Three Home Design Trends to Add Value to your Home

Three Home Design Trends to Add Value to your Home

A contemporary bathroom can add appeal to future prospects.

There are several factors to consider that affect property value, but aesthetic appeal does play a role in selling your home in the future. Even if it is not your goal to sell, it’s always nice to update your home and freshen it up a bit for your own pleasure.

If you are contemplating a little home improvement, here are three home design trends to add value to your home.

Utilize Empty Space

If you have an unused room like a loft, a basement or a box room, this is the perfect opportunity to add value to your home, while making it more attractive to both yourself and potential buyers. If you have always wanted a games room, an office, a gym or another bedroom, you can turn your unused room into a multipurpose space of your choice.

For example if you have a spare room that only gets used once a year, use this space to your own advantage and create a functional space that fits your lifestyle. Utilizing your loft space and turning it in to something original like a spa-style bathroom or a boutique-style master bedroom will give your home the wow factor If you already have the space for such home design, all you need to do is invest in high quality bedroom furniture sets, office furniture. or gym equipment.

Contemporary Kitchen

If your kitchen is outdated, it will not appeal to many buyers. Property buyers are attracted to home design which requires little work, and an old fashioned kitchen is unable to compete with other homes boasting modern kitchens with the latest gadgets. Innovative storage solutions are a big home design trend this season, and the correct storage allows for a clutter-free, functional, and fashionable kitche. The latest kitchens are designed to make life easier and having all of the moderate conveniences will make your kitchen more desirable.

Beautiful Bathrooms

You can increase the value of your property simply by adding a new bathroom. Renovating your existing bathroom will make your home more desirable to others and by incorporating some contemporary home design features, you can create a beautiful bathroom guaranteed to impress. The top bathroom trends this season include luxurious extras like under-floor heating, monsoon showers, modular angles, and home makeover pale shades.

If you are looking for inspiration for your home design, you can find fantastic ideas online. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration when it comes to home decor trends, and you can re-pin your favourite images onto personal boards to keep track of your ideas.

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How about you? What home design trends do you think increase property value? Tell me in the comments! 

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  1. Oh, I soooooo want to revamp our bathrooms. They still have the yucky 1970’s countertops that are white veined with goldfish marbling. Ugh.

    Now I have a new argument for my hubby! It adds value!!

    • Erin, if you decide to upgrade, send me pics! Hope this helps the hubby argument. May the best (wo)man win!

  2. These are great suggestions for ways to add value – we’re always looking to do that for our home!

    • Maria, I want to, but I confess I still haven’t even gotten pictures up yet. So damn busy all the time!

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