Twitter Spammers Are Like Herpes

Sunday Soapbox: Twitter Spammers are like herpes. No matter how many times you treat them, they always come back.

Twitter spammers never go completely away.

Is it my imagination, or does there seem to be a recent influx of more Twitter spammers than usual? I block and report them, but it’s never enough.

Have you had any nightmare Twitter spammer experiences? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. I’ve been getting spammed on Twitter for some time too. I didn’t realize it until it was too late that very first time and clicked on a link someone had sent me. Thankfully my antivirus was working and caught the virus site before I was taken to it other wise I have no doubt I would have gotten a computer virus. so now I block and report so many people each day, it’s not even funny.

  2. I am owed a settlement from GM regarding a class action law suit. It is about $400. The last email they sent me had a blue text box within the body of the email. It contained a worm that went to everyone in my mailbox and some people in their mailboxes. I had a lot of apologizing to do. I don’t know what to do to get the money because I am afraid to open the email. It had to be someone in the law office that put it in the email. I was thinking of maybe opening it as a pdf somehow.

    • I’d try to open it in some sort of safe mode, Virginia, and then immediately yun a virus scan.

  3. It’s not your imagination, Amberr, the Twammers are overwhelming. I’ve stopped fighting them, there are more important battles. I like pretty girls as much as the next guy, but I don’t think I can stand to see another bio that reads “I like 4 letter words that begin with Fa

    • I’ve not had twitter spammers yet, but my email account was hacked into a week or so ago causing me ONE massive headache. All my contacts were deleted, and most of my emails vanished. I just pray that I haven’t given untold grief to everyone on my contact list too šŸ™

  4. I think no matter where you go you’re going to find spammers, and Twitter makes it pretty easy for spammers to operate. I use to report anyone who spams me. I like it because it keeps track of how many people I’ve reported and how many were confirmed as spammers.

    • Mary, I take great pleasure in blocking them all day. Especially the sex on the moon chicks!

    • I am going to try that program, Ava Jae. Thanks for another great reference!

  5. Most Twitter spams are bots. I take great pleasure in reporting them which automatically blocks them as well. I haven’t had too many lately which is weird, but had a problem a couple months ago. It’s tough to weed out the crap on there. I’ve gotten to the point of just not trusting any links unless I really know the account.

    • Irene, I am equally cautious. Some of that spam gives nasty viruses.

  6. I should never have to work again from all the ipads and giftcards that I’ve won. I also must be the most talked about person on the web since according to my DM’s I’ve had a bunch of funny/awful/unbelievable tweets and blogposts about me from people who are having sex on the moon next year. =)

    • Hahaha. I have so many “Sex on the moon” spammers. I have no idea what combination of words I tweeted at some point in my Twitter life, but these ladies love me!

  7. Your post’s title and the corresponding image is hilarious! I do get a lot of Twitter spammers, too. Don’t really know what to do about it since it seems like a losing battle!

  8. Hey Amberr! Yes, the spammers are definitely out in force at the moment and, along with their current tactics, they are trying new ones like pinching your avatar and bio and tweeting out to your friends. This has been done to me on several occasions over the last few weeks and, at best, it’s annoying, at worst, very distressing. When will they wake up and realise that people don’t buy products in this way?

  9. Twammers, TwitSpams.. It is a shame you know…? I get PM’s sometimes and I never click on those links. As far as clicking on links on the main board, I do click on a lot of them (mostly RT’s or links from peeps I know).

    I hope to Hades I haven’t spammed anyone!

  10. I’ve recently had an increase of followers that all have the name “0” and they all seem to be in Russian, if not those it’s those adult style tweeters! Twitter needs to get on to the recent influx of Twitter spammers and kick them to the curb!

  11. I’ve heard it’s the price of popularity…so a back handed compliment, glass half full and all that right? In the meantime, I’m blocking and reporting upwards of 6-30 bunnyX bots with fake profiles and spam tweets daily and I’m NOT popular, so I can’ only imagine what the big bloggers and tweeters have to manage! There needs to be an “app for that!”

  12. I have noticed that Amberr. Like you I block them. But what I don’t get is the motivation behind them. I never open the links so assume they must be selling something with sex as the hook.
    Unpleasant and irritating!

  13. I have been going through a nightmare with a “Malicious DNS Changer” virus that I got when clicking on a link. It is a nightmare virus that takes control of your browser and when you attempt to visit a site, it redirects you to a counterfeit version of the site. I have tried several anti-virus, anti-malware types of fixes- nothing works. I’m having a hard time even posting this…

  14. I have been going through a nightmare with a virus that I got when clicking on a link. It is a nightmare virus that takes control of your browser and when you attempt to visit a site, it redirects you to a counterfeit version of the site. I have tried several anti-virus, anti-malware types of fixes- nothing works. I’m having a hard time even posting this…

    • Kathleen, I am so sorry to hear that. What a nightmare experience. You might have to do an entire system restore. Good luck fixing the problem!

  15. It’s called a ‘Malicious DNS Changer’ It would not let me post that

  16. No nasty experiences but I’m surprised, as a new user, how there are so many!! Why do they want to follow me?

    • They follow you to seem like “authentic” people, but don’t be fooled.Ā 

  17. Great discription of Twitter spamers. Or spamers in general. They’re very crafty at finding ways around the system.

  18. I just like that on the front page, this post reads as “Twitter Spammers Are Like Herp.”

    Herp indeed!

    • Daniel, that gave me a chuckle. Thanks for the comment and feedback on the right-click copyright issue. I fixed it. šŸ™‚

  19. Heh yep. Lots of those going around right now. I can’t seem to block them quick enough!

  20. And it’s not just twitter spam for me…blog spam seems to be on the rise BIG TIME! UGH!!

  21. I think my worst spammer…is the person that retweets my content except they change my link….it was bad…i had to change all my passwords/emails etc….cuz I got an email saying “someone” had changed my twitter password…and I only noticed everything because I saw a post being made but I didn’t make it ….*sigh*

    • Chieu Lee, that is so tricky, sneaky and vile. I really dislike spammers intensely.

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