The California Wine Club Review and Super Simple $50 GC #Giveaway

The California Wine Club Review and $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway

CWC has great signature wines

The California wine club has a range of great signature wines.

I recently received my second shipment from the The California Wine Club two weeks ago, and the quality was just as remarkable as before. (You can read my first review here). This time I received two lovely bottles of wine from Daniel Gehrs; one a 2009 Merlot from Central Coast and a 2011 Chenin Blanc from White Hills Vineyards. Both wines are gold, double gold, and silver medal winners, so you can imagine the superior quality.

The M erlot had a dry, smooth flavor, and while not a Merlot fan, I knew it was quality Merlot. The Chenin Blanc tasted smooth with a slight touch of sweetness and ended up being a dinner table favorite for the evening.

You’ve been missing out on discovering some of the finest small family wineries in the country if you’ve never  heard of The California Wine Club. Club owners, Bruce and Pam Boring, continually find the best limited edition and the finest wines from small wineries to ship from their place to your home. Membership with The California Wine Club is free and their wines are 100% guaranteed.

If you decide to buy wines based on reviews before the giveaway ends,  ground shipping deadline for Christmas deliveries isDecember 12th.  Any orders placed after Dec 12 incur expedited air charges for Christmas deliveries.

To learn more about The California Wine Club, connect with them on Facebook and Twitter @cawineclub.

To give one of my readers an opportunity to sample some of The California Wine Club wines, they have asked me to host a $50 Gift certificate giveaway. It is unfortunately open only to US residents 21 years of age, and they are unable to ship to Utah (sorry Utah and international readers, but there will be other giveaways for you coming! :-)).

If you’re ready to enter the super simple giveaway, please do so now! (All entries must be completed or entrant will be disqualified).

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Good luck and happy winning!

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a 2 month Membership to the California Wine Club for the purpose of this review.


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  • Stephanie V.

    barolos are my fave (port very close second)

  • Deb K

    Merolt for sure!

  • Debbie Clauer

    Barefoot Moscato

  • Ann Fantom

    I like Pinot Grigio

  • Debra S

    Reisling!!! And I recently tried “Ice Wine” oh my gosh- I almost fainted away with delight!!! I also LOVE white Catawba wine..

    • Amberr Meadows

      Debra, Im going to have to try Ice Wine. Sounds divine!

  • Desiree Dunbar

    I love Cupcake Red Velvet.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Desiree, sounds super yummy!

  • Debra Pauley


    • Amberr Meadows

      Debra, I’m with you.

  • Meryl

    I like Sauvignon Blanc.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Meryl, any brand in particular?

  • Louis


    • Amberr Meadows

      Louis, hopefully you’ll luck up. They have some nice merlots.

  • Monica

    i prefer fruity wines..not much experience with wines. this would be a great way to sample different ones.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Monica, I’m into the fruitier wines myself. They just taste better to me.

  • Rachel


    • Amberr Meadows

      Rachel, good choice.

  • rebeka deleon

    pinot noir

    • Amberr Meadows

      Rebeka, very nice.

  • Holly S.

    Rieslings. Thanks!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Holly, I’m a fan of rieslings myself. Blue Nun is one of my favorite cheap ones. ;-)

  • Noelle Cagle

    Tulip Hill

    • Amberr Meadows

      Noelle, very nice!

  • Debra L.Guillen

    I love a good Rose

    • Amberr Meadows

      Debra, I do, too.

  • Rachel M

    Malbec or Gewurztraminer!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Nice choices on both, Rachel!

  • kyona sirico

    I love Ca Montini pinot grigio.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Nice, Kyona!

  • Danielle Royalegacy

    I like a merlot

    • Amberr Meadows

      A red or white merlot, Danielle?

  • Brittany @ The Domestic Geek

    You can’t beat homemade wine!

    • Amberr Meadows

      Brittany, if I had a clue how to make it without poisoning myself, I definitely would!

  • Jessica Dunn

    I like all wines as long as they aren’t too dry.

    • Amberr Meadows

      Jessica, I’m with you. Not a dry wine fan myself.

  • Kaci Guisinger Harrison

    I like Pink Moscato. Mmmmm!! I’m a huge wine drinker and love to get or give as a gift.

  • Ashley Morrissey

    Any sweet, red wine!

  • Katherine Minas


  • sandra

    i don’t have a favorite, but i like roses

  • Miz Vickik

    I like Shiraz

  • michelle warner

    i love a fruity white white, a chardonay or something like that

  • Susan Smith

    I like a Merlot

  • Samantha

    I definitely have to say Chardonay!

  • Cassandra McCann

    i have never tried wine but i would probably love a more sweet taste

  • Sand

    I like Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Stacy

    There is a winery we visit in St Augustine (FL) called San Sebastian, and their Vitner’s Red is my favorite wine. It is nice enough to give as a gift, but also fairly inexpensive so I can drink it every day.

  • meme

    I am not a wine drinker myself but would love to give this to my brother and I know he likes Merlo

  • James

    I like Merlot.