Being a boss isn’t easy. Though it’s fantastic not having anyone to answer to, the responsibility falls on your shoulders. In a lot of ways, you end up answering to your colleagues. The best way to ensure things run smoothly in your office space is to make the space the best it can be. That way, you stop problems before they’ve happened. Even with a small workforce, people’s lives are in your hands. Getting things right is crucial. So, what can you do?

Keep the workspace clean

It may seem simple, but neglecting to do this can lead to staff dissatisfaction. If you have a small office space, give it a once over at the end of each day. It may be the last thing you want to do after a day’s work, but it’s not something you should neglect. Like any cleaning, things get out of control if you don’t keep on top of them. Better to do five minutes at the end of each day than hours at the end of the week. Also, your colleagues won’t be able to function in an untidy workspace. A cluttered office leads to a cluttered mind, and we all know that leads to bad results! Encourage your colleagues to clean their desk areas, too. Most people do this automatically, but some are messier than others. Try to keep things light hearted and not single anyone out. You don’t want to make enemies with your workforce. If you have a larger office, it won’t be practical to clean it alone. It’s worth investing in commercial cleaning to save you a job. Most commercial cleaners operate out of working hours, so you’ll enter a clean office in the mornings!

Keep updated on health and safety 

Health and safety is important in any workplace, and a good boss will keep on top of things. There’s no room for compromise on this. If you have a workplace, you need to make sure hazards are dealt with straight away. If not, you’ll be facing huge fines, an unhappy workforce, and a potential injury. Aside from the legal implications an injury could bring, you should care about the wellbeing of your colleagues. Everyone deserves to feel safe at work. Hazards include any trailing wires, unsafe electricals, and even dangerous chairs. Make sure, too, that you keep a log of any injury, no matter how small.

Personal Touches

Personal touches aren’t a necessity, but they do add a much nicer atmosphere to any office. Allowing colleagues to decorate their desk space how they want makes a huge difference to moral. Add your own touches to the space, such as plants, flowers, and fun things like teddies around the place. You don’t want to take away from the professionalism, but remember to have fun. Your staff will perform better if they enjoy coming to work each morning. During festive seasons such as Christmas and Easter, put up appropriate decorations. Better yet, let the whole team get involved!