The Fundamentals of an Internet Marketing MBA

The Fundamentals of an Internet Marketing MBA

An internet marketing MBA can open up a world of possibilities.

Internet marketing forms the foundation of today’s most successful companies. As such, graduates in the field of Internet marketing can look forward to a diverse selection of career opportunities, including the excitement of becoming an entrepreneur if desired. No other field is growing and changing as rapidly as Internet marketing, which means you will always have new frontiers to explore during your career.

If you are interested in marketing and e-commerce and you love the idea of a career where no two days are the same, then choosing an advanced degree in business with an Internet marketing concentration may be the perfect path for you.

Internet Marketing Explained

With an Internet marketing MBA, you will learn advanced business skills and gain specialized training in how to use the Internet as a marketing and sales tool. These skills are important to consider when contemplating why and how to get a masters degree online. Advertising, marketing and selling conducted in the online marketplace requires a different skill set than traditional marketing. Potential customers are easy-to-identify but hard to reach and convert. Your challenge as an Internet marketing professional will be to find innovative, creative ways to establish trusted connections with prospective customers and use those connections to turn them into paying customers.

Internet Marketing Coursework

The primary challenge an Internet marketing professional faces is how to break through the conversational clutter online to capture the attention of a chosen group of customers. As such, you will take courses that teach you how to start a conversation online with your ideal customer base. Courses will include instruction in social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics, paid online advertising (pay-per-click and Google AdWords) and conversion optimization, which teaches you how to turn a casual browser into a paying customer. You will also learn the latest strategies for composing press releases, blogs and articles for a Web audience. If you are interested in specializing in certain areas within the field, you may also enroll in classes that teach video production and editing, digital media buying, finance MBA coursework and account management.

Career Opportunities in Internet Marketing

As an Internet marketing graduate with an advanced degree, you have many career options to choose from. For instance, many CEOs in the field of marketing began their careers in advertising or sales and worked their way up. You may also choose to start your own business as an Internet marketing consultant or you may want to use your skills to launch your own product online. Because your skills are applicable to every area of business, if you aspire to become a speaker or author on any subject, you will have the skills to market yourself as a product or service. You can also work in the technical end in Web maintenance, programming, software development or online customer service. If you are interested in working with numbers, Internet-savvy accounting and finance professionals are always needed to help analyze sales and profitability and make recommendations for maintaining a company’s health and growth. You could also go into product management and oversee every aspect of a specific product or service, from how it is marketed to how profitable it is. Because Internet marketing is still a relatively new field, you also have the opportunity to literally create your own job function if you have an idea you want to explore.

The Path to Internet Marketing

Because Internet marketing falls under the umbrella of business, the best path to becoming an Internet marketing professional is to get a business MBA and choose an Internet-marketing concentration. This way you will have the knowledge you need to understand how business works and the Internet marketing skills you need to make a valuable contribution in your career. You can take on-campus courses or study for your Internet marketing MBA online. When you graduate, you can look forward to an exciting career in an ever-evolving field. The Internet is here to say, which means as an Internet marketing professional, your job prospects look very bright indeed.

About the Author: Kelley Sinclair fell in love with Internet Marketing in college. Recently, she has returned to school to earn her advanced degree in Internet marketing. She plans to start a marketing consulting firm after graduation.


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  1. When I got my MBA a very long time ago, online MBA programs were just emerging. Now they are more established and fill a need for those who want their MBA, but work full time, are overseas, etc.

    • I’d love to go back and get my online MBA. I think I’d be really good at it, and I enjoy social media immensely.

  2. I find that internet marketing has changed so much in the past few years. It’s making it much harder to make money online, but if you continue to work towards it, I’m sure you’ll be able to get the money you deserve.

    • Daniel, I’ve actually started making money online without the MBA, and that’s always fun.

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