5 Focal Points of a Beautiful Bathroom

5 Focal Points of a Beautiful Bathroom

It’s not difficult to make your bathroom beautiful with these great tips.

The shower, the tub, the mirror, the sink and the toilet: In order to create a visually impressive bathroom, you need only focus on these five features.Nailing the primary focal points of your bathroom can turn a ho-hum design into a stunning room you’re happy to share with guests. If you’re building a new home or remodeling the bathroom, take the time to get these five parts right.

The Shower

If you’re serious about a visually stunning bathroom, look into freestanding showers. Designed in all shapes and sizes, a stand-alone shower can fit in the corner of the bathroom or along a wall. You have your choice of shower enclosure, too: completely enclosed glass doors, a standing glass wall with open sides or a simple shower door.

Your shower enclosure can be an obvious stand-alone in the middle of the bathroom wall, or it can sleekly fit into a cubby-like area along the wall. It can look minimalistic and elegant or have bright colors and a bold design.

The Tub

Many bathrooms feature a shower/tub combo. If you do opt to go with the combination unit, you’ll save space. If you have a small bathroom, you may not even have the room to do so, but a stand-alone shower unit with a glass panel will help create the illusion of extra space. You might want to go with the stand-alone shower and skip the tub if necessary.

If you have the space and budget to go with a separate tub, do so. A freestanding tub adds elegance to your bathroom. There are both classic footed designs that look old-fashioned and high-tech whirlpool models. Corner models make the most of space, and footed models create extra space around the tub, should you need to store cleaning supplies or towel baskets.

The Mirror

Almost every time someone steps into a bathroom, they’re going to look into the mirror. Get the mirror design right, and you set the tone of the whole bathroom. Obviously, the mirror glass itself isn’t going to be different from one design to the next. But the frame shape and décor, the size of the mirror and the functionality of the mirror are up to your design choices.

If stunning décor is your focus, opting for a mirror that hides a cabinet isn’t as important as making sure your mirror shape, size and design fit the bathroom’s ambiance. Round and oval mirrors with embellished edges are ideal for classically designed bathrooms. Meanwhile, square or rectangle shapes with minimal or bold color edging are great for modern décor. The bigger the mirror, the better, if your intention is to make it the bathroom’s primary focus. If you’d rather something like the shower be the main focus, dial back the size of the mirror.

The Sink

There are many sink design options. If you intend to create a beautiful bathroom, though, stay away from the built-in unit. If you do choose one though, go for a design that makes the sink resemble a bowl atop a shelf. You can also get these sinks in wall-hung models, which frees up space below the sink for storage.

Pedestal sinks are another choice for beautiful bathroom décor. They leave more of the area below the sink free for storage, but covering up the pedestal with items such as cleaning supplies may detract from the look of the sink.

The Toilet

You’d be surprised how many toilet design options you have. Wall-hung toilets are minimalistic but manage to stand out because they’re so different than what most homes have. Plus, they take up less space than the typical tank model. If you opt for a tank model, don’t think you have to stick with classic white. Toilets come in many colors, from black to green to yellow.

Creating a visually stunning bathroom begins with the aforementioned five focal points. Make these five design elements stand out, and the rest of your bathroom will follow.

About the Author: Anthony Schwartz is a contributing writer and frequent blogger on home design topics. He runs a remodeling and design consultation business.

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  1. We painted the bathroom a nice light green and bought some green shower curtains, rugs and stuff to go on the walls.

    • Mary, it sounds lovely and green is a color of tranquility and peacefulness–the perfect touch for the bathroom.

  2. Interesting tips. I never really thought about bathroom decor much, but these tips are helpful for creating a “wow” factor.

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