Incredible Blog Post Images DON’T Have to Cost a Penny

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I’ve been devoting Wednesdays to sharing blogging tips and insights from A-Z based on my personal bogging journey, because I love fellow bloggers and am happiest to when I see them success in this very tough arena. Anyhoo, on to the topic of the day:

I is For Incredible Blog Post Images DON’T Have to Cost a Penny

You can find amazing blog post images without paying a penny.

I had a guest post the other day from Bashir on how to create your own image collection, and he erroneously stated that bloggers either needed to take their own photos or be forced to pay for images for their blog posts. Fortunately for you, me, and every other blogger who might not have big bucks to invest in images, there are several great resources for obtaining high-quality images for no money, whatsoever.

The only caveat is most of these image sites require proper attribution to the photographer or artist, and this generally includes a link back to their website or portfolio of work. I never have a problem properly crediting photos, because I love helping other creatives, but if you are of a different mindset, this post is most likely not the one for you. For everyone else, here are some great websites to find awesome images for your blogs:

1. Flickr

Flickr is a great place to find images for your blog posts, but you’ll need to be careful as to which ones you choose. You’ll need to do an advanced search and check the box that says “search for photos under creative commons” to find photos where permission has been granted. There have been no exceptions in providing a link back to the photographer’s portfolio, and I generally do this by linking back within the image and setting it to open in a different page when someone clicks the image. Others might choose to credit the photographer at the end of their posts with a disclosure saying “Feature image courtesy of Photographer via Creative Commons” or something similar.

2. Wikimedia Commons

For Wikimedia Commons, merely type in what you’re looking in the “search” bar, and you’ll be given dozens of images to choose from. A word of caution here: Most photographers do give permission for use with attribution, but some will not. Make sure to always read the verbiage before snagging the photo. When you find one you can use, make sure to credit back to the Wikimedia page you found it.

3. Free Digital Photos

Free Digital Photos has pretty awesome images to choose from, but you will have to download with an annoying captcha, and agree to credit the photographer by linking back to his/her portfolio on the website.

4. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is another website which has stock photos for free, but you’ll need to provide proper attribution. I have not used this site, because the other ones I’ve mentioned are less of a pain in the arse to deal with.

5. Stock Free Images

This is another site that’s fairly easy to obtain images from,  but make sure to provide the proper  attribution.

6. Morgue File

Morgue file is not actually a place where images go to die; it is something far more beautiful and convenient. Any photos downloaded from Morgue File require no attribution at all, and you can alter and adapt them any way you like. The only downside is they do have a somewhat limited selection, but I have found some great photos there in the past.

7. Stock.XCHNG

Stock.XCHNG has over 400,000 free images available, but I don’t really use them unless I’ve exhausted other options (as rare as that is), because they have more complex image requirements. I’m not a fan of complicated stuff, and most other bloggers I know aren’t, either. They are a good resource, however, in a pinch.

8. Unprofound 

I’ve only recently discovered Unprofound, but they have a sizable collection of images without a lot of hassle. Make sure to attribute the images where needed.

9. Free Media Goo

They have some beautiful images, and you can search and take whatever you like as long as you follow attribution requirements.

10. Stockvault

Stockvault has great free images to use for your blog posts, but the major caveat: you may not use their free photos for non-commercial websites.

There you have it, everyone. Those are the Top 10 Places to Find Incredible Bog Post images that don’t cost a penny. That wraps up this segment of my Blogging Basic Series, but if you’ve missed it to this point, catch the other posts here:

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How about you? Any other free image sites you know of that you’d add to the list? Tell me in the comments! 

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Feature image courtesy of Flickr via Creative Commons. 

  • fadderly

    this is good stuff! thank you very much!!!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Thank you very much for reading!

  • Raiscara Avalon

    I love or Stock.xchange – never had any problems with them or the artists. I’ve heard good things about Morgue though, might have to check them out. :)

    • Amberr Meadows

      Raiscara, I highly recommend them. I often use Flickr and Free Digital Photos in most cases.

  • John Mak

    Great List Amberr! I am always trying to find photos that have permission to use them. Thanks for sharing!


    • Amberr Meadows

      John, it is truly a pleasure!

  • Lauren

    Thanks for these recommendations! These look like some great sites. I’ll have to remember these.

    I’ve used Free Digital Photos before, and Wikimedia Commons, but not morgueFile. Off to see what selections they have there!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Lauren, let me know how you like Morgue file!

  • Carole Di Tosti (@mercedeskat45)

    Loved the post, Amberr. Loved, loved, loved it. I write for Technorati, and have had to take photos…good, but if I could get a digital image without tearing my hair out looking for a good one…I would be so much happier. I had 30 sites that supposedly had free pix, but in many cases, they were not…you had to be careful. You have to be careful on Flickr. But I am bookmarking this pg as a reference. Thanks. ;-)

    Below is a recent article I wrote for Technorati. Take a look at the woman who says she looks like Barbi.e he must be photoshopped…her waist…the image…) I’m so fed up with this…the pic are from her FB pg. I took a pic of them online…in this instance, it was the only way to capture her.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Carole, now you won’t have to do any hair tearing which is awesome. Glad I could help! :-)

  • Nina Amir

    You might also try the tried and true Microsoft Images site. They have photos and cartoons and even some photos form Istock. I go there first most times. It’s pretty easy! Great resources, Amberr. You had a few I didn’t know about!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Nina, I totally forgot Microsoft images! Thanks for including this to the aresenal. :-)

  • Mary Kirkland

    I’ve used Wikimedia Commons and for pictures on my articles a few times. Both have great pictures on their site.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Mary, I totally agree!

  • Intricate Knot

    Thanks, Amberr,for all the resources and the information about each site. I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Blogging Basic Series. I’ve recommended them to some friends of mine who are newbies to the blogging world. :)

    • Amberr Meadows

      Intricate, thank you so much! I truly appreciate you!

  • sunithi

    Very useful info. Thanks for sharing ! I pinned it so I can refer back to it & share with others :)

    • Amberr Meadows

      Sue, thank you so much for doing that for me!

  • pammustard

    This is a very helpful post. I also like to give credit where credit is due and would love to help show off photographers work. I admire great photos particularly because I am TERRIBLE at it myself! Thanks for the info!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Pam, I’m glad this will be helpful for you!

  • It’s OK to be WEIRD!

    I use Dreamstime and Stock.Xchng ALL THE TIME! LOL! I really like how Dreamstime actually gives you the text (with the copyright symbol) that you can just copy/paste. I’ll definitely check out the other ones, especially if there are easier ones to use!

    Good stuff as always, Amberr! THANKS!!!!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Raylene, I’m going to have to delve into Dreamstime a bit further. Thank you!!

  • Lisa

    Wow, that’s an impressive list to get stock images!!! TKS!

    • Amberr Meadows

      My pleasure, Lisa, and thank you for your great comment!

  • Anita Chapman

    Hi, this post answers a lot of questions that I’ve been wondering about-thanks so much! Until now I’ve used my own photos for my blog as I didn’t understand what you’ve clarified so perfectly.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Anita, that makes me happy to have been a good resource!

  • Brenda Marroy

    Thank you Amberr. I bookmarked a few of these. I really appreciate your tips.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Brenda, I hope this turns out to be a great resource for you. :-)

  • Keith Townsend

    Wow this post was just what I was looking for! Just last night I asked my friend where I could get free images to use on my blog posts and I found this on google, sweet! Thank you so much for putting this list together -tweeting this out

    • Amberr Meadows

      Thanks for the tweet, Keith! Enjoy the list!

  • Rita

    Thank you for sharing this Amber – this has always been a bit of a head-ache of mine!

    • Amberr Meadows

      My pleasure, Rita!

  • Rainy Kaye

    Great post, Amberr! I want to add on that if you do consider buying images, always check out the subscription and “credit” options. Many places will let you purchase one image at a time, or in bulk. Usually, bulk is far more cost effective. Just read the fine print, of course.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Rainy, absolutely buying in bulk is essential. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Bicultural Mama

    This is so incredibly helpful!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Thank you, Maria! That is totally what I am aiming for!

  • Mitch Mitchell

    Great stuff. I’ve added Stock Free Images as a place to go because I liked it the best. Went to Morgue & the main image was of some bug; don’t care what kind, because all bugs freak me out so I’m not going back! lol

    • Amberr Meadows

      Mitch, I’m not a bug kinda gal myself, but fortunately they change the images frequently. :-)

  • Kim Gane

    This was so helpful, Amberr! I finally tried it today. Took some doing, but I got there. Thanks, as always!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Kim, hurray!! I am glad it worked out great for you. It takes a little time to get those image credits right and to find the perfect images, but it’s so worth it to save money!

  • Noa

    Thanks for the list – finding nice images is always so time-consuming…

    Have you ever used Photoxpress (10 free per day)? They have some nice images too.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Noa, I have not used them, but I will check them out now!

  • Sarah

    Aaaahh! This is perfect! Thank you so much Amberr! It makes everything very black and white so now I don’t have to worry about someone getting on my tail for accidentally using a picture on my blog that I wasn’t supposed to use. Thank you and thank you Creative Commons! Makes searching for non-commercial images sooo much easier.

    • Amberr Meadows


      I am so glad this makes it easier for you! In my early days I didn’t have very good photos, because I wasn’t going to steal them from Google. Hate the idea of lawsuits.

  • Elemir

    Thanks! I’ll go looking for some pictures to add to my blog!