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Travel: Europe’s #1 Paradise for Bikers

George Bright is here with a great travel guest post on Mallorca, which is Europe’s #1 paradise for bikers. Enjoy!


Cyclists at Playa de Palma, Mallorca

This weekend Mallorca hosts the Roadbike Festival at the Playa de Palma as part of the Balearic Island’s continued efforts to make bikers welcome on the island and to acknowledge the enormous contribution bikers make to the island’s economy.

“Although most bike tourists eventually will try out other destinations, they all return to Mallorca as their favourite spot for cycling,” said Klaus Bosch, managing director of German company Mallorca Sportiv, a tour operator specialising in cycling holidays, in a recent interview with online Mallorca Magazine.

While in the past the most sought-after cyclists were twenty to thirty-something holidaymakers, today tour operators like Mallorca Sportive now concentrate on cyclists over 50, who are seeking an active holiday while at the same time being interested in culture and heritage. Mr Bosch stated that his company had seen a 50% increase in bookings and just his company alone is responsible for bringing 1,000 biking enthusiasts to the island every year.

For cycling visitors who are less confident they can manage the sometimes challenging terrain by themselves, there are guided biking tours they can join. It is possible with some car rental suppliers to hire a bike rack, when renting a car, allowing holidaymakers to explore the island in a more leisurely style when biking becomes too tiring or a day of cultural pursuits is on the agenda.

While Mr Bosch’s company is comparatively small fry among the cycling holiday providers, the Swiss company Bicycle Holidays Max Hürzeler is responsible for bringing around 35,000 bikers to the island this year – that’s an increase of some 4% to 5% on the previous year, said their sports director Marcel Iseli proudly, despite the economic downturn.

Such increases in bookings clearly show the popularity Mallorca enjoys among European cyclists. In tough economic times, the Balearic Island is not just a preferred destination for amateur cyclists, even professional cyclists who participate in the racing world’s most challenging competitions rate the island as the number one destination in Europe.

It’s not just the great climate that attracts bikers to the island. It’s a combination of sunshine, good road networks, amazing views and ever-changing landscapes as well as excellent accessibility by air and ferry.

Official statistics published by the Balearic Government reveal that last year some 85,000 bikers came to Mallorca for the cycling holidays, spending some EUR 60 million in the process. On average cyclist holidaymakers stay for 10 days or more, cover some 400 km of cycling routes during their stay, are male and have an average to above average annual income.

About the author: The article has been provided by George Bright from Mallorca Airport.


Thanks, George for this great article on Mallorca being Europe’s #1 Paradise for Bikers. I appreciate you!

For everyone else, are you a biking enthusiast or would you just travel to Mallorca for the paradise factor? Tell me in the comments! I’m going with paradise personally Wink.

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