Experience Living History at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Visit Colonial Williamsburg to experience 19th century Virginia.

When you step into Colonial Williamsburg, you will feel like you have walked through a time portal and have been transported into the time of the American Revolutionary War. Every detail of this community is designed to recreate the atmosphere of the 18th century. This way, you can learn about the past by experiencing it firsthand.

Colonial Williamsburg is what is known as a living history museum, meaning that the historical area is filled with actors in period costume who are portraying what life was like then. The interpreters at Colonial Williamsburg act as if they are living during a different time, performing the typical tasks and actions with the appropriate tools and equipment.

This is a great place for children as well as adults to learn about the past in a fun and memorable way as well as to get a glimpse of what life was like for 18th century Virginians.

When visiting Colonial Williamsburg, many visitors stay in the town of Chester. It is located a very short drive away and offers affordable accommodation.

Visiting Colonial Williamsburg

You are welcome to take a stroll in the Williamsburg district free of charge at any point, enjoying the beautiful exterior of the buildings. If you would like to enter some of the historic buildings and see the demonstrations of handicrafts and art, you will need to pay admission. Colonial Williamsburg is open 365 days a year. There are always demonstrations, performances and even historical reenactments going on.

You can park your car at the Visitor Center and take the short walk across a pedestrian bridge to Colonial Williamsburg. As you walk across the “Footbridge to the Past,” read the plaques that will describe to you the historical context of this living museum. If you want to join in the historical fun, you can rent period costumes as well. A great way to get into the mood is to take a wagon or carriage ride. Book in advance as these are very popular.

When you arrive, pick up a free copy of the weekly program guide called “Colonial Williamsburg This Week.” It will let you know what demonstrations are being held and which buildings are open during your visit. It also contains a map and other helpful information.

Keep in mind that some of the buildings within Colonial Williamsburg are privately occupied. It is only the buildings that have flags in front of their doors that are open to the public. Don’t just open doors and wander into private homes!

Stick around for the evening and you will be able to watch a play, dance, concert or a historical reenactment as these performances are held nearly every day. In the old-fashioned taverns, you can enjoy a meal complete with musicians and recipes from the 18th century.

A visit to Colonial Williamsburg is a great way to step into the past and gain an understanding of life in 18th century Virginia.

About the Author: Laura Wilson is a freelance writer and history buff who recently took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg with her family. She stayed at the nearby Quality Inn Hotel in Chester, Virginia.

Have you ever been to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, or is it a place on your list? Share with me in the comments!

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