5 Tips to Keep From Choking Someone on Long Road Trips #kiaholiday

5 Tips to Keep You From Choking Someone on Long Road Trips

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Even this spacious car might not keep you from becoming annoyed on a super long road trip.

Road trips can be amazing! Everyone is excited about the vacation destination, and there is a jovial air and happy spirit throughout the car. Children are probably occupied on iPads and other portable games, or maybe they’re even watching movies on a portable DVD player.

You’re driving along, in good spirits with a cup of coffee and listening to travel tunes, and if you have grandma or grandpa in the car, they might even be helping occupy the kids.

However, after about 5 hours into the road trip–even in a car as spacious as the one featured to the right–the travel can become a little stale (with or without having kids).

Happiness has probably been replaced with weariness, irritability from driving and concentrating on the road for so long, and whining from the children in the back. The iPads and portable games are probably dead by this point and the chargers are packed away, and the kids are sick of watching movies. Grandma and Grandpa have already had to stop and take 10 bathroom breaks, and as a result, you’re looking at 2 more extra hours than planned. The thought of seeing the same types of trees, exits, road construction signs, and other monotonous highway views make you feel a bit like snapping.

This is the point you realize you feel like choking someone, and everyone else might feel the same way. To alleviate crabbiness and potential chokings on road trips, I’ve come up with a few helpful tips to help everyone arrive at the destination unscathed, and it is from personal experience I share these nuggets of wisdom with you.

Here are 5 great tips to keep from choking someone on long road trips:

1. Make sure everyone has a little pillow and blanket before starting the trip–especially the kids. 

After all portable devices have died, whining has ensued as a result of boredom and discomfort from being in the car. If everyone has their own little pillows and blankets, they will probably go to sleep, bringing peace back to you—the driver.

2. Limit drinks along the way so you don’t have to stop a zillion times.

The reason grandma and grandpa needed 10 bathroom breaks is because they were chugging their favorite beverages the entire time, and maybe you and your partner are guilty of it, too. The kids probably had to go, too, because you weren’t monitoring their liquid intake and their kidneys are very small. Encourage quenching of thirst, but limit the beverages. Nobody will dehydrate before you get to the destination, and you’ll make far less stops.

3. After irritability has become apparent, switch over to soothing tunes, boring radio sermons, or sports radio.

This way, you can work to increase the total boredom of your passengers, thereby lulling them to sleep (hopefully). Just make sure you’re still nursing coffee or other caffeinated beverages so you don’t fall asleep behind the wheel. The consequences of a car crash would be far worse than choking.

4. If tip #3 doesn’t work and everyone is still driving you nuts, pull onto the side of the road or into a fairly vacant rest area and vent your frustrations. 

By this I mean roll up the windows, shut off the car, get out in a fairly isolated area, and scream as loudly as you possibly can. Scream straight from the diaphragm until you can’t anymore. Make sure to walk a fair distance from the car as to not scare the kids, grandpa, and your partner. There might be a little wildlife in the area, but they will only be disturbed momentarily. This is a better anger management alternative than choking your friends or loved ones. When you get back into the car, you’ll probably feel much better, or everyone will think you’re loco and remain quiet for awhile.

5. If all else fails, and it probably will, laugh it all out. 

Break out your smartphone, and plug in to some (clean) comedy. Better than any technique possible, humor and laughter is the best therapy in the world for anyone. It helps with anger, irritability, and can have everyone feeling the holiday joy all over again.

Disclaimer: I have never choked any child or partner or family member and would not advise it, but I have felt like doing so many times. Please also note the lighthearted tone of this post, and find the humor. These road trip tips are normally tried and true, but they might not work for everyone. Good luck! 

How about you, dear readers? What tips would you add to this list? Tell me in the comments! 

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  • zencherry

    Oh ha ha! I’ve been on these sorts of drives before. It helps to bring plenty of munchies and dole them out to those who behave accordingly too. Love the article. Good tips!

  • http://scarymarythehamsterlady.blogspot.com/ Mary Kirkland

    lol I remember road trips like this.
    My advice..make everyone wear adult diapers that way you don’t have to scramble for a rest stop. LOL Hey, it might work.

    Keep plenty of snakes on hand.
    Have some road trip games ready to play…just don’t play slug bug where the first person t see a volkswagon, you slug the person sitting next to you in the arm. Especially don’t do that to the driver…just saying.

  • Judy-Ree

    I can remember these trips. When we did them, my mom only allowed bathroom breaks when the car was stopping for gas. So we learned quickly to not drink so much. Another thing we did was to switch seats whenever the car stopped. It was a minor change of scenery, but you got to sit next to someone different.

    Nice article!

  • http://driftersblog.com JRinAsia

    #3 just wouldn’t work for me, I’d have to skip straight to #4. But I LOVE #2! That little gem right there is priceless!

  • http://www.biculturalmama.com Bicultural Mama

    We use to go on long road trips when I was growing up and we would play games like finding letters along the way and things like that to keep us occupied. I’m sure we did have our share of fighting with each other too, but don’t remember those as much as the fun destinations.

  • http://www.imsimplydebbie.com Debbie Devita

    Great post my friend and some neat tricks are learned on how to keep everyone happy on those long road trips. Thanks for always helping me to learn new things and also seeing the humor in every day life. Happy Holidays. xo