Why to Live Fearlessly for 2014 and the Rest of Your Life [Infographic]

I’m terrified of flying on planes, stumbling upon venomous snakes, and heights, because the perceived threat of death hangs uncertainly on the stoop of these particular phobias in my conscious mind. When I consider any of these things, my heart races wildly and my throat constricts uncomfortably. I know my fears are almost irrational, but they exist all the same, and I haven’t found a way to rectify them.

It seems like death is lurking around every corner, but is it?

For these reasons I probably won’t be bungee jumping, skydiving, or hunting black mambas in Africa, but am I safeguarding myself based on myth or by real, scientific probability? How many people die in plane crashes or by bungee jumping each year? How many people in North America die from venomous snake bites in the course of their normal routines? I’ve watched plenty of documentaries and seen video footage on countless deadly incidents, so much, in fact, that it seems almost common for people to fall prey to their worst phobias. The reality is entirely different, however.

After coming across this fairly awesome infographic on fears and phobias, I feel a little silly at having spent so much of my adulthood bound by irrational fear. Here’s some testament to the idea that you should live fearlessly for 2014 and the rest of your life…

 Live Fearlessly for 2014 and for the rest of your life.

See, now don’t you feel better? I know I feel a little better, and while I might not be ready to get up in the air with a parachute, I will spend less time worrying about meeting my fate at the hands of my unfounded phobias.

What about you? Does this infographic illustrate on of your fears or phobias? Tell me in the comments!

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Feature image courtesy of Free Digital Photos. Click image for photographer info. 

Infographic courtesy of Louthian Law Firm