Cottonelle is Best Friends With My Rear End #LetsTalkBums #sponsored

Cottonelle is Best Friends With My Rear End

Disclosure: I’m super excited to have been invited to be a brand ambassador for the #LetsTalkBums Cottonelle Talk It Out Cleaning Routine campaign. My opinions are unbiased and completely my own. I received compensation for my time. 


Don’t be afraid to talk it out. The Cottonelle Care routine keeps you cleaner and fresher than any other bum routine.

Almost everyone would agree that having a clean behind is the cornerstone of great personal hygiene. I’ve been an avid Cottonelle toilet paper enthusiast for years, and I eagerly jumped on board to amp up my “bum cleaning routine” when introduced to Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths. Although wiping your bum might be taboo talk for some people, Cherry Healey wants to Talk it Out with consumers to see who’s doing what after they “do their business in the bathroom.

Check out Cherry’s brief video below and how she’s breaking down the barriers on “cheeky” taboos:

There’s no room for shyness here. Open the bathroom door and let us in for candid conversation on the Cottonelle Cleaning Routine. Everyone in my household does the toilet paper/flushable cleansing cloths routine, and we love the fresh feeling. I sweat a lot on my day job as a cleaning technician trainer–especially during brutally hot summer days–so I carry Cottonelle flushable cleansing cloths in my car console to be at hand for every restroom stop. Not only does Cottonelle  give me an awesomely clean bum, I can train and clean client homes without hesitation. I know I’m fresh and clean, and that means total confidence.

Ready to talk it out or do you still have reservations? Might as well break down the barriers and open up, because you’ll be seeing more on the Cottonelle Cleaning Routine in two more posts in the near future!

What brand of toilet tissue do you use, and do you use flushable cleansing cloths to accompany your bum cleaning routine? Let’s Talk Bums in the comments and with Cottonelle directly on their Facebook page

Please share this post on social media with other people who might need to spruce up their bum cleaning routine. Thank you!

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Feature image courtesy of Cottonelle. 


  1. bahaha!!! I love this post, Amberr, and the vid. Yeah, we started bringing wipes into the restroom after realizing how much easier it is to get clean when taking care of our daughter’s diaper changes. I was very happy to see toilet paper companies get on board with this idea and add wipes to their collections. We’ve always used Cottonelle, as it’s the best-priced TP on the shelf. This campaign is awesome fun, and perfect for my family! :)

  2. This is the perfect example of a brand trying to create “a conversation” around absolutely nothing. The whole “taboo” angle is particularly desperate.

  3. LMAO – {An anonymous comment} “is the perfect example of” {a troll} “trying to create” {an argument} “around absolutely nothing. The whole” {‘anonymous’} “angle is particularly desperate.”

    Just sayin’.

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