Here’s a travel insurance post from a preferred anonymous contributor. She is here to discuss something important people should consider before traveling. Enjoy!


What a complete and utter disaster my “dream vacation” has turned out to be! Granted it is technically “my fault” that I messed up when I was applying for my travel insurance, but I had no idea it would end like this!

I have a pre-existing medical condition that is generally not a big deal, and not something I ever really have to mention unless I land myself in a hospital for some reason. When I applied for the the insurance I took out on my trip, it really didn’t even occur to me that I would need to tell them about it (I know, I know, very dumb on my part…) but it is just so infrequently an issue and if I was placed in the “pre-existing” category who knows what the rates would have been like!

Anyway I start my trip and everything is going swimmingly! I am having a blast, the hotels I booked were perfect, the place is beautiful— really just an ideal vacation all around. Then, suddenly, after a night of the “finest” seafood I awake to something terrible rumbling in my stomach. For the next 48 hours I am in and out of the bathroom having the WORST two days of my entire life. I finally decide I must be so dehydrated I am about to die, and I check myself into the nearest hospital.

I am admitted over night, tons of tests are run (expensive tests!) and I am put an drip to get fluids back into my system. Thank goodness I took out that travel insurance! NOT!

Apparently, because I failed to mention my pre-existing condition my policy is now null and void and I am responsible for picking up all of the bills from my overnight vacation at the hospital. I am in the process of trying to fight it, but from the research I have been doing on sites like it seems I probably don’t have much of a case.

Looks like my dream vacation has officially turned into a nightmare!


Thank you, anonymous pal, for the great travel guest post. Loved the tips!

Have you ever had a problem with travel insurance? Tell me in the comments!

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