Super Simple $100 Shopilly Superbowl #Giveaway

Super Simple $100 Shopilly Superbowl Giveaway


Who do you think will win the Superbowl for 2013? Your answer could win you $100!

My pals from Shopilly are back with a super easy way to be entered to win $100 via a simple Rafflecopter giveaway. As a refresher on what Shopilly is, here’s a brief blurb (and you can read this post):

Shopilly helps you organize your shopping life into one simple, visual dashboard. It elegantly transforms email messages from brands into fun and useful tiles. The result is a clean visual inbox, where an image-based layout makes its easy to browse and find your offers, newsletters, and order updates.

Shopilly also gives you an ID to use as a dedicated shopping email address. You can even let Shopilly pull relevant emails from your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail accounts into your visual inbox. Then, you can have all of your shopping communications organized in one place, without the clutter in your personal email. Shopilly also automatically files your receipts.


Shopilly makes shopping a pleasure.

Shopilly provides personalized discovery of sales and offers for you to ”window shop” pulled from hundreds of cool brands — Anthropologie to Zulily – almost like a personalized mall of boutiques. Each brand has its own page where all its latest posts are displayed, so you can easily access them when you are ready to shop online or in store.

That’s Shopilly in a nutshell, and it is a totally awesome, convenient way to organize email clutter and find great deals. If you’re ready to enter the giveaway, please do so now! (This one is open worldwide!!) All steps must be completed or entrant will be disqualified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and happy winning! Winner will be announced on the Shopilly Facebook site, and NOT on the widget, so be on the lookout. They will also email you.

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Feature images courtesy of Shopilly. 

  • Kelly D

    I would buy spring clothes for my kids.

  • Amy Peschel

    Use it towards my son’s wedding gift.

  • Lagean (Gena)
  • runinboise

    i would probably use it for a nice valentines day dinner.

  • joanne gentry

    my husband and I could both use some new clothes.

  • Debbie Clauer

    I would treat my boyfriend to a dinner out & a movie.

  • debbie jackson

    new laptop debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  • Kelly R.

    Buy some preschool learning workbooks for my daughter and a movie for myself.

  • Lisa R

    Buy a keurig

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    I would use this towards a computer

  • Elle

    Clothes for three little ones starting school this year!

  • Angela Cash

    I would use the money to buy a wall mount for my TV.

  • Ashley Morrow

    buy my sister a birthday present.

  • Rusu Alexandru

    If i win i use money for my birthday party on 5 march! :)

  • Jessica Dunn

    I would put it towards things we need for the house.

  • Thomas Murphy

    I would buy a new coat with the money

  • Christy

    I’d buy groceries.

  • Melissa Hartley
  • Christie Kammerer

    make a feast for superbowl

  • Anne C

    I’m going to put it in a pot for a smartphone.

  • Jan Messali

    I’d use it for a great Valentine’s day dinner out.

  • Debby

    Use it to get our new cat spayed.

  • Leah CB

    I would use it to buy something for myself. I never get a chance to do that.

  • Missy Marie

    I would pay a bill.

  • John Hutchens

    buy a nice gift for my significant other

  • Lorena Keech

    Apply it to new furniture for our master bd

  • Susan Slacky Faatz

    I would add it to my new car fund

  • Betsy Barnes

    If I won, I would buy a new cell phone :)

  • deb p

    Need a new Comforter.

  • Sacha Schroeder

    I would take my family out for a fun day!

  • Thomas Murphy

    I would buy new boots

  • Trillina Palemi

    shopping :)

  • ken ohl

    buy some roses for my wife

  • Chris Noe

    Partial payment on a television.

    ezmerelda at mail dot com

  • Debra Guillen

    I will add it to my vacation fund

  • Courtnie

    I’d use it for groceries.

  • MaryR

    I’d use it to buy some fun things for my kids.

  • http://none Julie

    I would put it towards groceries

  • ROB

    Medications, vitamin supplements

  • Katherine Donovan

    new shoes!!

  • Suzanne K

    buy a tank of gas and go out for a nice dinner

  • Linda Lansford

    I will buy food

  • Lisa Brown

    I will pay some bills

  • danizilla

    I would put it towards bills.

  • Rich Hicks

    mightr use it to buy a gps for car

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  • mongupp

    Pay those pesky bills!

  • Tracy Awalt Juliano

    Use it towards home renovations.

  • Michelle Hudak

    Get my hair highlighted

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I’d pay some bills.

  • Jason England

    I’d pay bills

  • jose benavides

    i will buy my kids clothing

  • Jimmy

    I would buy groceries

  • Gricelda Castro

    Use it for birthday presents for my daughters birthday

  • kelly nicholson

    What will you do with the $100 if you win?

    put it on a horse at a 100-1

  • joni

    Buy groceries

  • Audrey

    I would pay some bills!


    Buy myself a winter jacket.

  • Raja Muhammad Tahir Qaiser

    I am in …

    Hope I will win Insha Allah

  • soha molina

    save it

  • Bicultural Mama

    I would buy something for my husband for Valentine’s Day!

  • Erin

    save it

  • RB

    I would use the money to buy a present for my nephew!

  • ne-knopka

    kids clothing and toys

  • Stephanie Larison

    I’d put it towards getting my family new shoes!

  • Monica

    buy some new clothes

  • steve weber

    use it towards bills.

  • Rajan

    Household items.

  • Bashir Ahmed

    If I win, I will pay my bills! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • jeri boss

    pay some bills

  • Daiva

    I would buy clothes for my kids.

  • Terri Herman

    I would use it toward birthday gifts,

  • Beth Gallinger

    I might buy some movies.

  • Chris

    I’d put this towards groceries

  • Robin Wilson

    I would buy something for my husband

  • Carole Ingram

    There’s many things that I might do such as buy groceries, clothes for our kids, dog food, etc. Thank you for the giveaway! Much appreciated.

  • Adrianne B

    A nice dinner out with my husband!

  • Sindy Borg

    I would use them towards buying a new car

  • Cassie Korando

    Not exciting at all, but I’d use it to pay bills. :)

  • sheila ressel


  • Margaret T McLaughlin

    I would use it to celebrate my anniversary

  • sandra

    buy groceries and such

  • Andi-Roo (@theworld4realz)

    My son needs a laptop for college, so I would use my winnings toward getting him one! :)

  • Susan Ladd

    I would use the $100 for birthday gifts for my grandson Zac. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win:) Thanks !!!!

  • MK

    I’ll take it to the casino.

  • Ana Lara

    I would get a professional cooking book that I need! :)

  • Chrystal D

    Get a new washer motor for my truck.

  • Stacy

    I would use it for my trip to Nebraska next month

  • kim burnett

    a nice valentines day dinner

  • Lauren

    Probably save it for future money needs; school, events I need gifts for, etc.

  • Janice

    I would use it towards bills.

  • Amy G

    I would buy something special for my sister!

  • Tisha Dawn Charles

    I would use it to put in on the farm me nad my husband have a 50 acre farm and we need it for corn seed

  • Susan Broughton

    Put it towards out monthly food budget,

  • Susan E.

    I’d put it toward an iPad mini.

  • Christine Waddell

    I would use it to redecorate my grandkids playroom.

  • Joyce Harrell

    I would put it in my granddaughters college account

  • Tammy Schweitz

    I use too get some clothes for myself been ages since I bought anything new for myself . An outfit so I can look great at a job interview right now much much too wear.

  • http://LikeABumpOnAlog Nicole Becker

    Buy some more Ravens shirts because they are gonna win the Superbowl!!

  • Danny Rubio
  • lauren knott

    Buy some food…and wine ;)

  • Leah S

    get some new work boots

  • mell

    I would use it toward a new laptop for my son.

  • Melissa T

    If I won, the money would go toward paying down some bills.

  • Sara Zielinski

    Give half of the money to my mom and keep the other half to buy stuff

  • Jennifer

    I would get my kids spring clothes!

  • Bidisha Banerjee
  • Tammy Dalley

    I would buy some books on amazon!

  • jessica edwards

    put on bills

  • Sharold Friedrich

    Help my daughter pay tution

  • Marlene V.

    Some new clothes

  • ToCo

    Take my daughters to dinner!

  • Royce Bell

    I will take my wife out to dinner

  • Wayne Dougherty

    My truck needs gas, and I’ll probably get a sandwich and some Copenhagen. That all comes to roughly $100.

  • latoya

    pay off some bills

  • Lisa Baker

    I would like to buy some clothes, but I will probably end up paying a bill.

  • casey everidge

    buy baby items!

  • Deb C

    I will buy a couple of birthday gifts.

  • Desmond

    New shoes

  • Terry

    A hundred bucks of happiness

  • Sara Zielinski

    Buy something for my mother

  • Kyl Neusch

    new clothes

  • Rachel


  • Jennifer R

    I would use it to buy my kids some clothing items for our upcoming vacation.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  • KIM H

    I will pay a bill

  • Helga

    I would buy feed for the chickens

  • Desiree Dunbar

    I’d use the money to get groceries for the family.



  • clynsg

    It would go into savings towards closing costs for a house.

  • Victoria C

    I would use the money to help pay towards bills

  • Eileen Burke

    I will definitely splurge on some chocolate!

  • Brittney House

    Pay my car note.

  • Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    I need a new back door
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  • Jill Myrick

    I would buy groceries with the money.


  • Jennifer

    I would use it to buy my daughter a birthday gift!

  • Kim Weisser

    I would head over to Joe’s Crab Shack in San Francisco for a great seafood lunch with my husband :)

  • kat

    save it to buy baby items later

  • Ed Nemmers

    Valentine’s Day gifts!

  • Lucy Schwartz

    I would use it for a Feb Birthday gift.

  • http://google Dana

    Buy Yummie appetizers

  • Jude Skocki Kelly

    If I don’t use it towards bills, I will use it for an upcoming trip to see my brother on his birthday

  • Tim Anderson

    get some maintenance done on my car

  • Heather Swarthout

    Save it.

  • Dottie Prater

    Spend it on my grandaughters! I have 2 now, and a third due any day now, so I would buy something for the three of them!

  • Dottie Prater

    Question?? Will these contest entries here on the rafflecopter be added into the one from their facebook page, or are these 2 separate giveaways?

    • Amberr Meadows

      Hi Dottie, one giveaway promoted here for Shopilly. The Rafflecopter will count, but you must complete their FB steps.

  • Carolyn Daley

    I would use the money to fix my car.

  • Micaela P

    Use it for Valentine’s Day!

  • Jill

    Use it to help buy a juicer

  • Ashley Morrissey

    I’d finally get my hair done after having my son nearly 5 months ago! Mama needs some pampering :)

  • Alison Wood

    I’d use it towards a Wii U.

  • sam southard


  • Daniel Scott

    I would buy something for my kids.

  • Angel

    I will be starting school on February 11th. i will use it for clothes.

  • Brenda Burgess

    I would go shopping

  • kathy pease

    id take the family out to dinner

  • s riches

    I would sheets and pillowcases.

  • Lisa Garner

    I would use the $100 towards both my daughter’s birthdays this month!

  • mary gardner

    i would buy spring shoes for my kids

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  • Susan Smith

    I’d use the money to buy clothes

  • Thomas Bellamy

    To buy prizes for our annual family Easter Egg Hunt.

  • Melissa H.

    I would take my son to chuck e. cheese for his birthday!!!

  • Denise Donaldson

    pay my phone bill

  • Mike

    Straight cash Homie!

  • Lori C.

    groceries and books

  • Mya Murphy

    pay rent.

  • Bashir Ahmed

    I’d love to win. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Kari Flores

    It will go towards paint and towels, I am redecorating the kids bathroom.

  • Geoff K

    I’d pick up a new wireless printer with the $100. Thanks!

  • amy deeter

    put it toward are family trip to daytona beach

  • Gianna

    New dresses.

  • Kristina

    Have a date night with my husband. :)

  • vena

    Having baby in March, so definitely buy baby related items!

  • crystal allen

    i would use it to shop the clearance racks with! thanks

  • gina

    Either new shoes or towards a new laptop.

  • Judy Hunting

    I would buy my husband a new Green Bay Packers jersey for valentine’s, as the one he has the player retired yesterday

  • Joshua Johnson

    I would use the $100 to give my fiancee the valentines of her dreams. A nice meal out, roses, chocolate covered strawberries. She would love it!

  • Annemarie Z.

    I would get new jeans!

  • lisa lo

    Pay back a loan.

  • Heather S.

    I would buy kids’ clothing.

  • Mike

    Take my family to dinner

  • Charlene Shaver

    I’d buy a new pair of walking shoes :)

  • AEKZ2

    I’d buy new shoes for my family

  • Terri Hodgen

    Getting out of debt! Every little bit helps!!!

  • Kelly Britton

    I would buy my son something nice for his birthday on the 16th. He took me in after my husband passed unexpectedly in ’10, would be nice to show him how much I appreciate him and be able to celebrate his birthday. Would definitely buy the stuff to make him a big cake!

  • Vikki Billings

    I will use it to buy some diabetic supplies for my fiance

  • dinil

    buy a android mobile

  • Terry Cross

    Use it towards bills

  • Sand

    I would buy the xbox zumba games

  • Kristin

    Probably buy groceries!

  • Michelle Tucker

    Buy groceries. I know, boring, but it’s what we really need.

  • Candace

    We are redoing our living room so probably something for that :)

  • Tim Moss

    I’d like to use it towards a laptop.

  • Breanne

    I’d buy my sister clothes

  • julie hawkins

    I’d buy toys for my kids

  • Buddy Garrett

    I would take my family out to dinner.

  • Sarah L

    Thanks for the contest.

  • thischickwins

    i’d pay bills

  • Heather

    Groceries =) Thanks!

  • Amberr Meadows

    Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway. I hope one of you were the lucky winners, because it seems like there are a lot of bills and life changing events going on out there. If you won, respond and let me know so I can congratulate you! Hugs to all! ;-)