The True Cost of 1 Hour of Learning [An Infographic]

It’s no secret I’m not a huge fan of infographics, because they generally contain gross inaccuracies, and data is easily skewed depending on how the variables are input. However, infographics are interesting to read and share, and I found the one below titled The True Cost of 1 Hour of Learning, to be pretty share-worthy. Whether it’s in the workplace for business for training seminars or in schools for educational purposes, eLearning and hands-on instruction is to be expected, and both methods come at a price of preparation time and money invested.

Take a look at the differences in cost for instructor lead-training and eLearning: 

Leanforward – eLearning Solutions

I noticed eLearning costs were fairly similar to instructor-lead training in a hands-on environment, but the amount of time to prepare for eLearning is much greater. The biggest benefit of eLearning is post-preparation allows for the instruction to be given repeatedly, somewhat justifying the preparation time and cost. In-person instruction will vary greatly from instructor to instructor, but many careers do require some hands-on training. Perhaps there can be a happier balance?

There are pros and cons in both aspects of learning. Some people do best with a combination of in-class instruction and with online simulations, instructions and games, and others might thrive best in one or the other of the latter mentioned training and teaching techniques.

The most noticeable shortcoming of the infographic is the representative sample is fairly small and should be broadened to achieve a better idea of the overall preparation and cost of traditional and eLearning. There should be a variety of different businesses and institutions evaluated (equal amounts of all types), because each educational subject and business differs. This would yield a more solid infographic, although it will never be entirely accurate without evaluating all companies and educational institutions employing both methods (virtually impossible, of course).

Educators or other insightful minds, those are my thoughts. Now what are yours on this learning infographic? Share your valued feedback in the comments! 

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