The World’s Most Exotic Hotel Services

From private pianists to gold iPads and special helicopter pickups, the world’s most luxurious hotels are competing to wow their guest with extraordinary services and lavish perks. Hotels today are not just places to spend the night, but they’re trying to be back at the heart of the cultural, artistic, and business life of the country, offering their guests holistic experiences of luxury and culture. If you’re wondering about the latest luxury trends in world-class hotels, or looking to get pampered in incredible ways, here’s a list of top 5 outrageously exotic hotel services from around the world:

Exotic hotel services include badass “curb appeal”.

A Lamborghini at your Disposal

The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills knows how to offer its guests the most luxurious driving experience in Los Angeles. Whenever they feel like going for a ride, the visitors of the top-tier suites can simply grab the keys of one of the exotic cars of the hotel’s fleet. They’ll have to make the difficult choice, though, between Lamborghinis, Ferrarris, Porsches, Maseratis, Bentleys, and more.

Exotic hotel services include arriving in style.

Arrive via Helicopter, Summon butlers through Golden iPads, and Leave in a Rolls-Royce

If driving a Lamborghini sounds cheesy, you can choose to be picked up from the airport to your hotel by a helicopter, and summon your army of personal butlers using a 24-carat gold iPad. Dine in the world’s most luxurious seafood restaurant – Al Mahara, with a view of the 990,000 Litres aquarium filled with marine life; or spend the night on a rotating four-poster bed in a 780 square meters suite. And just before leaving, you can call in your private Rolls-Royce to take you to your second destination.

This is only a chunk of what you get in the Royal Suite of Burj Al-Arab, renowned for its unofficial title as the world’s only 7 star hotel.

Exotic hotel services include slumber in the lap of luxury.

Your Own Sleep Concierge

If you’re having trouble in getting a good night’s sleep, The Benhamin’s sleep butler in New York will help you out. Based on your preferences, the Sleep Concierge will supply you with aromatherapy  products, comforting treats like warm milk, cookies and calming teas, sleep mask, lavender linen oil, and coconut water. Once you’re ready to close your eyes, you’ll have to choose your pillow from a long menu from which you can select warmed water-filled pillows, a NASA-designed memory foam pillow, a five-foot body cushion, or an iPod-ready lullaby pillow.

Need a pianist at your disposal? Exotic hotel services include them.

Your Private Everything (including your own Pianist)

We’re not kidding. The Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi in Greece offers your very own private resort: a private beach, a dedicated chef turning your every culinary wish into reality, a personal butler fluffing your towels and answering your calls, a private garden, your own gym, a private massage area, and an exclusive business centre. To top it all, you’ll also have your very own private concert pianist to soothe the atmosphere while you contemplate your awesome life.

La Taha’a provides some of the most peaceful exotic hotel services.

Your Room is an Island (and your butler is a ukulele drummer)

To start with, Le Taha’a resort in French Polynesia is built on a private islet in the Pacific Ocean. The rooms are overwater bungalows where you can enjoy the turquoise water and the white beach and watch the sun set across the ocean every day. The room service of Taha’a’s will also bring your breakfast to your private deck by a strumming ukulele player in a canoe. Talk about heaven!

About the Author: Khushal Khan is a passionate travel blogger and self-claimed photographer who has been traveling around the world and seeing world through the lens of his camera.


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