Are LED Downlights Really the Way to Go?

LED downlights can really add beauty and style to your home decor.

Downlights have been around for what seems like an eternity and can be used either in the home or a commercial setting. You only have to go into virtually any bar or club to see the prolific use of them. They come in many shapes and guises, and they can literally mean any light fitting that directs its light source in a downward motion.

Traditionally they’re associated with circular halogen fittings that are recessed into walls and ceilings. However, one of the main problems with these types of lights is that they simply don’t meet the efficiency and energy requirements of the 21st century. They’re often unreliable and very expensive to replace. This is where LED downlights come in.

Low Energy Consumption

One of the big differences about LED lighting over almost any other form is they have a low energy consumption rate, not to mention a huge life span (somewhere in the region of 30,000 – 50,000 hours). This makes them the ideal alternative to standard halogen bulbs. Also as LED downlights have developed, they’ve come to emulate the shape and size of standard bulbs making them just as discreet and indeed fashionable as other forms of bulb.

Perfect Combination of Style and Functionality

LED downlights also come in a wide variety of styles to match any home. They offer a modern and contemporary feel that other styles of lighting simply don’t bring. Recessed downlights are a great choice for those looking to complement their design. Whether this is a sleek and stylish living room or a stunning entrance hall or stairway, they offer the perfect combination of function and style. All of this can be achieved whilst saving on electricity.

Many Uses

LED downlights can also be utilized in a number of ways. For example, try using directional LED downlights such as wall-wash or gimbal fittings to highlight prominent features in a room. This includes pictures, ornaments, and fireplaces. Aesthetically speaking, doing this will make the space seem larger by creating the illusion of pushing out the walls.

Task lighting is something else that LED downlights are excellent for. If you have a home-office or work from home, then try positioning them over desks. Alternatively LED downlights works well over a kitchen worktop or stove area and are particularly suited to the underside of kitchen cabinets. They’re also great for reading by. Visit Downlights  for the full range.

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