Spring Shoes Frenzy on Sweet Relish @sweetrelish

Spring Shoes Frenzy on Sweet Relish

I’m not overly picky about accessories and don’t obsess about the latest fashion trends much, but I am a self-professed shoe glutton. Now that spring’s here I’ve been making my latest list–Spring Shoes–on the Sweet Relish website, and it’s almost as fun as actually window shopping for the latest sandals to go with my spring and summer pedicures. Reality is I’m not rich and I’d never actually buy an $800 pair of shoes, but it’s fun to dream (and drool). Below to the right is a cute collage featuring just a few beautiful pairs of sandals I added to my Spring Shoes list, and if you want to take a peek at the rest of them, click on the image to see the full list.  I’ve been adding a lot to all my lists, so you might actually find a pair of reasonably priced sandals you absolutely love. Out of guilt I also threw in a few pairs of sandals for my kiddo, because I’d never shop just for myself.

Sweet Relish is a fun way to feed my shoe obsession safely.

If you’re new to the blog and missed the last post on Sweet Relish, here’s a brief summary: Sweet Relish is a great organizer for shopping lists of great finds you want to buy or dream lists of stuff you want and might never buy (like $800 shoes from Eddie Bauer). The Sweet Relish Chrome extension allows you to find items on other websites and “Relish” it on the Sweet Relish website to add to your lists and share with the Sweet Relish community. When you’re on the website you can search for thousands of items relished by fellow Sweet Relish members, and then you’ll see why the Sweet Relish’s motto is The Secret Sauce of Shopping. Enjoy checking it out!

Most of the items I relished on my Shoes  List are far from reasonable, but the great thing is, Sweet Relish is there whether I opt to be practical or outrageous.

This is list four of four I’m sharing from Sweet Relish, and I hope you’ve gotten more excited to check them out after checking out their awesome website!

Are you a shoe fiend like me, or do you have another “must have in abundance” items on your wish lists? Share with me in the comments!

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  1. What a cool website, Amberr. I’m off to sign up. Love your taste in shoes! Hard to believe the price tag of the Eddie Bauer sandals. Wow. Great post 🙂

  2. Nope, I’m about as far from buying anything in abundance as you can get, lol. I hate shopping, must not have gotten in that female line. I have a pair of sandals that usually last several years before I attempt to buy more. I do have a couple of pair of tennis shoes, because I’m on my feet alot at work and need to change them out for comfort and protecting of the arthritis in the knee etc. Still making my way through the a-z linky finding blogs I didn’t get to before.

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