Three Great Design Ideas for your Bedroom in 2013

Three Great Design Ideas for your Bedroom in 2013

French style furniture is a beautiful addition to bedroom decor.

Bored with your bedroom? If you want to revamp your bedroom in 2013, here are three unique design ideas to help you create your dream bedroom quickly. The first step to a complete bedroom makeover is to decide on a suitable theme.

Do you want a contemporary bedroom with on trend colors and innovative storage solutions? Or perhaps you want a chic bedroom with ornate furniture and pastel shades? If so, here are a few ideas  to inspire.

Contemporary Bedroom Designs

If you want to update your existing decor, choosing the right colour scheme is the key. Contemporary bedrooms boast chic shades including white, cream and ivory. This creates a clean, fresh feel about the room and instantly updates your decor from dated to modern. This will also make your room look bigger and will automatically make it look lighter. Once you have mastered the colour theme, it is time to consider furniture. Wood, glass and white furniture are all great ways to update your bedroom and keep to the contemporary theme. A modern bedroom is minimalist and with a few clever storage solutions you will be able to keep your room clutter free.

Classic Bedroom Design

If you want to add a bit of old school charm to your home, go for a classic design. A traditional bedroom design gives you more freedom when it comes to a colour theme allowing you to choose colours such as green, pink, blue, red or even gold. Heavy, luxurious curtains and a four poster bed can create a traditional image as well as patterned carpets and antique furniture. Floral bedding and bath towels are a nice touch and velvet bed throws can help you add the finishing touches to your makeover.

Country Bedroom Design

Shabby chic is still a popular choice for many homeowners and you don’t have to live in a rustic setting to try this out. Cream, white and grey shades can help you to create an elegant bedroom while French style furniture can also make the look more authentic. Melody Maison  supplies french beds at superb prices and also stock a gorgeous range of chic furniture to help you create the bedroom of your dreams. An elegant full length mirror, an intricate headboard design and a stunning dressing table will help you to create a country style bedroom that is bound to impress.

These three bedroom design ideas can help you to update your home and add sophisticated beauty at a reasonable cost.

Informational post brought to you by Melody Maison, based in the UK

What about you? What is your favorite bedroom design? Share your opinions in the comments! 

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  1. I think I tend to be more in the contemporary or classic design area in terms of my preference.

    • I’m more of a classic, cozy type, but I like some contemporary. Thanks for the comment, Maria!

  2. To complete your bedroom you should always accompany your bed with bedside tables. They are a useful feature, not only for storing possessions in, but for holding lamps or photos of loved ones. –

  3. The dressing table for the bedroom with 3 mirror?

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