Review of the 2013 Kia Soul: I Have a Car Crush, but Don’t Tell Honda

That’s right, I got to drive this bad boy for a entire gleeful week!

Before I even begin my review of the awesome 2013 Kia Soul, I have a deep, dark confession to make: I have always, always, always been a die-hard Honda fan and haven’t driven or owned ANY other type of car since 2002.¬†I love Hondas for their reliability, comfort, fantastic mileage, and the security I feel when I’m behind the wheel of everything from a Civic to a CRV. However, my feelings have changed somewhat, and I’m torn between two auto loves.

Recently I had the opportunity to experience the sheer magical joy of driving the brand new 2013 Kia Soul for an entire week, and from day one I felt the zing only other car lovers can understand. Most of the photos featured here are of the red 2013 Kia Soul with cloth, checked seats, but I was actually sporting the fabulous, fully loaded green “Alien” Kia with black leather seats and tons of fabulous features. I am totally smitten with this car and wondering how I might be able to afford one of these little sweeties in the very near future. If I can’t, I fear I might go into withdrawals or something akin to heartbreak. I’ll get over it, of course, but it will probably require massive quantities of chocolate and ice cream.

Anyway, enough of the 2013 Kia Soul gooey lovefest–time to get down to the nitty gritty details of the pros and cons. I assure you, the pros are many, and the cons are scarce.


  • EXCELLENT gas mileage
  • Satellite Radio with all of my favorite stations
  • Easy syncing of Blue Tooth technology with my iPhone
  • Massive trunk space and glorious dashboard set-up
  • Speaker rims change colors and add a happy mood to the drive
  • Handles extremely well, and rather than simply coasting on a cloud, you can really feel the road.
  • Handles well regardless of weather conditions. I drove in nasty thunderstorms and sunny days, and all was well.
  • Excellent stereo system
  • Rearview cameras to ensure safe reversing (I suck at backing out, so this was a huge bonus)
  • Fantastic interior
  • GPS is amazingly accurate
  • Seat Warmers (this time of year they were amazing)
  • Easily able to see around blind spots
  • Acceleration and shifting sleek and smooth
  • Manual shift responded quickly without jumping or jerking
  • Keyless entry and keyless starter was super convenient
  • Easy entry and exit with no struggling (even with “healthier” passengers)
  • Roomy glove compartment large enough to fit a medium size dog (no lie)
  • 10 year warranty extremely attractive


  • Instrument cluster was a bit too cluttered
  • Satellite radio and GPS controls could have been better organized. Had to park a few times and figure it out.
  • Temperature controls could have been a little more organized
  • Mismatched head and running lights. Not a big deal, because I wasn’t driving for the lights feature.
  • USB connectivity not compatible with factory iPhone cable. Required to buy special Kia USB cable. They should change that.
  • I don’t own a 2013 Kia Soul, and nobody will buy me one ūüôĀ

All in all, I had a blast driving the 2013 Kia Soul, and if I had the cash, I’d buy one right now. Seriously. I’m sorry Honda, but I’d cheat on you in a second. You’ll always hold a special place in my heart, though, I swear. Hope you believe me…

If you haven’t test driven a 2013 Kia Soul, I highly recommend doing so. You might be sold on the car, and come over to the dark side with me. Muahahahaha!

Seriously, though, here’s a way to check out further details:

Later this week, I’ll be testing out a Kia Rio SX, so stay tuned for feedback!

Enjoy this small gallery of the 2013 Kia Soul and see why I easily fell for the car. Just don’t tell Honda, please. Let’s keep it between us.

Have you driven or do you own a 2013 Kia soul or other model? What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments!

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Feature image courtesy of Kia Media. 

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