Hurricane Sandy Holiday Rebound Campaign

Hurricane Sandy Holiday Rebound Campaign

Touchstone Crystal is working to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy generate an income.

The Touchstone Crystal Division of Swarovski recently announced the launch of a “Holiday Hurricane Rebound” campaign to support independent entrepreneurs on the East Coast impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

According to the group, approximately 250 of the entrepreneurs who depend on income generated from in-home party sales of its branded product on the East Coast have been devastated by the storm. Circumstances for these entrepreneurs range from loss of power to complete loss of home.

Liz DiPaolo, managing director of Touchstone Crystal, states,

“We are incredibly proud of the work these women do. Overwhelmingly, this is a business in which women support women, and have always done . We are initiating a program that connects women across the country to the Touchstone Crystal independent entrepreneurs whose businesses have been truly devastated, so that they can continue to earn income for themselves and their families during this trying time.”

The “Holiday Hurricane Rebound” campaign will allow individuals from all over the country to partner with a specific Touchstone Crystal small business owner on the East Coast whose circumstances have made it particularly challenging to yield a normal, expected income.

Participants will be able to connect with a Touchstone Crystal entrepreneur directly, online or via telephone, and set up an online jewelry sales party during the holiday season. In addition to initiating the campaign and working to help secure party partners and facilitate the parties, Touchstone Crystal will make double jewelry credit awards available to remote hosts who choose to sign up for this program.

Each product in the Touchstone Crystal line is made with Swarovski Crystal and follows strict quality guidelines. For more information on the “Holiday Hurricane Rebound” campaign by Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, visit Touchstone Crystal’s Hurricane Rebound.

Let’s do everything we can to get the devestated East coast back on its feet!

Please share this post with everyone you can who might be interested in hosting online parties and helping victims of Hurricane Sandy regain some semblance of normalcy and income back into their lives. Thank you!

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Feature image courtesy of Touchstone Crystal, a division of Swarovski. 


  1. That’s excellent news Amberr. Might I also add that a small Boating Magazine editor accepted the task of raising money for the victims of Sandy in New York. She is going to blind auction a number of signed books donated by Indie Authors throughout America. Their generosity has not gone unnoticed.Lita Smith-Mines has shown herself to be a capable and generous person and deserving of mantion. I received this kind Tweet today which shows some of the donated books ready to go.

    Lita Smith-Mines ‏@BoatingTimesLI
    Thanks @davidmfprosser + many generous writers for contributing to our “Boatload of Books” fundraiser for #SandyRelief.

    • David, that’s a wonderful way to help raise money. I am inspired to see so many eager to join the cause and help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

  2. Anything to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy is a good thing. We were lucky that we sustained minimal damage compared to those who have lost everything. Some people still don’t have power in whole neighborhoods.

  3. What an awesome post –my hear goes out to all of those impacted by Sandy. Thanks for sharing, Amberr! :)


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