Mommy Polls Uniquely Provides Quick Answers for Parents @MommyPolls #sponsored

Mommy Polls Uniquely Provides Quick Answers for Parents

Disclosure:  I was invited by Mommy Polls to review their awesome website. My opinions are unbiased and completely my own. I received compensation for my time. 

Parents can find a plethora of information online on the best ways to care for their children, and sometimes it becomes overwhelming digging through so much information seeking answers to common questions. Although there are thousands of articles on parenting websites with conflicting opinions and research on the best ways to parent, sometimes it’s nice just to have a place for quick answers and interaction with other parents.


Mommy Polls is a fun, simple website for parents

Mommy Polls is a unique solution to the “information overload” dilemma, offering a place for parents to ask and give opinions on children via simple parenting polls. This new, visually appealing website is currently in beta, but it’s already becoming a popular, user-friendly place for parents to ask for advice and share opinions.

Founder of Mommy Polls, Samantha Borghese, shares her inspiration:

“Being a mom to a loving, sweet, energetic toddler is the most amazing thing in the world. But like most new mommies it did not come easy to me. I was the first out of my friends to have a kid and it felt like an entire different world to me. A new language, new surroundings, and a new way of life. To say I was clueless was an understatement. I read a few books before she came into this world but nothing could prepare me for this adventure. That’s when my journey through the internet began. I spent many nights Googling  best sleep routines, methods to soothe, transitioning to crib, reflux, and more. That’s when my idea for Mommy Polls came to me.”

Mommy Polls is comprised of a few different components to make the website interactive, simple, and informative:

  • Create polls to get quick answers to questions
  • Follow polls of interest
  • Comment and add your opinion to any polls
  • Upload parent articles of interest or browse through others in the “articles” section
  • Create a personal page on Mommy Polls to keep abreast of current information 

I find Mommy Polls to be a fresh, unique way for parents to get the most out of the internet when searching for answers to their most complicated parental questions, and I think it has a great future amongst all the other awesome parenting websites out there.

To get more information on Mommy Polls, follow them on Twitter @MommyPolls, “like” them on Facebook, and check out the website!

Other parents out there, does Mommy Polls seem like the type of website you might enjoy? Share your thoughts  in the comments! 

Please share this other posts with parents who might be interested in checking out Mommy Polls. Thank you!

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  1. Hi Amberr,
    Sounds like a wonderful website. I’m off to check it out.
    Have a super weekend.
    Tracy 🙂

  2. Today’s moms are far too overextended. This resource fits right into our busy schedules!

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