8 Most Beautiful Beaches of Italy to Explore

Anna is here once more with a great travel guest post on 8 most beautiful beaches of Italy to Explore. Hope you enjoy!


Italy is a very beautiful place, and every year many people come here to enjoy the different locations and scenic beauty. There are many things which can be done here by taking the cheap car rental Italy services. These cars are very simple and normally run on gas, cutting down the cost. One can hire a rental car from the online sites or can ask the agencies directly, and there are many different deals and discounts which to be found by booking in advance. Without further ado:

Here are 8 most beautiful beaches in Italy to Explore:

Isola del Giglio Beach

Isola del Giglio

 The beach is famous for its clean blue water with different aquatic species and underwater snorkeling is famous here for adventure lovers. Colorful marine species  are common, and the beach is very beautiful, offering the perfect background for the photos.

Mondello Beach

Spiaggia di Mondello

Located in Southern Italy, with many cafes, bars, and restaurants,  this beach is full of lively people and activities. The water is so clean that you can even comfortably take your children in without fear of danger.

Capalbio Beach

Capalbio Beach in a secluded part of Italy.

 This beach is not very popular as it is located at old coastal village where privacy takes precedence. People usually come here to get away from the crowds.

San Vito lo Capo Beach

San Vito Lo Capo

 This beach is located on the Western coast where one can experience different cultures and people. Different beach activities can be enjoyed, or one can just relax and can have drinks at the various cafes and restaurants situated near the beach.

Salina Beach

Salina Lipari e Vulcano, Italy

This beach is amazing, its captivating beauty mesmerizing. It offers a variety of aquatic activities, including  scuba diving and water skiing. It is one of the best places to visit in a rental car.

Taormina Beach

Taormina Beach, Italy

Many people come here to enjoy this beach’s natural beauty, amazing location, and sparkling water. Windsurfing is a favorite aquatic activity.

Domus de Maria Beach

Domus de Maria

This beach is notable for camping, the rent is reasonable,  and it offers a great stay near the lovely, blue waters and white sand beach.

Posada Beach

Posada Beach, Italy


This beach is a perfect place to enjoy the local culture and coastal delights; one can relax by taking romantic walks near clean beaches and golden sand.

These are some of the best beaches in Italy, and each of them can be explored by autonoleggio economico italy.

One can spend great time with family and friends without worrying as much about the money.

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Thank you, Anna, for sharing these beautiful beaches in Italy with my readers. I appreciate you!

For everyone else, which of these beaches are the most magnificent to you? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Think of it. Italy is all coastline…the beaches should be great. Watch for the pollution, though. They do not have the regulations we have…though a lot of times we lapse as well. Years ago, a friend told me he didn’t go into the water in certain European countries (France, etc.) because there was an open drain pipe dispersing effluent into the water…a mile and/less away. That is too close for me.

    • Carole, I didn’t consider the pollution aspect, but I’d still love to explore each of them with camera in hand!

  2. all amazing and I could be there at any one of them in a heart beat – ty fr sharing x

    • Libithina, I would, too. Also, if you have a blog link, please come back and leave it in the comments, so I can come visit you!

  3. Expandall amazing and I could be there at any one of them in a heart beat – ty fr sharing x

  4. Love Italy! But when we go there we usually are sightseeing and not at the beaches. Looking at these pictures, I think we need to visit the beaches the next time.

    • Maria, I have to agree, but look above at Carole’s comment. I hope the waters are as clean as Anna claims.

  5. What a fabulous post, Anna. I just love Italy but don’t think I’ve visited any of the beaches you mention. And they look stunning! Will keep a note for future ref. Thanks for sharing – just beautiful.

    • Jane, I’ve added them to my bucket list.

  6. I want to go to every one of these – preferrable right now!

    • Gina, me too!

  7. Taormina Beach – my ancestors have walked on this beach for many generations. I love your features about Italy – it is close to you heart!

    • Josie, it’s true. You can sense the sincerity and love in every word about these amazing beaches.

  8. I went to Italy a few years ago, but it was all inland. Definitely will add the coast to our next trip! I think my fav is Mondello and Domus de Maria, but all of them look amazing. Beautiful pics and great information! Thanks to Anna and Amberr! 

    • IK, I’d love for you to post on some of your adventures here sometime. You’ve had some grand ones!

  9. I don’t think I could pick just one, they are all beautiful. 

    • Mary, I’d love to see them all!

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