AeroLife Revolution of Air-Based Newtrition

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of AeroLife™ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to sample several of AeroLife’s new air-based nutrition products, and I’ve found it an interesting way to supplement my nutrition. Equipped with small Aerolife cartridges with particles inside to work in different ways.

With one to boost energy, one to enhance sports performance, one for increased immunity, one for sleep, and a travel cartridge–all in a variety of not unpleasant flavors–I found a new way to enhance my energy levels without my normal gigantic cups of coffee. One area of appeal is AeroLife contains zero sugars, zero calories, and zero liquids. It’s a superior alternative to the toxic ingredients in diet sodas, energy drinks, and the processed sugars many use to flavor their coffees and teas.

Per the manufacturer,

 The patented AeroLife technology was designed by Harvard professor, Dr. David Edwards upon a simple premise. Delivering big sensations in tiny amounts. Tiny dry particles of natural food, nutrients, and soon, medications, follow the air into the mouth and land on the tongue. They are then swallowed to give immediate taste and quick nutrient delivery to the body.”

Check out this “Live the AeroLife” video for more information: 



When I first received my sample pack, I admit to being skeptical. How could a small container in which I draw in particles help me with my energy, focus, and concentration? In the few short weeks, I’ve become a believer. The small containers contain air-based particles, too large to fit into the lungs, that you draw into your mouth to help boost your immune system, get through tough work outs, sharpen your focus, and increase mental alertness. Here’s how you take in the particles:

The most important test was when I  sampled the AeroLife energy in raspberry flavor just before an evening walk. After I drew in the particles, I noticed my performance increased a bit and I walked 10 minutes longer than I normally would. I still have refills left, much to my delight, and I plan on having AeroLife help me look good in a bathing suit in time for swimming weather. I’m excited.

Here I am drawing in a little raspberry energy AeroLife before my evening walk.

Now for the best part–a chance to spoil my readers! AeroLife is offering a free trial for everyone who wants to try it out–in watermelon or rasperry flavor. I am partial to the watermelon, but everyone has different tastes. Start your free trial now, and after you’ve tried it out, let me know your thoughts.

I know I’m sold on the AeroLife Newtrition Revolution, and you might be joining me in the ranks soon!

What are your thoughts on AeroLife? Please share it in the comments! 

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AeroLife images courtesy of AeroLife, and feature image courtesy of me. 


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