4 Sanity Saving Tips for Personal Bloggers

4 Sanity Saving Tips for Personal Bloggers


Personal bloggers often get into this rut, but there are solutions to getting your life back.

If you don’t have a small business associated with your blog, you’re classified in the realm of personal bloggers, and this post is directed at you. I’ll be using myself as an example throughout this post, but I am sure many of you can identify with similar issues that might be driving you crazy. In order to bring the joy back to my blogging and “real” offline life, I’ve had to make some recent changes, and if you’re on the same hamster wheel, hopefully this post will help you.

Here are 4 important sanity saving tips for personal bloggers:

Don’t lose sight of why you started blogging

Most personal bloggers begin blogging because they have something to share and need an outlet. It isn’t about statistics or monetizing, but for the sheer joy of venting, ranting, and sharing information with other bloggers. Never lose sight of why you began blogging, because it will suck the joy out of the experience and may even make you give up (which would be an awful waste of a loud and proud voice in the blogosphere). I’ve removed infolinks (took 8 months to make 50 bucks and was a blog eyesore) and all advertising excepting Google Adsense (this will probably be axed next).

Stop obsessing over statistics

I’m guilty of this until very recently. I had stat counters galore, constantly checked Google analytics, checked Alexa ranking every day, and kept an eagle eye on my Google PageRank. If you’re a small business blogger or own an online business, it’s important to follow stats, but personal bloggers aren’t under the same pressure to perform.

There are great perks for high performing personal blogs, but you can  obtain the same perks by being active on social media. After realizing I spent more time checking stats than being creative and enjoying my life, I decided to take drastic measures. I removed every stat counter from my website (also improved my site speed), removed the Alexa badge from my sidebar, and I am forcing myself to look at stats only once a month (no easy feat for your average stataholic). If you’re not comfortable with giving up stts, it’s okay, but eventually you’ll see how easy it is for personal bloggers to get stuck on the numbers and lose interest when the the numbers don’t go up when and how you think they should.

Blog when it’s feasible, and not because you’re worried about driving more traffic to your blog

Until last week, I blogged seven days a week unless I had a reprieve of a great guest to fill in the spot. My obsession was to drive traffic, make my mostly useless ads more profitable, and have advertisers take notice of me. Not only did I neglect housework, and  precious time with my family and friends, I also stopped taking proper “me time”.

I became quickly frustrated trying to find the work/personal/blogging balance. I’ve decided to cut back my blogging to Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays unless I am truly inspired on another day or the week, because I’ve been ruining my own joy worrying too much about pounding out posts every day and causing myself undue stress.

Blog because you love it and for your readers without another agenda

Personal bloggers want their words to be read, and I am no exception. I want people to read my work, and I started forgetting I was blogging for an audience and not just for myself or extra pennies on the side. Since I’ve removed most ads, I am back to what is most important–delivering worthwhile information to people who are searching for answers delivered with heavy humor and light sarcasm.

In reality, I’m a writer first and a blogger second, but this might not be the case with many personal bloggers. I encourage you to relish real life and continue finding joy in your personal blog by letting these tips be your guide. If you can juggle life and blog 7 days a week go right ahead, but if you can’t, nobody’s sending the Blog Mafia out to break your knees. Take a deep breath and blog on for the sheer joy of expressing yourself. That’s my plan.

My plan is also to do the things I’ve been missing out on. I have more time for cuddles, taking shots with my new amazing camera, writing my book, and taking better care of myself. Guess what? Life is even sweeter, and my blog traffic is still just fine. Yours will be, too.

I do want recognition on my blog, but when you get to the nitty gritty truth, does it matter I was a great blogger in my life? Would I want this to be the single accomplishment  carved on my tombstone? Not really.

Do you think most personal bloggers have trouble finding balance between consistent blogging and savoring real life moments? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

Please share this post with other personal bloggers who might be on the verge of losing their sanity. Thank you!

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  1. I could not have read this at a better time! I have been stressed to the max over all the things mentioned above, and it definitely gets in the way of quality time with my family and actually enjoying the time that I do spend writing. I have wanted to give up so many times (and it’s only been a year!) because I don’t feel like I am accomplishing what I set my mind on doing in the beginning, which was to reach a large number of women affected by mental illness and create regular content that would be helpful and encouraging to them. In a nutshell, I need to chill out! I may not be doing a terrific job with the blog thing now, and I may never, but it’s more important to have fun with it and focus on smaller, more manageable tasks. Thanks so much for this article!

    • Thank you Amberr for writing this. I thought it was very helpful and can use the TIPS.

  2. Hello, how are you? I can not stress how much I needed to hear this today. I was so frustrated when my husband got up this morning that it caused quite a fight between my husband and I. Which means it is time to step back and rethink things. I enjoyed your blog and the article and will be sending my readers over to check it out.

  3. I have moments when I go through this. Sometimes I blog because I love it, other times I blog because “I should.” If anything, this has just convinced me to cut back on something… but I’m not sure what. Either way, I need to spend more time with my family and less time with my laptop!

  4. Thanks for this post. I recently started a new blog and I’m totally obsessed with analytics and I don’t even have any ads. People aren’t commenting on my blog much yet, so I’m relying on the analytics to prove that people are reading and coming back. Anyone else have this issue? FYI, my blog is extremely personal and perhaps that’s why people feel weird interacting?

  5. Great post
    I struggle with many of these points at time. Part of the struggle for me is do I want to become a “commercial” blogger… until I can say YES loud and clear I’ll remain a personal blogger

  6. Thank you Amberr for this post. I needed to read it. The constant production of blog posts can be a bit much. Giving myself permission to blog when I want to is huge for me!

  7. This is a great post. I tried the adsense ads on my blog for a while and didn’t make even one solid penny from it and I thought the ads just looked bad, so off they went.

    I pre-write a lot of my blog posts, leaving room during the month to add a post with something I want if the need arises. I usually am writing posts in the middle of the night when hubby is alseep and I have some time to myself.

    I think it’s great that bloggers take time for themselves and if they can’t write a blog post everyday..who said it had to be everyday, right?

    Great post.

  8. I can totally relate, I’ve gotten into the rut of feeling like I have to blog consistently or else my #s will go down, and end up neglecting personal things that need to be done. Thanks for the reminder to remember why we got into blogging in the first place (and it wasn’t for stats!).

  9. This was such a timely post for me to read. I own several blogs. I have one for my personal blog which I started to keep up with events in my family’s lives and to be honest, things started getting escalating in my family’s life that I could no longer write about it. I hate it that I couldn’t cause I wanted to look back later. I still think about going back to update it and may sometime.

    I have one for my Quilting Life, since I love to piece quilts and attempt to quilt them, and I had a good start posting some finished quilts, but then 2 years ago, pottery came along and I started to focus on that, so out the door my blogging on my Qult Blog went.

    And the one for Pottery… I haven’t updated since January 13th this year. I have been thinking alot lately about blogging a big life change coming up with my family. We are making a move from SC to TN soon, so this means I’ll move the Pottery Business as well as my Sign Business (yes, another business) but I haven’t made it there to blog about this yet. There are so many things going on not only with moving but in our lives and I’d like to keep notes about it all in hopes of one day writing a book :) I’ve told myself continuously that if I didn’t blog every day then I wasn’t truly blogging. Well.. thank you so much for this article. At least I know now it’s ok to take my time and blog what is the most important.

    Thanks again,
    Sonja Noskowiak
    Muditis Pottery

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