Top 10 Must Have Road Trip Snacks #kiaholiday

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Kia invited me to do a post on holiday travel, and since my family enjoys a good road trip, I thought it pertinent to share our Top 10 must have road trip snacks. Not only is it a great idea to pack some snacks and save money from overpriced gas stations along the way, it also keeps hunger complaints to a minimum until we get to our destination (usually Jekyll Island).

Here are the Top 10 Must Have Road Snacks for my family adventures:

  1. Baby Swiss Cheez-Its

This is my personal favorite, because it’s not as unhealthy as some of the snack alternatives, and they taste delicious. They are a weakness much like my Dr. Pepper. I admittedly tend to be a little stingy with them.

  1. Nacho Cheese Doritos

My daughter adores them and my husband loves them. During road trips, we generally forfeit most of the healthier stuff for convenience, because vacations are supposed to be about splurging and indulging, anyway.

  1. Celery and carrots with Ranch and Bleu Cheese

Okay, so I feel a little guilty packing only processed crap, so I throw in something healthy to make myself feel better. The little rubbermaid containers make perfect storage for the condiments, and the cooler is always situated in the back seat for easy access.

  1. Sliced apples and clementines

During the winter season, my family can’t get enough of those tasty, sweet little clementines, and my daughter loves crunchy granny smith apples. These snacks are also beneficial in helping contain hunger in ways that the junk food can’t.

  1. Sandwich fixin’s 

Our road trips are generally four or more hours, so at some point, we have to have a real meal. This doesn’t really count as snack food, but a tasty turkey or ham sandwich with lettuce really helps save money and keeps us from having to stop often.

  1. Low-fat chocolate milk

Solely for the delight of the kiddo, this is also a healthy, filling treat for her to enjoy. Vacations are supposed to be awesome for the kids, too. 😉

  1. Dr. Pepper 

I’ve been on a semi-hiatus from Dr. Pepper to go along with my new gym-rat and weight-losing lifestyle, but I refuse to spend hours in the car without at least my one vice.

  1. Pretzel sticks or twists  

Let’s avoid the sodium talk, because pretzels still have merits that other “bad” snacks don’t have. Plus, we all love to snack on them on the way. There is simply something incredibly satisfying about crunching on pretzels while passing the miles.

  1. Water

As a respite from all the sodium, fat grams, and calories, there is no better thirst quencher than water. I’m loathe to use bottled water, because it’s so much wasteful plastic, so I fill up a jug with filtered water at home and throw it in the cooler. We pack cups from home to drink from. Saves time and money–both things of which are usually in short supply.

10. Chocolate and powdered donuts

It’s nice to have something sweet to nibble on to counteract all the salty . I’m partial to the chocolate ones, because like most women, I love chocolate everything. The kiddo usually likes the powdered ones, because messy tastes better to her. The husband is ambivalent on this one.

So there you have it–The Top 10 Must Have Road Trip Snacks for my family. Not only do we get to our destination faster by packing up snacks, we arrive less cranky, and with more money in our pockets.

How about you? What are your must have travel snacks for a road trip? Tell me in the comments!

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Happy Safe holiday travels from my family and Kia! 

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