I love quirky people, creativity, and interesting art, and today I have a little of each to share with you. My pal Hancock has decided to grace my page with some of his strange and amazing art sketches.

I decided they would be best displayed in a slideshow format for your ultimate viewing pleasure. Blogging Basics Series will be back this upcoming week along with other awesome stuff (so make sure you’re subscribed to my blog). I am happy to say I’m finally feeling better, albeit tired. Enjoy the post!



Hancock (known as @Grokdad on twitter) used to work in newspapers before they started circling the drain. He (doncha love writing in the third person?) has a nine to five now and in his own time illustrates and does celebrity drawings for those celebs that tweet him. Currently his backlog is sinfully long. (ah! now I see where the third person is helpful in deflecting responsibility) He is also starting to write a screenplay and fantasy novel and a book on why women don’t understand men and vice versa. That should take some explaining, so he puts that one off the most.

He is developing a niche business of designing or redesigning covers for indie authors. Follow him on twitter and DM him if interested. Check out his website, Artsprocket, for more insights on his great talent.

Since he loves his family, and he has a nine to five, this extra work fits into his limited free time because he LOVES TO DESIGN and write and brush elbows with famous people and make snarky jokes and pretend he’s god’s imaginary gift to imaginary women because real women would get him killed. Did he mention he has a lovely, red-headed wife? Yes, he lives in fear.~~Poor, poor, third person John Hancock


John Hancock (aka Grokdad), I really appreciate you sharing your art on my blog!

For everyone else, which piece did you like the best? Tell me in the comments! I am currently undecided, but they are all pretty amazing.

If you missed the last post on Underappreciated elements of Walt Disney World, go take a look, and if you enjoyed this post, please support a nice pal and great artist by using the sharing buttons above or below. See you soon!

Feature images courtesy of John Hancock. 

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