Painlessly Shopping for the Best Auto Insurance #tips

Painlessly Shopping for the Best Auto Insurance

Shopping for the best auto insurance should be painful and stress free.

Shopping for the best auto insurance shouldn’t be painful, but many people see to have more difficulty and make it more complicated than necessary. If you’re sharp about getting the best deals and even remotely internet savvy, you can have the best auto insurance chosen in less than 30 minutes.

I’ve used websites such as Einsurance and several others, but I found it incredibly simple to obtain auto insurance quotes,  and a ton of helpful information at

Rather than simply quoting your auto insurance rate, Best Auto Insurance covers details you might not have otherwise thought of when making your decision. Some of the topics covered are checking financial ratings of the companies you’re considering, contacting the body shops responsible for fixing cars for the auto insurance companies after accidents, and scrutinizing the types of premiums being offered.

Best Auto Insurance debunks myths about the perils of online shopping, and makes assurances that online quotes are just as accurate as the ones you might obtain over the phone or even in person. Shopping for auto insurance online allows you to make a decision quickly and efficiently from the comfort of your home. Convenience is a beautiful thing.

What about you? Have you had experience shopping for auto insurance online? If so, how did it go, and if not, what method did you use to obtain quotes. Tell me in the comments! 

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  1. I was an early adopter of Progressive’s online quote system. I found the best rate for years through their service and they were showing the lowest rate most of the time.

    When I bought my first house, I set my home insurance and a life insurance policy up through an insurance agent. He reached out to me and we set up my two policies, but he contacted me back within a few weeks and we discussed auto insurance. He saved me a couple of hundred dollars a year. Since then, I’ve called or emailed my insurance agent about once every 18 months to see what is available. They do the legwork, I save money, and everyone is happy. I checked online a couple of times and never found a cheaper policy, however I’ll give this one a shot and see what comes back.

    • Ben, how did you fare? I’ve been with Amica for the last couple of years and have been super satisfied with their rates.

  2. Hi Amberr, I’ve nominated you for a couple of awards!

  3. I’ve never done the online insurance shopping. I’ve always called the different insurance places and gotten a quote and gone from there.

    • Mary, some people are more comfortable with a more personal consultation. You have to do what’s best for you. 😉

  4. I am one of those people who believe it is sooooo PAINFUL to shop for auto insurance. I’ve been putting it off for several months even though my plan went up 25$ three months ago. I will take your tips and hit the ground running. Thanks for another great post Amberr.

    • Debbie, check out Amica. I found them to be really cheap and great customer service. Good luck!

  5. This site would make things easier. Last time I researched auto insurance companies, it took me forever because I did them one at a time.

    • Maria, hell, any way would be quicker than how you went about it. That’s a lot of companies!

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