Methodology CompTIA Certifications Available for Three Business Roles

Methodology CompTIA Certifications Available for 3 Business Roles

Nontraditional routes can be taken in the IT field with three CompTIA certifications. If you have experience working in a regular IT role and are interested in taking a new route with your career, you now have the chance to do so, as CompTIA offers these certifications for anyone who is interested and fits the requirements. Called “methodology certifications,” they are training sources that incorporate technical knowledge into traditional business roles. Such roles do not focus on the inner workings of a company’s network architecture or infrastructure, but instead on IT communication, management and customer care practices.


There are 3 business careers for those working on CompTIA certifications.

Candidates with experience in IT and sales should consider a career in IT sales. The CompTIA certification, IT for Sales, requires strong communication skills, strong knowledge of general IT concepts, and the ability to provide sales solutions and customer care to an inquiring business or organization. One that remains close to the technical side of IT is CompTIA Project+, which validates project management skills.

Those interested in such a job should be able to follow a project through an entire life cycle, from the initiation and planning stages to the end, in which the project is finalized and support is offered to the customer. As a project manager, you will be responsible for each part of the project, workers involved with each part, and the overall; for this, a strong repertoire of IT knowledge is needed.

The final methodology certification is CompTIA CTT+, which verifies classroom instruction skills. This certification is for individuals who are interested in becoming classroom instructors to popular IT training courses. While no teaching experience is required, instructors typically have many years of experience working in different IT roles, especially ones in the field/certification that will be taught. Experience will help make the transition to any of these three business roles much easier.

Do you have CompTIA certifications or know someone looking to get them? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. That’s pretty cool that CompTIA is offering more certifications. I would love to take the IT sales certification to go along with my A+ cert from CompTIA

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