wind.

  106. Found you through our friends at Cozy Travels. They shared on my blog once a while back so I got the ping when they talked about sharing on yours too. You have a fantastic blog going here. I really enjoyed this post, mostly because it’s the same way I feel. I like a Blogger involved with their community but I get so frustrated when a Blog starts to look like a self promotion page (or a self demotion page with constant whining.) Great stuff, can’t way to keep exploring your blog, looks like it has so much to offer. Could take me a while to get caught up ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. This is a nice way to make some blogger to be aware of their mistake and what they should do to fix to have a better blog and gain more readers.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Great stuff, especially #6. I’m not a prude, but I’ve never uttered a bad word in my life. I can understand that there’s a place and a time where some people might use it and it feels appropriate but if it seems like every other word and I’m supposed to read it, I’d rather go elsewhere and find someone who knows how to put together coherent thought without falling back on cussing all the time. Love this!

    • Mitch. I feel the exact same way!

  109. Great list. Completely agree!!!! Community and entertainment are the reasons I keep coming back for more.

    • Lisa, glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate you commenting!

  110. Love the list! I’m going to memorize it so I have an offense checklist and share it with my friends. Yep, that was almost a throw away comment, but I am typing before coffee, never a good plan!

    • Heather, anything before coffee is probably never a good idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  111. Yes on the giveaways! When it starts being more than one giveaway per week, I get annoyed. Especially when the only thing in the post is the product. Find a creative way to work it into your post.

    I primarily read healthy living/running blogs, so the giveaways are usually gear or food. Gear I’m all for – give me free clothes! I don’t enter giveaways for food – like you said, I’m not going to jump through hoops to win a single serving box of cereal that I shouldn’t be eating anyway.

    Great post!

    • Laura, I am with you on free clothes, and the only way I’d jump through hoops for a box of healthy cereal is if there were a solid gold nugget prize in the bottom of the box. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  112. This was really helpful. I’m curious about how to build community at my blog. In the beginning, I was responding to comments at my blog, in hopes of building community, but wasn’t sure if this was the right way to do it! After all, the commenter may never see my reply, unless they followed the comments. But maybe I should keep replying? Opinions?

    • Hey Pam, I recommend going to their blog as a reply to their comments. I do that, and I also comment on my own blog to keep the interaction at home, too. It’s double the work, but I make some great connections.

  113. One thing that caused me to unfolow someone recently was this person offended me! And it wasn’t because the content was crude, but they just sounded so damn pompous and better than…like anyone below them was an idiot fool who deserved to fail. On top of that, this person has NEVER replied to my comments. They hav other people’s comments….NEVER mine. That was the last straw. Weird too because I had even “awarded” this person!

  114. Thanks for the advice, I am relatively new to the whole blogging world, only 3 months in, so am always looking for ways to improve!

  115. This is great. One other thing that drives me away is repetition – I like connecting on several levels – if I follow your blog, I’ll probably follow you on FB, and Twitter and G+. But if every tweet and status update takes me right back to the blog I just read, I’m done. Give me something new for crying out loud. Expand on the post. Question the post. Tell me your dog just ate the last roll of toilet paper. ANYTHING but the same exact content over and over.

    • Lynnette, repetition can really suck!

  116. I applaud this post (and all the great comments :))! I am trying to work up the courage to stop fine tuning and finally publish the theater-addict website/blog on which I’ve been working for the past few months. So far, I’ve only been brave enough to start using a related Twitter account (@StageElf :)). I probably fall into the potentially “cowardly” when it comes to comments :). I live in fear of someone being nice enough to visit/read my blog, or follow me on Twitter, and then finding typos/grammar errors/boring content, etc. Thanks for confirming some of my instincts about what makes an appealing blog! One thing I don’t want is for my site to be simply a personal online “scrapbook/journal” for me… I really want to share my love of theater and encourage others to go, but the field is very crowded, so I’m trying to understand what I can offer, and how to best execute! Thanks!

    • I say go for it, Ellen!

    • Ditto to everything you said Ellen! My Blog is just sitting there, waiting for me to post my “off-the-wall” experiences in traveling to “off-the-wall” places in the eastern part of the US. The sweet ladies in Henderson, KY are waiting to read my story of the “Haunted Dollar Store” resulting from eavesdropping on their conversation at The Goodwill Store. The little BBQ restaurant there is waiting for me to let them know that their endorsement is on my Blog along with a coupon for a discounted entree. Those stories were slated for my first entry around Halloween and I am still afraid to read my own written word! I am so glad to come across this site and this installment. However, the “bells and whistles”, and buttons, and Twittering, and lingo has added to my angst! Time to pull my socks up and develop a thick skin. Time to just go for it!

  117. This is one of my favorite blog posts because I think we can all relate to at least one thing on this list.

    • Mary, it does appear to be the case.

  118. This new trend of forcing your readers to click “read more” on every single post? Not happening. Older posts? Tolerable if your blog is freakin’ awesome. Every. Single. Post? I’m more likely to click away.

    • Oh, Kyfire, I’m with you on those.

  119. Hi Amberr, I’m so happy to have discovered your blog! This list is spot on, especially the annoying focus on oneself part. Whenever I get people in comments advertising-invinting to their own blogs, or inviting to connect on every singe social site, I’m quite certain to never visit. Some people just don’t understand that this is not the way to promote one’s blog.
    Having said that, I’m guilty for comment approval, but then again that’s my best way again spam for now…

  120. The only one I take exception to is the complaint about a lack of community. We all started our blogs sometime, and we need someone to take the first steps and help us build a community. If no one will take a chance and give it a bit of time, none of us would develop a following. However, I do agree about the whining and ranting too much. My most recent blog is about change. Although I talk about social and personal changes, I truly make an effort to address it without whining and with humor whenever possible. Balance is important. Very good advice in this post.

    • Penny, I make exception for new bloggers getting their bearings. In fact, I am usually one of the first comments to help boost confidence to keep blogging. Thanks for your amazing comment!

  121. Spelling and grammar mistakes drive me insane. Seriously, proofread before you hit publish!

    • Jess, no doubt, especially with spell checker in place.ย 

  122. Thanks for the input… I will take this all into consideration! Am passing this on to my blog techie now so he can ensure our layout is up to par. I would love to hear feedback on my blog, if ever you gander that direction. Promise to cry only a little, & I won’t get snot on you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I also appreciate you bringing up the hard issues, Andi-Roo.ย 

  123. I’m pretty new to blogging and twitter. I read your tweet about this topic and clicked on. I don’t want to annoy my audience before I’ve hardly got going :-). I too am somewhat turned off by all the contests and coupons and such. Great post. Thanks.

    • Kylie, I appreciate the comment and glad to see I am not alone in my sentiment. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  124. I have had this tab open in my browser since you posted it! I keep re-reading and then looking at my blog, trying to make sure I can check off all those points. I think this is an excellent list. #3 is something that I’m still trying to define for myself. Sometimes I worry too much about what I think people will want to see and less about what I want to write and that always turns into a fail on my part. Gotta stay true to myself – it seems to work better in the end.
    Great post as always, Amberr.

  125. I love this. My one question: you talk about your blog having a community…which assuredly is important. But as a new blogger, I have no community! Does that mean you wouldn’t invest the time to visit my blog? What can a new blogger do to help stimulate reactions without it being too forced?


    • Luftig, I always make exceptions for new bloggers and will commonly be the first to comment on a new blog. Communities do take time, and I am mindful of that (and most other people I know are, as well). If you want to stimulate comments to start the community, always include a call-to-action at the bottom of your posts. Close with a question and ask people to leave an answer. Also (very important) go comment on other blogs, and you’ll see many people like to return the love. Great questions!

  126. Curious about your comment #10 about brilliant layouts. ย What are your favourite blogs for layout? ย Just curious ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. Curious about your comment #10 about brilliant layouts… what are your current fav blogs for layout? ย Just curious ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey, Lisa, here are just a few with awesome layouts:,, are three that are awesome. Nice, clean layouts that have personality are ones I really love. How about yours?ย 

      • I really like – quite different. ย A few of my favs are, andย All a little more traditional.

  128. I stop reading blogs when all the posts begin sounding the same. “I went here…I ate…I saw…”

    Also, I think there is a fine line between authority and lecturer. I want to know that you are an expert because you’ve made mistakes and learned from them – that makes you an authority. It gives the blog honesty that a lecture never can.

    Janet |

    • Janet, great observations. Your comment was stuck in the spam folder, and I have no clue why.ย 

  129. Good stuff. Glad I came across your blog.ย 

  130. Hi Amberr
    Great advice and definately feel the layout of my blog needs serious attention!Unless you keep at them they begin to grow old quickly!I too read and admire other bloggers and there’sย ย some marvelous ones out there.
    Lovely to follow your posts here and on twitter lil buddy.
    Shall return!

  131. There aren’t many blogs I read on a regular basis and that’s mainly because I’m not all that interested in the topic(s) some bloggers talk about. As for the ones that spark my interest, I’ll back away slowly from blogs with more pictures (unless they’re taken by the writer) than words.ย 

    And I noticed you don’t like excessive swearing. Supposing you’re not one of my regulars ๐Ÿ™‚ While I can understand that, I do feel the urge to point out that droppingย multipleย f- and a-bombs is notย necessarilyย a sign of poor writing skills or anย incessantย need to shock; I use a great number of naughty wordsย becauseย theyย are as much a part of my vocabulary as “hello” and “cat.”ย 

  132. Enjoyed this. I’m still trying to develop the blog and haven’t posted yet. I keep thinking about the fact that you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

    Your thoughts were helpful.ย 

  133. Thanks for this. I’ve bookmarked this post so that I can keep it in mind as I get started blogging.

  134. This is very helpful! Love the whole series so far. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the tips. I’m trying to develop my blog community more, and it’s definitely not easy.

    • Hillary, I am so glad this could be a helpful reference to you!

  135. I’m a brand new blogger and I’d sincerely like to thank for you taking the time to write this stuff up. The world of blogging is immense and periodically quite inexpressibly scary; a new blogger is faced with unbelievable amounts of shining colors and loud voices from sites that he or she expects to “contend” with for readership. I’m quite avidly reading your blog and, while a lot of it should be common sense, you’ve made it a comprehensible goal, rather than simply some theoretical concept. So, long story short (too late), thanks!

  136. Some people STILL don’t get the difference between your and you’re and think that adding ‘s makes something plural.ย  Very unfortunate.

    • Beth, it really is with so much software. I’ve been guilty of doing it accidentally, but I always caught it and fixed it.

  137. Stopped by because of the AtoZ challenge. Thanks for the great advice !ย 

  138. Hey Amber ! you already know about belle monde. Critically review my blog. I need a little attention of yours.

    • Jolie, I would lose the pop-up ads that cover the entire page first of all and the auto-scrolling. Belle Monde looks beautiful, otherwise.

  139. Comment #279!


    And man, I couldn’t agree more with your top 10.

    How you have the time to leave the comments you do amazes me. With my 9-5 and other creative projects, I can crank out a few posts a week, but rarely have time to comment.

    How do you do it Amberr

    • Andrew, I am fortunate to get breaks with guest posts. I too work a 9-5, but I have the ability to work at home or close by. Generally I try to answer comments and visit other blogs by waking up early or hitting them up late at night. I also have a kiddo, so when she’s not at school, I’m hanging with her. What’s sleep exactly, and why do I need much of that? ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. Hi Amberr, great post! I just happened to stumble across it tonight, and have spent most of the night reading all the comments and replies. I love your ‘voice’ , and shall now be following/stalking you across all mediums ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have recently relaunched my blog site as self hosted, after dipping my toes in with Blogger. Am trying to gather as much insight as possible to make my blog a success, so have love, love, loved these tips. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jane, I’m so glad we are able to connect, and I appreciate the sweet comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

  141. This is really great advice. I’ve long felt that overuse of profanity by a writer is primarily a way to generate traffic and / or get people buzzing about them. It hides the fact that there are usually more eloquent ways to express the same thought (not to say a well timed cuss word doesn’t work on occasion). Love this post, I found it through one of your comments posted elsewhere. Thanks!

    • Jason, I am in agreement on the well-timed cuss word working when the occasion calls for it, and I am glad you were able to glean some helpful advice from this post. Thanks for your great comment!

  142. I enjoyed reading this blog. It was full of helpful tips. I am a rookie blogger and need all the advice I can get ๐Ÿ˜€ Thus far my blogging experience has been fun! Thanks for sharing your suggestions!

    • Jenny, I am glad this post was helpful for you! I love blogging, and it has been a great source of personal satisfaction and starting to show financial benefit as well. For whatever your reasons are to blog, as long as you are enjoying it, the rest will work out well. Thanks for your great comment and hope you subscribe for future updates.

  143. Very interesting read. Personally I write a blog for my own fun and if anyone comments is a bonus. Also I was interested in point 5 about community. I find that blogs that write about one main topic are the most successful. So blogs that deal with science, or sport, or politics etc. tend to attract readers who are interested in that topic. Blogs like mine that write about anything who takes their fancy tend to have less readers as there is no reason to keep track on them and build a loyalty.

  144. Great post. Wonderful tips. # 5 is one of my main problems. I am such a formal, and traditional person, that everything with me has to be so structure. Thanks for the tips.

  145. Thank you for your good advice! I shall try to never bore you! LOL

  146. Very interesting post! I’m trying to make a blog make-over because maybe my readers find it boring and unattractive. You’ve made your points very clear and found your post pretty useful. Thanks much!

    • Anshul, I would love to explore those caves myself!

  147. My sweet friend, great article! Hope that are you doing well!

    • Chieu Lee, now that you have graced my blog with your presence, I am doing even better!

  148. Great post! Looking for all of the advice I can get as a new blogger. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Suburban Mama,

      I am so glad I could be of assistance!

  149. This post cracked me up. I found you on the Bloggy Mom Blog Roll. Following you on Twitter and Google+. would love a follow back!


    P.S. PLEASE let me know if my blog annoys you! LOL.

    • Julia, your blog is anything but annoying. Happy to follow you back and make a comment or so ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. Great post, and very helpful to me. I’ve been blogging a while but still feel like a novice. I’ve changed my blog design about a million times–frilly, plain, “professional,” artsy– and now just back to pretty. (I just want a pretty place to call my own!) I know that content is most important, though. Struggling with how to build community. (I tried replying at my blog to each comment, but that took time away from visiting other blogs.) Your blog is amazing.

  151. It’s funny because I was going to write a similar post, only my reasons were mainly because of my complete inconsistency and my crazy life! I’ve been following you on fb and am finally following on here and I LOVE it!

  152. Hey beautiful, my blog fits not a single one of those criteria —

    Might it be because it’s too fresh, too game-changing, and too awesome for you?


  153. I’m just getting into StumbleUpon and realizing I’m probably putting too much of my own stuff up there. Crap! Trying to keep it to 50 per cent other people’s stuff, but even that is probably too low.

  154. I just “stumbled upon” you and must confess I have no idea how this doggone site works. But I’m glad that I found you because this post was wonderful! I’m new to blogging and in trying to create a community, I worry that I’m too shameless and too annoying. The good news? I’m not nearly as annoying as some people must be, so yay for that! I write about books and try to be funny. So um, You know. If you like that sort of thing, stop on by. If not, I’ll stalk you relentlessly on twitter! Muahahahahaha!

  155. Hello Amber, I discovered through the facebook Blogging page and had to share it on my Facebook!!! I loved the breakdown, especially number 7 and 8. Even in life, it is just too much when people around you are just whinning all the time, so having to read about that is just too much. And about the coupons, I totally agree. I also can’t stand all those blogs about making money blogging ( just my personal opinion here.) I will be adding you to my reading list and checking out your blog as much as time allows ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS: what do you think about post lenght? I tend to write a lot (hence this comment not being short) and was wondering if that would be a deterrent for a reader. I read an article saying 250 words is about right, but mine are an average of 600. However, trying to get a lower count since I read this article.

  156. God. #9 makes me want to fist pump! I like to call those really terribly designed and often over-the-top websites “MySpace sites.” Remember the animated, dancing, glittering puppies and horrific backgrounds? So many websites feel like that, and it’s a huge turn off.

    What goes through my mind:

    1) The blogger knows nothing.

    2) The blogger knows nothing ABOUT WEB DESIGN (assuming the posts and other content are good).

    It’s a sad state of affairs when a good website is skipped over because of bad design. Hopefully your post will help new bloggers learn that! Thanks for your insights. ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. I would add blogging about blogging to your list.

    • Michael, I’m not sure I agree, and here’s why: What if the posts are about blogging intending to help new bloggers who are clueless about the process? Shouldn’t blogs provide resources and information people are searching for? Those are the ones who get the most frequent visits, too. Thanks for your comment!

  158. I can tolerate most if not all of those in your list except for #3 – No value. If there’s value, I can ignore or work around all of the other things.

  159. All the ten reasons that you have mentioned are bang-on. It is very hard to acquire followers but quite simple to lose them.

  160. Hi Amberr, glad to have connected on twitter and I found this post helpful. I read here through Feb. 6 and didn’t find further details on #3 so thought I would ask directly. Can you share what blog content is valuable to you? You mention expertise. Am I right to guess that this is based on your personal interests? Or does it include any content produced by an expert blogger? Does that make sense? You also mention entertainment value, which I agree humor is attractive to me. I ask for clarity because I’m a new blogger and I want to encourage others to live life happily and not be afraid to learn along the way, using myself as an example. Loosely defined, I’m an expert at family life having done it full time for over 20 years with success. Do you find stories, principles, and examples of a happy family life to fit a value/expertise definition? I’ve posted 6 months for readers to get a sense of me and now I want to expand, making the blog valuable in more objective and concrete ways, for example, including more how-to posts. Am I on the right track? Thanks so much for your time.

  161. Amberr thank you for this post. It was very informative! I just started my blog and just trying to figure out what to do and what not to do! So this was very helpful for me and straight forward!

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