The ‘Fresh Air Pillow’ Helps Prevent Allergens and Asthma

The ‘Fresh Air Pillow’ Helps Prevent Allergens and Asthma

How would you feel if you were told you or someone in your family developed asthma simply because of the pillow they use for sleep every night? Not caused by the pillow itself but by a tiny culprit impossible to see with the naked eye and impossible to avoid. The dust mite is the villain hiding in nearly every bed and pillow in the world. Independent scientific studies have shown that nearly a third of the weight of your normal pillow is comprised of bugs, dead skin, house dust mites, and their feces.


The average pillow is teeming with house dust mites and allergens.

Sounds pretty gross, right?

However, there is a solution in the form of a new, revolutionary type of pillow invented by Scott Rochlin and his father, called “The Fresh Air Pillow.” Considered to be the world’s most washable pillow, it can help prevent the onset of asthma and cut down on severe allergies. The Fresh Air Pillow is soft, flexible, supportive and cool. It can be washed without lumping up or shedding feathers, and when washed at 130 degrees, kills allergens and dust mites.

This unique pillow allows you to sleep cleaner than ever, but Scott needs help from me, you. and every other person who sees this post or other posts on the product. Interested investors want to ship The Fresh Air Pillow overseas, but Scott and his dad want to keep it a family company, and most importantly, keep the manufacturing in the USA. This helps create jobs for more Americans and to insure the highest quality pillows are being produced.

Scott and his dad have started a movement to raise funding on Kickstarter, but it’s an all or nothing campaign. The goal is to raise $18,884, and the deadline is July 23rd. They are only about $7000 away from goal which isn’t so much when you consider the number of people who might be able to put in just $1.00. You can see more about the campaign here, and this video provides even more comprehensive information on The Fresh Air Pillow:

People backing Scott and his dad are receiving a pillow or two if the campaign is a success. 60 million people suffer from allergies in the United States, and asthma is increasing, particularly among children. Let’s take steps together to help get The Fresh Air Pillow on the market so we can help avoid the awful effects of house dust mites and have access to easily washable pillows. There is a reason The Fresh Pillow’s motto is “Designed for Comfort. Engineered for Clean.”

Please check out The Fresh Air Pillow campaign and make a small donation if you want easy access to a pillow that is beneficial to everyone.

Even if you’re unable to donate, please share this post via social media with others who might be able to help. If we spread the word then Scott’s campaign will be a success. Thank you!

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  • Bicultural Mama

    I’m allergic to dust mites (which often lives in bedding) and this pillow looks like it would help. Thanks!