Begin to Celebrate Spring Color!

Even with winter still holding tight, start celebrating spring with color!

Spring is approaching and this means our wardrobe is changing. As we find ourselves in the midst of two seasons it is often difficult to overcome the dullness of winter when all we want is to embrace sunnier and warmer weather. The best way to rid ourselves of gray and foggy days is by adding a splash of spring color each day. A bright color instantly brightens our day and helps us feel good.

A new spring color is trending each year and this year it is emerald green. Sometimes it is not possible to improve or update our wardrobe on a regular basis, so incorporating “old” seasons’ items for a new season is not a bad thing. It is exciting to go through our closet and find clothes we wore a season ago. This gives us a chance to wear something we love, even if it does not fit the current color theme. If budget is an issue but you still want to achieve one great outfit combination boasting spring color or find a emerald scarf, why not try these promotional codes here at Sidepon.

Add bright colors to your outfit – A colorful scarf or a pair of bright pink socks are easy ways to add a little spring color to your wardrobe whether at home or for when you venture outside. A pair of green pants works too, and can be easily combined with a black cardigan or gray top.

Mani/Pedi time – Again, a new, bright and fun nail polish color may just do the trick and make any dull winter day instantly sunnier. Also, it is good to treat your skin and nails during winter so they are ready for a new season.

Listen to Music -Rhythm and lyrics can change and stimulate moods. Why not update your playlist and go for a walk while listening to your new favorite songs?

Eat colorful fruit – Raspberries, tangerines, mangoes, apples or tomatoes are not only full of vitamins, but they also work great as mood enhancers. You not only eat healthy, you live healthy and happy as well. Colorful fruit is powerful and not to mention delicious and healthy. It will also help you really embrace spring color in a healthful way.

Buy Flowers – A wonderful bouquet of yellow tulips, for example, immediately changes your mood and can add freshness and spring color to your home as well. Why not find the nearest florist on your way back home or buy some longer lasting silk flowers?

Whatever you do, make sure you welcome spring color and shake off the winter blues. It is time to add some color, and it is also time to embrace the warmer and sunnier moments in your life, regardless of the season.

About the author: Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger at her blog Ocean Dreams. She loves spending being creative and always tries to spread a cheerful vibe wherever she goes.

How about you? Are you ready to shake off the winter blahs and welcome some spring color into your life? Tell me in the comments! (I am a huge fan of emerald green to match my eyes, so this is a welcome trend for the upcoming season ;-)).

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