The iRewardChart App Amazes Parents and Kids

The iRewardChart App Amazes Parents and Kids


The irewardchart logo is bright and friendly.

It’s no surprise why the iRewardChart app won Best Parenting app of 2010 and 2011 and has been featured on NBC, CNN Money, Blogher, TechCrunch and other heavy hitters in the media industry. I discovered this beautiful little app via my pal, Carolyn, over at The Wonder of Tech and immediately downloaded the light version. Shortly thereafter, I was approached by the creators of the iRewardChart app and asked if I’d like to try the full version of the app and review it here on Like a Bump on a Blog.

I jumped at the opportunity, because I already knew the potential in the iRewardChart app, and it seemed like an easy way to get my daughter to shape up on a few rough areas through positive reinforcement and rewards for good behavior. Not bribery, mind you, but receiving real incentive for doing things properly.

The iRewardChart app is available for Android, iPhone, ipad, and other smartphones, so I chose the iPad version (used more frequently, and I’d be more likely to keep up with the program).


The iRewardchart app is fun, functional, and user-friendly.

The premise of the iRewardChart app is to customize the chart for your child and set behavior goals to be rewarded with stars. In my case, Ivy (my kiddo) is a good girl, but she had a couple of things needing some improvement. She’s very bright and was rushing to get through her more boring school work. She also had a case of selective hearing, and it was driving me a little batty. My customized goals set for her look like this:

  • Listen to mom and dad
  • Read a Book
  • Do Homework
  • Do best work at school

I told Ivy about the iReward Chart app and how it would be implemented the following day and then created the following weekly rewards she could receive by earning enough stars during the week. With younger children, shorter goals appear to be more easily attainable, hence the weekly schedule and not something more long-term.

These are the rewards and point values I set for her on the iRewardChart app:

  • Ice cream at school Friday-10 stars
  • Small purchase of goodies at the school store-12 stars
  • Mighty Kid’s meal-15 stars
  • 2 hours of video/computer play during the school week-20 stars
  • Go to the movie theater-25 stars

From day one using the iRewardChart app. Ivy responded favorably and started accruing stars. Her school work changed from satisfactory to excellent, I haven’t had to tell her the same thing repeatedly, she likes to read extra books to boost her stars and to achieve her rewards, and I don’t even have to ask her to do homework. She does it on her own! WOW!

Did I mention these quick changes have taken place in a span of only two weeks? Within the last two weeks, Ivy has earned two movie theater visits (one pending), two Mighty Kid meals, four hours of school week video and computer games, two Fridays of yummy ice cream, and two trinkets at the school store.  Because she feels like she’s working towards something tangible and not overly difficult to attain, she works harder and happier. I’m super proud of her and delighted with the iRewardChart app.

The iRewardChart app is extremely easy to use and fun for me and my daughter. It tickles me to see her working so hard to earn rewards, and I’m not flustered and unwittingly resorting to negative reinforcement to correct her issues. The iRewardChart truly proves the value of positive reinforcement, and I will continue using the system. As Ivy grows older the goals will change and the potential rewards will differ, but I still think it will work. Time is the teller, however, but I’ll update over time.

Parents, if you have children with  behavior “kinks”, you MUST get the amazing iRewardChart app for your smartphone or tablet. You’ll thank me later when you see the benefits.

Have you heard of the iRewardChart app before? If so, tell me in the comments, and if not, tell me if you think it might work for your kids (or not). 

Please share this post with other parents who might benefit from using the iRewardChart app. Thank you!

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Feature image courtesy of the iRewardchart app creators. 


  1. Sounds like a WINNER for my 10 yr old with similar issues of good brain, but not careful with work! THANKS for the recommend!

    • Kim, they have a light version you can try out first, but third week in, and it’s still going great!

  2. Hi Amberr, You’re right, iRewardChart is an amazing app. The difference it can make with families is truly incredible. Children suddenly want to help, how cool is that? They also learn the importance of working to earn things that are important to them.

    Parents benefit too by not having to nag and scold their kids to encourage cooperation. Family dynamics can change dynamically all for the cost of a single app.

    I like your examples, Amber. You have targeted Ivy’s needs and rewards. These are best revisited regularly to keep kids motivated.

    Thanks for the shoutout. I’m so glad that this app was very helpful to you and your family, Amberr!

    • Thank you so much, Carolyn. I tried very hard to identify Ivy’s problem areas, and the changes have been beautiful. The shoutout is a pleasure, because I wouldn’t have known the app existed were it not you for you. Bless you for that!

  3. Excellent review of an app with a lot of valuable insight and information for people thinking about using it. My issue is with the app itself though. I’ve been using the same system for potty training and learning good cleaning up after ourselves habits with my 3 year old. Except that I didn’t need a smart phone or tablet to do it. I just needed a piece of paper, a ruler, pen, and stickers. All of which were already around the house so it cost nothing. Nor does it have ads encouraging me to buy the full version or other products from the manufacturers.

    Child achieves the goal, she gets to put a sticker on the chart. X amount of stickers, she gets that reward.

    I suppose for an older child who’s more into technology, an app would seem cooler/more enticing. But for the young ones, I think the pen and paper approach is just as good and far less risky for your expensive electronics as they try to do things themselves.

    • Anthony, I agree with the more tangible “round the house” products for children in preschool and below, because they aren’t too interested in technology, but they love helping stick their stickers on the charts. That is also a great way to go for positive reinforcement. Ivy loves technology, and she takes great pleasure in hearing that little “ding” when the star is checked. I’d say it is a fantastic app for ages 5+, and iRewardChart also has a light version (free) if you ever want to check it out. Best of luck with the potty training adventure. It can be frustrating sometimes, but it will happen! 😉

  4. Amberr, this has been one of the best reviews of the app by a blogger. Thank you so much. So glad that it helped you. (and a big thanks to Carolyn for the introduction).

    • iRewardChart, it has been a pleasure, and I stand behind your app 100%. Thanks for introducing a new technological method to make positive reinforcement easy and fun! I also appreciate the great compliment!

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