The Blogger’s Rage to Celebrate Christmas

Being the religious festival of Christianity, Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals across the globe. On the day of Christmas people celebrates birth of Jesus to convey his message of love, brotherhood and mankind to all human beings irrespective to their race, color and religion. Christmas is a very significant festival in many ways.

Happily Holidays to all of the great bloggers across the globe.

Happily Holidays to all of the great bloggers across the globe.

Despite its spirituality, colors and festivities, the festival enable families and friends to sit together to spend some time together. Being blogging for several years I have build up good relationship with other bloggers in the community. So this year I have planned to create a blog piece to share personal ideas of celebrating Christmas within the blogger’s community. I hope you enjoy reading bloggers own ideas and rage to celebrate Christmas.

Nicole Connolly (& Michael Wright)

Christmas in Rotterdam is a lot of fun and very festive.  You can feel the Christmas Spirit throughout the city.  They have so many different Christmas themed activities, it’s hard to know where to start. On the 21st and 22nd of December the city hosts the XXL Swan Market Festival at the Katendrecht Peninsula.  This is a huge event and attracts people from far and wide. If markets are not your thing, there is also Winterfair, Ice skating and the Christmas Circus.  The streets are lively with locals and tourist alike and the evenings bring the streets alive with the beautiful Christmas lights all over the city.  However you choose to spend your Christmas, if you are in Rotterdam you will have a very merry Christmas!

Megan Claire 

With the rest of the United States frozen over in snow, this Christmas I’ll be escaping to the beach in Florida!  Honestly, if you can’t find a beach to your tasting in Florida, you are being extremely picky! Florida beaches are among some of the finest in the world, and there is something to suit everyone. Sandy beaches account for over 1,000 miles of the Florida coastline, you will find coral sand on the Atlantic side, and fine quartz sand in the panhandle, which, is so white that it was supposedly sold fraudulently as sugar during World War II!

Whether you want to spend your day relaxing, taking part in beach sports, snorkelling, or swimming with dolphins and other wildlife, Florida has a beach for you, and that’s how I’ll be spending Christmas this year! Some of the best beaches in Florida include Delray Beach, Clearwater Beach, NaplesSanibel Island, South Beach, Siesta Key, Atlantic Beach, Palm Beach and Captiva Island. Just pick one – you won’t be disappointed!


Image by Megan


Image by Megan

Dale and Franca

Last year we had a very unusual Christmas in Taiwan which felt more like any other day. This year we decided that no matter where we were going to be we were going to celebrate Christmas properly with some lovely food, some nice Christmas music and maybe watch some festive film too, why not?

We are very lucky to be in Europe this time, in fact our Christmas mood has raised a lot since we traveled across Germany, Switzerland to end up in France. Visiting various Christmas Markets, drinking hot mulled wine, smelling the spices while walking through the narrow streets, enjoying the lights and decorations everywhere and feeling the cold weather definitely put us both in a the right mind to have a fabulous Christmas.

We’ll be celebrating it in Cannes where we are house and pet-sitting during the holidays. This also means we’ll have a full kitchen ready to make some yummy and festive food, time to have a proper Christmas dinner!

Image by Dale and Franca

Image by Dale and Franca

Image by Dale and Franca

Image by Dale and Franca

Amberr Meadows

This holiday season finds me and the family at home this year in Atlanta, GA. We were planning to go to the beach, but we’ve put that on hold for a little later during the winter when we’ll really appreciate getting away from the cold, blustery weather. For now, we’re enjoying spiked eggnog, respites from heavy schedules, and the mutual kinship shared by many nations across the globe. Happy holidays, and wherever you are, celebrate with warmth, love, compassion, giving, and humility. Lots of love to all!


Happy Holidays from Atlanta, fellow bloggers!

Angela Davis

Being located in the premises of Islamic State United Arab Emirates, common people may have misconceptions about Dubai that the city doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Since I am here, I have always found it great pleasure to celebrate Christmas as well as other festivals. All beaches, shopping malls, hotels and resorts make special arrangements for this religious festival. They are decorated with ornaments and well decorated Christmas tree.  Restaurants and hotels organize colorful Christmas parties and serve special meal deals for this event.

This year I have planned a Christmas party with my friends at Jumeirah Beach. The temperature at beach is ideal ranges from 23 ºC to 25ºC during November till mid of March. Dubai beaches are perfect for those travelers and holidaymakers who want to take a break from icy chilled weather during their Christmas holidays. They can freely enjoy and entertain themselves at any of the open beaches at Dubai. These beaches are not just sand stretch with sea water on the other end rather they are carefully manicured to provide fun, entertainment, food and leisure activities to entertain visitors all over the year. So if you are in Dubai or going to hit the city soon I wish you very merry Christmas.

In the end I would like to say a big thanks to all bloggers, who have contributed for this post. I wish everyone a very happy Merry Christmas.

About the author:  Angela Davis is a passionate blogger and social media consultant from Dubai UAE. She’s always eager to learn new aspects of writing and try to gain awareness in different writing categories Currently she is writing for a famous UAE based property management firm. She is actively involved in writing for traveling, health, beauty and fashion blogs.


Traveler bloggers spending the holidays around the world, where are you now? Share it in the comments! 

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