Decorating for Tranquility and Relaxation

Whether you’d like to add new elements to your home to create peaceful serenity or you’d simply like to have aesthetically pleasing décor, soothing décor will definitely compliment an interior. According to feng shui, peaceful elements within your home create energy that will serve as a purpose, a purpose that will keep you still in a tranquil environment. That’s why it’s important to incorporate décor that will relax your mind and add to a pleasing interior and exterior space simultaneously.

An elegant fountain in your kitchen or living room area with a message on part of it (think of a favorite quote or the date you were married) will definitely support a peaceful environment. If you’re having a stressful day, channel the energy from the indoor fountains and listen to the trickling of the water. You will feel a calming of both your mind and heart.

Click image to find a beautiful indoor fountain for your home.

There’s also a hammock, which is another comforting décor element that is fun to place in your home and more specifically in your backyard. Imagine lying back on the hammock with a favorite book and gazing at the blue sky, that is, when your head isn’t stuck in a book. The hammock will aid you in feeling calm when it’s a crazy week and this comfy piece of furniture will also create an attractive aesthetic in your backyard area too.

Continue to surround yourself with tranquility and include a bonsai tree both inside and outside of your home depending on your preference. Having plants and trees inside and outside your home will encourage you to breath deep, remember the earth, and continue a theme of peaceful décor pieces that will look outstanding.

Decorating for tranquility is also important  for outdoor settings. Click image to find the perfect hammock to suit your needs.

So if you’re struggling with what to add to a room or backyard during a renovation project, look no further than incorporating peaceful elements that will help you unwind and stay calm. If your mind is in a state of chaos, choose décor pieces that will not only look attractive in a home, but will create a sense of calm around you.

About the author: Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She enjoys unwinding after a busy day at work and lying on a hammock is on top of her list for feeling calm.


Thank you, Sierra, for such an inspiring post on decorating for tranquility and relaxation. Come back anytime!

For everyone else, what are your decorating techniques for a tranquil home environment? Tell me in the comments! 

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  1. Timely post for me, as I’m embarking on decorating the house. Not my forte, but so far so good! Thanks for the reminder to add tranquil elements. :)

    • I need some tranquility, and I could totally go for a hammock ;-)

  2. And there are even apps for iPad that teach you how to relax!

    • Ingrid, technology is an amazing thing, but nothing beats a little real life relaxing decor. ;-)

  3. Oh I love the idea of a tranquil hammock out back, but unfortunately for the time being I live in Sweden so it would have to be a thermal one:)

    • Lou Lou, maybe for summertime in Sweden? Thermal sounds cozy, too, though.

  4. I like calming colors…we painted our bathroom a light green and bought green things to accent the paint color. I feel happy just seeing the colors. We painted one of the walls in the Kitchen area a baby blue to highlight the transition from the dining area to the kitchen and I love the light color in there.

    • Maria, get you one of those hammocks and increase your tranquility!

  5. Hi Sierra!
    it is informative post.and i like the idea of tranquility it will try to do this and perhaps it can be the best way to relax your mind.

    • Anshul, let me know if you actually buy one of those awesome hammocks. I want one for myself.


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