Is Something You May Know Worth a $50 B&N Giftcard?–CLOSED

I’ve had to forego my customary Music Monday blog segment for today, but it’s for a good cause.

I want to allow you great readers the chance to not only win a $50 giftcard to Barnes & Noble, but also to have a chance of  participating in the Something You May Know trivia game show, sponsored by some of my buddies in Savannah, GA.

Here are a few highlights about Something You May Know:

Something You May Know Gameshow

SYMK is the Internet’s only live trivia game show where anyone who signs into our chat room via Facebook or Twitter is a contestant. Every episode of SYMK centers around one topic. Past shows included The National Anthem and The FBI’s Most wanted list. For the first part of the show, we blast you with cool facts about that subject, information you probably have never heard before. Then the game starts. Be the first person to answer the topical questions and win up to $300. Our first question is worth 25 dollars the second question is worth 75 dollars and the final question is worth 100 dollars. The winner of the 100 dollar prize gets to choose another person playing in the chat room to receive a bonus 100 dollar courtesy of SYMK.

So what does this have to do with you, you ask? If you want to win the amazing $50 Barnes & Noble giftcard, you have to follow a couple of easy steps. I’ve mentioned before how Rafflecopter makes me cringe, but sometimes it is a necessary evil. Plus, my Rafflecopter giveaway doesn’t include 50 steps to get the prize. All I need is for you to like two Facebook pages, watch a brief video to get the clue for the game, comment about it, and tweet about it once to your friends. It’s that easy.

Here’s the video of the clue before I do the Rafflecopter. Watch carefully:

In this brief video is Clue #2 for Something you May know.  Watching the clip fulfills one step towards entering this easy giveaway. 


Now that you’ve seen the clip, are you ready to enter the giveaway?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See, that wasn’t so painful now, was it? If everything goes well with this promotion, I’ll be sponsoring a clue for Something You May Know on a bi-weekly basis. I love trivia, so I’ll enjoy it just as much as you. Winner will be announced on Thursday on my blog and via email. Happy playing, everyone!

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Feature image courtesy of SYMK. 

  • Christina Majaski

    OMG a real giveaway. I’m going to do it later when I get home ;) Hope I win something.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Christina, at least the $50 giftcard, and you’ve already done almost everything for this raffle anyway previously. 

  • Susan Silver

    HA, i tried to win a game show in vegas. They have name that tune. My friend thought I was going to win, but I was eliminated pretty quickly. They ask a lot of really truly obscure things, and there is a strategy to some of the early rounds for sure. 

    • Amberr Meadows

      Oh, wow, Susan, it always seems easier when someone else is doing it, doesn’t it?

  • Chelbush

    I actually won SYMK the very first week I played! Love it!!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Chel, awesome!

  • Carol

    I’ve NEVER won anything on a game show before but I’d sure like to! :~)

    • Amberr Meadows

      Good luck with the next one, Carol!

  • BridgetMerker

    I have never won on a game show.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Bummer, Bridget :(

  • joe whoston

    hi  this is so exciting  maybe this time  i can have a chance to see the card in my hand instead of on line   #95 of my bucket list  haha

    • Amberr Meadows

      Joe, maybe next time!

  • Kari Hunter

    Cool contest. Crystal at SYMK sent me over. 

    I won $175 last time on SYMK and then I got to pick a person to win $100… so I picked my husband! Can’t beat winning $275 in just a few minutes all for answering 2 trivia questions!  I can’t wait to play again this week! 

    • Amberr Meadows

      Thanks for dropping by, Kari!

  • Liz Give

    I have never won on a game show.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Liz, watch the show sometime. It’s awesome and you could win!

  • Brooker Forkin

    Crystal @ SMYK sent me over!

    I’ve been close a few time on SMYK ~ Now that I have reliable internet… that might help… :) 

    • Amberr Meadows

      Thanks. Brooker! Reliable internet does help. 

  • Wesley Reaves

    Almost won the first SYMK event, missed it by a few seconds. Here’s to trying to win the next one.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Cheers, Wesley!

  • lisacng

    I have never won anything from a game show that I can recall….Also, I subscribe via RSS feed. Hope I remember to play on Wed!

    • Somethingyoumayknow

      Well I certainly hope you get a chance to come by and play tonight.  Maybe SYMK will bring you better luck. Set your alarm. We are live at 9 PM.  Get there early so you can get a seat.  It’s only a 15 minute show. LOL!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Lisa, come by and play next time. You are missing some quick fun and money! 

  • Carole M. Di Tosti

    I know what you mean about Rafflecopter…but SYMK  made the process tolerable.  Thanks.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Carole, glad to hear!

  • OKcomputer

    SYMK is a super fun show! I always to try to follow their blogs and watch the show every other week.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Okcomputer, it is an awesome show and can only get better.

  • Mary Michaud

    I don’t think I’ve ever played a game show! But I will be checking SYMK out now. :)

    • Somethingyoumayknow

      Sweet! Hope we get to see you there tonight at 9 PM!

    • Amberr Meadows

      You go, Mary! Did you get the giftcard yet? Have you checked out the show?

  • Holly S.

    I’ve never won anything on a gameshow, online or off.

  • Holly S.

    Oops! I forgot to say that I added you to my Google Reader. Thanks!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Holly, thank you!

  • Kimberly

    Nope – I haven’t won anything!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Bummer, Kimberly. Maybe next time. 

  • livivua c

    No I have never won!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Liv, come check out the trivia next time. You’ll enjoy it!

  • Monica

    i have never won anything from a game show online or off

    • Somethingyoumayknow

      There is always a first time for everything.

  • Robin

    I have never won anything from a game show, but that would be really fun!
    osullivanrobin1 at gmail dot com

    • Somethingyoumayknow

      The More the Merrier! Hope to you in the chatroom tonight!  Live At 9PM

    • Amberr Meadows

      Robin, maybe next time!

  • Denise LeBegue

    We had a company-wide trivia contest set up just like a game show.  I actually got to go stand up in front of everyone at my own contestant stand and buzz in and all.  It was so much fun and I won!  $200, I got my picture taken with a giant check.  For weeks, my coworkers quizzed me with trivia questions as I passed them in the hall :)

    • Somethingyoumayknow

      You should totally get them to play to tonight! Good luck!

  • Deadacoustics

    I love this show, I played last season and won.. Never won anything before this but all those years of watching jeopardy paid off!!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Dead, Jeopardy is good for something, eh?