ReNewYear His-n-Hers Giveaway: $50 Restaurant Card, Carmen Necklace, & Facial Essentials (RV $320)

Welcome to the Ultimate #ReNewYear His-n-Hers Giveaway: Included is a $50 Gift code, a Gorgeous Stella & Dot Carmen Necklace (RV $220), and a Kiehl’s Ultimate Facial Essentials Gift Set (RV $50) (Total RV for all: $350)

***There is no need for a disclosure on this post. I’m giving away items to my fantastic readers purely out of love. I received no compensation for the items listed in this giveaway. Thank you!!!*** 

First up for grabs is the item for BOTH him and her. With the $50 gift code, you’ll find a great place for a nice date night and delectable dining. is partnered up with more than 50,000 restaurants, so you’re sure to find the perfect place serving the  cuisine of choice. has you covered for a date night. (RV $50)

Next up is an item solely for her. Stella & Dot make beautiful necklaces, and this fun tri-colored necklace would compliment most formal blouses, or even jeans and boots. Maybe even break in the new necklace while wearing it on the dinner date you’ll set up with your Restaurant code. Just a thought. :-)


The Carmen necklace is flattering and beautiful. (RV $220).

Last we have something solely for the fellas. Kiehl’s, a skin product organization established in  1851, has some of THE BEST skin care products on the market, and they don’t exclude men from their offerings. I think this is completely awesome, because even though a lot of women like their manly men, I–and other women, too, I’m sure–also like a man who takes extra special care of himself. My husband has been using these products, and they provide a pretty sexy, clean masculine appeal, I must admit. You’ll enjoy it if your man actually uses the products!

The pic below is one I had to take, and it is not the best quality, but I’ll describe the items shown within directly after:


Kiehl’s men essentials are an awesome little gift. for the special man in your life. (Rough RV is $50).

Included in the Kiehl’s mini-sampler:

  • Amino Acid Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Ultra Facial Moisturizer
  • Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment
  • Ultimate Body Scrub Soap
  • Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal Grapefruit

Enter the giveaway to jump-start your  #RenewNewYear, so go ahead and do it via the Giveaway  Tools form just below!


Good luck and happy winning!

Please share this post with others’ who might be interested in the #ReNewYear his-n-hers giveaway. Thank you!

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Feature images courtesy of, Stella & Dot, and me. 



  1. I’m a “lotion and potion” junkie so I’d love to try out the goodies. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • I would use some, give some and share some.

  2. I’d probably keep the necklace for myself and give the gift set to either my hubby or dad!

  3. I would give it away to my family… my daughter… a little for the hubby and for me! Thanks for the lovely giveaway! Love your blog as well! Thanks for the chance and good luck to all!!!

  4. I’d split the loot between me and my neighbor, she’s like a sister to me!

  5. I would enjpu trying out all the lotion and potions….and love wearing necklace

  6. I’d give the mini sampler to my husband, his skin could use a nice boost

  7. I would relax with a beauty treatment and a night out at a restaurant.

  8. I especially love the necklace it works perfectly with so many outfits! But I think I would be giving away the restaurant gift card to my grandmother who’s birthday is around the giveaway end date :)

  9. i just wanna win something..thanks

  10. I would wear that necklace to go out to eat (and use the gift card)!!

  11. I’d wear that necklace all the time – it’s so pretty! =)

  12. I would keep for myself. me and my husband have not been on a date for so long so it would be great to get the gift card so we can get something to eat.

  13. I’d take my family to dinner, share the necklace with my mom (I love it) , & my 18 year old son will enjoy the skincare products.

  14. I would have a wonderful date night!

  15. I would keep and share with my 11 yo daughter!

  16. id give to my daughter

  17. I’d keep them for me.

  18. Keep some share some

  19. I’d pamper myself.

  20. I would keep for me ;)

  21. I’d look great for a date night with my fiance!

  22. Keep some and share others with friends!

  23. I would keep the goodies! I was very frugal at Christmas and deserve a splurge!

  24. I would share it with loved ones

  25. I would keep it. :-)

  26. I would have a nice dinner out with the family :)

  27. I would love to make it my present! :)

  28. I would keep it for myself because I need to start taking better care of my skin

  29. I would give my hubby the Kiehls! He loves it, and is one of the only products he can use.

  30. it’s allll mine!

  31. I would keep it.

  32. I would keep it for me and my family to enjoy.

  33. I’d do the Dance Of Joy and weep openly!!!

  34. I’d keep the gift code and send the necklace and facial products to my sister!

  35. I’d take hubby to dinner, wear the necklace and give hubby the facial products

  36. I would keep the necklace, give the kiehls to my DH and then we would share the dinner out

  37. Enjoy them all, of course.

  38. I would share it all with my husband.

  39. I’d give the necklace to my mom because its her style and give the kiehls stuff to my dad.

  40. Enjoy them all

  41. I would share them with my daughter.

  42. I’d keep the necklace, take my sister out to eat, and give Kiehl’s to my boyfriend!

  43. I would keep them for myself and enjoy them immensely.

  44. the necklace would be a be a gift for my bohemian daughter, and the kiehls would be for MEE!!

  45. I would gift the necklace to my daughter and then my hubby and I would enjoy the other gifts.

  46. My 24th anniversary is coming up and the necklace would be great to wear out to dinner.

  47. I would give the necklace to my daughter then take her out for dinner.

  48. I would share the prize pack with my girlfriend.

  49. I would keep everything for me! lol

  50. I’d keep the gorgeous necklace and give my boyfriend the Kiehl’s gift set! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  51. I adore the necklace I would wear it myself.

  52. I would take my family out to eat, give the necklace to my mom and keep the kiehls for myself.

  53. I love Kiehl’s products, the necklace is beautiful, and I love to eat!

  54. I’d split them with my sister and my neice!

  55. I would give these to my daughter in college :)

  56. I would split these between my mom and I.

  57. I would share them with loved ones!

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