Paparazzi Jewelry Review and Business Opportunity

Paparazzi Jewelry Review and Business Opportunity


Paparazzi jewelry and accessories are inexpensive and fun.

A couple months ago, I generously received $25.00 worth of Paparazzi Jewelry to review from the lovely Amanda Vanek. I wanted to take photos of the cool little accessories I received, but my camera is on the blink, so I’ll simply have to list the items and show a few photos of the accessories you can buy for only $5.00 per item.

  • Adorable headband with a purple flower perfect for my six-year-old
  • Nice lime green and silver bracelet with small silver charms
  • A lovely earth-toned necklace with heart and flower charms with matching earrings (I’m not sharing this set)
  • Flashy amethyst color and silver necklace with matching earrings
  • Turqoise flower ring suitable for even the pudgiest of fingers

I loved the Paparazzi jewelry I received, and I assure you, none of these items look like cheap, $5.00 trinkets. Another important aspect to consider about Paparazzi Jewelry is the ability for work-at-home moms, dads, and anyone else who might be interested in generating a little side income by selling Paparazzi jewelry. I’m actually considering the business side of it for myself if I can fit it into everything else I’m juggling.


Paparazzi jewelry dresses up even the most casual outfits.

As a testimony to some of the money-making potential, here is a brief testimony from Amanda Vanek about her Paparazzi experience. Granted, I’m not sure this is typical of most people selling Paparazzi Jewelry, but her story is certainly inspiring:

“I recently became a WAHM after my husband was assigned to a new station. Having quit my career, I didn’t want to start up working again 70+ hours a week and be away from my 4 & 5 year old daughters. Since my husband works a lot, we thought it would be best for me to stay home. At first I had no intentions to work from home, but I received a text leading to a phone call about two months ago. My mom and sister both attended an open house party for Paparazzi Jewelry. They thought it would be right up my alley for something to do for work. 

Since then, I have signed up and am consistently bringing in about $1000.00 a month. The jewelry is amazing. Plus the best part, everything is only $5.00!! Can you believe it? Now you must be thinking it is tacky or cheap. Trust me when I say, it’s far from either. The best part, there is even a kids line for mommy and me dates! All of the kids items are only $2.00! Yep, that it!! Now Paparazzi Jewelry is only two years old,  so now is the time to get in on it! The Profit margin is 45% on all sales and up to 10% commission on your downline.

For more information, check out Amanda’s blog at Paparrazi Jewelry–Five Dollar Jewelry for You.


Paparazzi jewelry is some of the best $5.00 jewelry I’ve ever seen.

What are your thoughts on Paparrazi Jewelry in regards to quality, and what do you think about the business side of it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Please share this post with others who might be interesting in owning cute Paparrazi Jewelry at $5.00 a piece or interested in making money at home. Thank you!

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Feature images courtesy of Paparrazi Jewelry. 


  1. I’d keep them for me and I’m interested in the goodies

  2. Pretty stuff.I would gift to my sister.Can’t take on a second job at the moment:)

  3. I would keep them for me and I would possibly be interested in the business side of it but I am also interested in the goodies. I am not going to lie. Thanks.

  4. probably 50/50- keep a couple, give rest away to my readers or family, no time for 2nd job at moment, but it is interesting

  5. I would keep one and gift the others. i don’t have time for a second job right now.

  6. I would keep some, gift some :)
    Just like the goodies–no business venture..thank you!

  7. I would keep and/or share with my 15 year old daughter. I am not currently interested in their business opportunity.

  8. I would share the wealth, like the Goodies!!

  9. I need new jewelry so I would keep all of it unless I knew one of the pieces complimented one of my friends better.
    The business aspect does not appeal to me as I already have a business but I like that their jewelry is only $5 a piece

  10. i might keep some and share some.they have some really great stuff! can’t do a third job at the moment,but i am making note of it to think more on in the future!

  11. I’ll be honest. I would keep them for myself and I am not interested in another business opp at this time.

  12. I would share my goodies. I’m not in the market for a business opportunity at this time. IF I was this would be it!

  13. I would probably keep the jewelry. I’m not interested in a business opportunity, just the cute goodies.

  14. I would keep some for myself, but also share! I *love* jewelry, so when I sold Avon, I mostly bought that since it was inexpensive! I would consider adding this business at some point, especially since the product is so affordable! ;-)

    Lori at
    Save on energy – no contracts or fees!

  15. would use for me and am not interested in a business, thanks.

  16. I love jewelry so I would keep the goodies for myself. While I think the business aspect is a great opportunity for some, I am more interested in the goodies than selling them.

  17. Yes, it does appeal to me & I will keep it !

  18. I would like to keep it – very pretty things.

  19. I would probably keep it for myself. Maybe give some away. I’m not interested in the business opportunity.

  20. I would keep them, and no, not interested in the business aspect.

  21. I will be keeping it. Just the goodies, I couldn’t sell a space heater to a eskimo with frostbite.

  22. Used to sell handcrafted jewelry back in the 80’s. It was good back then. Times change (for me) so I dont do it anymore.
    I’d keep the goods for myself.

  23. I’d keep them for me

  24. I like to keep it

  25. would love to win

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