Blogging Basics : How to Build a Solid Blog Following

Blogging Basics : How to Build a Solid Blog Following

There isn’t much reason to blog if you don’t have an audience. That akin to writing a book nobody is ever going to read. So how do you attract an audience to your blog?


Tips on building a blog following

Here’s a simple walk-through of some key blogging basics to help you get started building a blog following:

Have Worthwhile Content

Why should someone visit your blog? What’s there to see? People will only visit a site if it draws their interest. Figure out what your audience is interested in. Starting a cooking blog for busy moms? Ask a mom what recipes interest her. This way you can build on the interests of your audience.

Seed Your Community

Nobody wants to go into an empty store, no matter how interesting it looks. People want to go where they see other people, and social media is no different. Even with good content, it can be difficult to attract a fan base when you have almost no fans.

So how to you build momentum? It can be as simple as asking for help. Ask your friends and family to follow your blog. Ask them to spread the word, whether through talking to people or through their own social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Also ask them to post comments or reply to your posts. This will show that your blog has an active community. A small, but active, community of followers will make it much easier to attract more followers.

Attract Attention through Keywords

Using specific words can help you reach your audience. Twitter, for example uses the “hashtag” symbol to flag a tweet for others to follow. Search engines also search using specific keywords.

For example, if your blog is all about gardening for stay-at-home moms, they say it! Mention those specific words in your post. That way it will be far more likely to be picked by a search engine when someone goes on a search.

Ask a Stranger

Simply advertising your blog can attract followers. Through email marketing, you can give visitors the option to sign up for email updates. This can build up an electronic archival of potential fans. Just be sure not to send updates too frequently. People don’t want to feel hassled into visiting your blog.

Find Influencers to Post on Your Behalf

Already know someone with a social media presence? These people have a disproportional influence on online communities. Think of them as celebrities of the social media world. For example, if such a person said they liked a certain restaurant, then people are far more likely to go and check it out.

What if one these social rockstars mentions your blog? Well, curious people would visit, of course. So it’s worth your time to build an online relationship with bloggers who have a large following, especially if it’s related to your area of interest. Get to know them, and when the opportunity comes up, encourage them to pass on the word about your blog.

Participate in the Conversation

Guess what? Social media is – you guessed it — social! Participating in online conversations on topics related to your interests is a solid way to build a reliable audience.

Look for other blogs on topics related to your own. Start conversations with people on those other blogs. Post relevant comments that add to the conversation. By becoming a regular member of the community, people will be more likely to listen to your suggestions, especially when it comes to visiting your blog.

About the Author: Aew is a businesswoman and blogger. She has found that sharing blog posts on social media, and getting interested parties engaged in the conversation can help to boost a posts reach.


What tips would you add for beginning bloggers to build a blog following? Share it in the comments! 

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