Real Men Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans

Sunday Soapbox: Real men don’t wear skinny jeans. This trend should be confined to the “21 and under” crowd, and even then it’s usually wrong.


Skinny Jeans for men

Agree or disagree? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Totally agree! Looks awful – even in the youngsters. Sorry guys:(

    • Jane, it’s okay to say so. I agree, but then again, I’ve never been too attentive to the trends (even when I was the right age for some of them).

  2. I must agree.. The skinny jeans on guys kinda turn my stomach. Makes them look like girls and its not attractive or appropriate!! LOL :) Love this Amberr.

    • Shauna, I think there should be an age limit for women, too. See, I don’t discriminate. ;-)

  3. Real men wear what they want to wear. The clothes don’t make the man.

    • Amanda, I’m guessing your significant other is a skinny jeans fan? ;-)

  4. “And even then it’s usually wrong.” I don’t have a strong opinion on this trend, but this made me LOL. :P

    • Lauren, I can’t help but poke a little fun sometimes. Glad you enjoy my brand of humor!

  5. The progression of this disturbing trend? Skinny jeans that are baggy on top, and snug about the legs…so when you run, you’re only half mast I suppose. My daughter goes to middle school so when we pick her up, we’re inundated with grotesquery everywhere. Great post!

    • Dee, I think that look is just ridiculous. “You’re only at half mast”…too funny!

    • One of my new favourite terms “grotesquery”.

      Thanks for that ;)

      • Greg, I love grotesquery, too, and there is a lot of that going on.

  6. Totally agree! I don’t want my man to look more feminine than me. While we’re at it, he shouldn’t spend more time in the bathroom than me either! And ma shoes should also be banned. Never thought I’d say there was a fashion worse than the half-mast look, but this is it…

    Brad Paisley had this covered in his song ‘I’m Still A Guy’. Some men should be forced to listen to it until they give up their skinny jeans!

    • Ciara, I think that is a wonderful idea!

  7. Skinny jeans don’t even look good on the younger people. Just say no! lol

    • Mary, I agree, too, but I can’t begin to understand youngster fashion anymore at my age (31).

    • Julia, agreed!

    • Julia, no doubt!

  8. I think those jeans make a guys feet look really big! And their ankles really skinny. They’re just aweful! Loose or boot cut is better!

    • Irene, that’s exactly what I think, too.

    • Nate, no doubt. There is quite a difference. One looks awful and the other could parse.

    • Krystal, :-)

  9. I’m not sure anyone should wear something that looks like a starched version of a lyrca body suit.

    • Eden, too funny! And I agree, of course.

  10. I <3 you lol

    If the fiance started wearing skinny jeans, there'd be some re-evaluating of the relationship. And he's perfectly okay with that.

    Clothes don't make the man, indeed, but I wonder how many would be with a guy who wore this on a daily basis

    Aha, maybe clothes DO make the man, a little bit ;)

    • Oh, Rainy, that was scary. I’ve never been fond of clowns since “It”, along with doing a research paper once on John Wayne Gacy. Even if clothes don’t make a man, per say, they sure do help increase visual appeal.

  11. OMG, soooooo agree with this!! I’d also like to mention that unless it’s 15 below, I think Uggs are totally wrong on men, too.

    • Intricate, for nice weather Uggs=Ugh!

  12. Ugh guys in skinny jeans. No not cool. We did tight jeans in the 80′s but there was a difference: ours didn’t look like girl pants that were skin tight all the way to the ankles and we back then weren’t neutered and had some package to show off. Enough with this metrosexual manpurse girlyman girlpants wearing crap. Guy you look stupid.

    • Thank you, Mike, for chiming in with a male opinion! Love it!

  13. Skinny jeans don’t look good on anyone! They should be outlawed. And men in skinny jeans are the least sexy thing (in my opinion) EVER. And now I will step away from my soapbox. :-)

    • Jenn, thank you!! Soapbox on my soapbox anytime ;-)

      • I stand by my anti-skinny jeans opinion. Plus, who wants to see a camel nose?

  14. I’m going to risk incurring the wrath of the masses here by saying that I respectfully disagree. Have you seen Adam Levine? Totally sexy, and he can ROCK the skinny jeans. With that said, I don’t think just anyone can wear them. If my husband ever tried a pair I’d probably get his head examined (he is as skinny as a rail, and 6’4″, and he’d just succeed in looking even more like an unusually-sized praying mantis than he already does).

    I think you have to have style and attitude to pull of this look, and if a guy can pull it off, I think it can be VERY sexy. But, again, it needs to be used with caution.

    Either way, this beats the pants off of the saggy-butt look that has been going on for so many years now!! I’m so sick of seeing guys’ boxer shorts! At least guys look like they made an effort in skinnies. LOL

    Okay, you can all disagree with me now! Hehee…
    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

    • Jenn, I’ll concede if you have attitude, style, and don’t think reproduction is an important consideration. I hate the saggy-butt look, too. How’s this for fashion? Saggy-butt plus skinny jeans together? Looks ridiculous. Come on by and disagree on my page any time. I’m not here to put my opinion out there without feedback to the contrary. Makes things lively :-)

  15. Agree. My teen son has a pair that he loves. I laugh (usually inside) every time he wears them.

    • S.M., my nephew does, too, but he’s 19, so he’s still in the “okay to be trendy” zone. I still think they look silly, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

  16. I have to side with Jenn. They aren’t for everyone, but some guys can pull it off. My son’s best friend (mind you he’s 17 and skinny to boot) wears them well, they totally suit.

    • Julie, maybe skinny jeans should be confined to the rare few under 21 who pull off the look? Thanks for dropping by!

  17. My husband is tall, slender, and toned…he still doesn’t wear the skinny jeans. I’ve seen many men who wear skinny jeans resemble a Santa Claus hipster. It’s truly…entertaining. xD

    • Eileen, love the way you phrase that, “Santa Claus hipster”. LOL!

  18. HAHAHA! Not a chance would I say that skinny jeans for men are okay. Wrong wrong wrong :P

    • Connie, so very wrong. Glad you agree ;-)

  19. Amen! The only thing worse than skinny jeans is these teenage guys who actually wear ladies’ jeans so they’re even tighter. UGH!

    • Brandon, I can’t believe they actually do that. Scary!

    • Constance, no, not sexy.

  20. I would agree but I like to think that a man wears what a man wants to wear even if it is in a poor choice in every way. That being said I really hope this is a trend that is long dead before my daughters dare to bring home a skinny jean wearing boy.

    • Martin, true, I should amend the statement to “should NOT wear”. The free will stuff and all ;-)

  21. I’m afraid I disagree, and that’s not just because, at the age of 51, I still wear skinny jeans. If folks have the figure to wear them, they’re fine. And real men don’t care about what other people think; they just wear what they want. R

    • Richard, if you’re happy that’s all that matters, I suppose. Thanks for your comment!

  22. I’m a gay man and I love skinny jeans on guys (and by extension myself)! There’s really nothing nicer than seeing a nice ass in some skin tight jeans when you’re walking down the street :D

    I’m also seeing a lot of “doing or wearing x isn’t manly” which is pretty ridiculous. In this day and age do we really need to reinforce harmful gender stereotypes by forcing people into narrow gender roles? If you prefer men who wear baggy jeans or spend 5 minutes in the bathroom you’re more than welcome to them but don’t proclaim your preferences as “the only way a man should act”. Sometimes men like to look good too.

    • Ian, don’t be ridiculous. This is my blog to proclaim as I wish, and my idea of what looks good is NOT skinny jeans. I don’t think they look right on women either, so I’m not promoting any gender stereotypes. Makes feet look way too big. I actually should have revised the title to “real men should NOT wear skinny jeans”–gay or otherwise. People are free to do as as they wish, but it doesn’t mean it looks right. Thanks for weighing in!

    • Rita, oh boy, and I think I missed this comment. Sorry about that!

  23. Disagree. Say anything you want about skinny jeans, but for a skinny and flat bottom guy like me, they mean solution. Even straight cut jeans look baggy on me, I’d better wear my slim dress pants to a casual event than wearing them. Skinny jeans, however, fit my legs well and “give me a bottom” ha ha.
    And I’m a straight married man.

  24. I stumbled upon this blog accidentally and I gotta say I got a good laugh. You like to claim that you don’t judge, but this opinion is all about judgment. It also shows your clear sense of ignorance in relevant fashion and popular culture. It’s true that not everyone can pull the look off, but to make blanket statements about men’s fashion (something you clearly have no experience or expertise in) is just ridiculous. Maybe take a break from updating you overwhelming number of social medias and look around the world. For someone who claims to travel, you must not get too far; I’d love to hear your opinions on fashion from around the world too.
    P.S. As a paid professional photographer, I must say that your “Photography” section is an embarrassment and part of the problem in this industry today. Just because you have a camera doesn’t mean you know how to use it. Share the photos on your facebook if you feel so inclined but stick to ‘whatever it is you know’ for your website.

    • Jokes on you,
      Thank you for your comment! I’m really glad you dropped by. If you’ll notice, I’ve never claimed to be a professional photographer and have referenced many times in posts that I’m not a professional. My profile on Twitter also shows an interest in photography, which is what I have. I capture the moments in my world with the camera which is at my disposal, and it does the trick. It lends a visual component to my blog posts, and that’s all I need. The post is the most important thing to me as a blogger and not a “paid photographer”.You also assume I care about your version of popular culture or fashion, which I do not. A lot of what’s trending is absurd, and your paltry defense of it makes you look ignorant. You must be a garden variety jerk or troll, which would explain the weak masking of your real name. Guess the joke’s on you, huh? Just because you might wear skinny jeans doesn’t mean you look good. Take care!

  25. Seems like there are a lot of jealous fatties around, skinny jeans are fashionable, as is androgynous styling for men and women, this is not my opinion, this is what is currently fashionable.

    If you don’t like it, or can’t pull it off and are therefore envious, that’s fine, but don’t rag on everyone else because they can.

    I don’t like seeing girls walk around in leggings and ugg boots, because it is trashy, and has 0 basis in fashion, but I don’t go and make blog posts about it.

    • Hi Isaac!

      Just because something is “currently fashionable” doesn’t mean it actually looks good, and I think skinny jeans look awful on most men and women. Some of the other people have commented here that the look suited them or their body shape and that’s fine if they can truly pull off the look (notice other feedback in the numerous comments). However, don’t ever assume that it’s only the “fatty” crowd who thinks most guys (and women) look stupid in skinny jeans. There are plenty of skinnies who think the jeans are constrictive and look ridiculous. Slim-fitting jeans are a whole other yummy matter, but I digress…

      I do have to agree with your point that leggings and ugg (ugh!) boots look trashy regardless of what its merit (or lack thereof) in fashion, so I might very well do a blog post about THAT in the future.

      Just in case you aren’t exactly sure what a personal blog is, allow me to enlighten you: a place for personal opinions to be given freely. This blog is like my home, and you are a welcome guest provided you don’t act rudely. In my home you can either listen to my opinions or go visit elsewhere. Makes sense, right?

      Perhaps you should start a blog about what you find fashionable so you can share more than a mere comment. It is great fun, and believe it or not, this post has been one of my most popular to date for search engines (which means revenue for me), so thank you very much for dropping in and adding to the numbers AND being kind enough to comment.

      We might disagree, but I still appreciate you. Cheers! :-)

  26. Just stumbled across this. You know, I guess, that there’s skinny and there’s ultra-skinny, which better describes the picture you’ve used here. This, I think, is more what typical skinny jeans look like:

    They don’t look like denim-colored Spandex from the punk-rock era. They are a slim-fit for skinny guys.

    Even the ultra-skinny aren’t meant to be super-tight:

    That’s not to say there aren’t brands that look like they’d cut off circulation. But the problem is not the jeans. The problem is who’s wearing them. The same thing happens in women’s fashions too.

    • Dagwood, I totally agree. So many styles to keep up with. Some really wrong, and some really right. Thanks for your thoughtful comment with this extra information. It is much appreciated.

  27. I wear skinney jeans I look goof prople who slag them are jelouts

    • I’m glad you look “goof” in your skinny jeans, but trust me, nobody is “jelouts” if you can pull off the look. Who enjoys looking anorexic and not having any curves to speak of?

  28. Skinny guy,

    I didn’t consider it that way as a solution for the flat-bottomed. I guess it just kinda boils down to wear what looks good on your frame, but a majority of people I’ve seen look crazy in skinny jeans. Glad you can pull it off :-)

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