We’re all tech users, and  we all experience tech problems. Many of them require easy fixes, but some problems are signs of potential pending doom with cause for concern. Fixing some of the worst issues out there can be expensive. A relatively minor symptom that there is a problem with a piece of hardware or software could point towards something much worse going on under the surface. Here are some of the common tech problems that you should fear.
Restarts and Blue Screens
When your computer keeps telling you that it needs to restart, it’s not good. When this appears on a blue screen with a dump of information and incomprehensible codes, it’s even more of an issue. It could be a sign that there is something seriously wrong. It usually means that there is a hardware problem or an issue with the hardware driver software. Many systems never recover from this sort of problem. The first thing you should try is a system restore. This will take your entire system back to a past state. That could help to dodge the problem. If not, you will have to let a pro look at it.
Any piece of technology can overheat, and it’s never a very good sign. Slight overheating might not be a problem. It could just be a sign that your smartphone or device has too many energy-wasting settings activated. By turning some of them off and doing things like turning the brightness of the screen down, you should be able to fix the problem. If taking those steps makes no difference at all, then something more problematic could be going on under the surface. It’s important to get the problem addressed because persistent overheating can lead to devastation.
Security Breach
Data security is a big deal, and it’s something that you should definitely take seriously. When you don’t take security seriously, you will be much more likely to experience some sort of breach, and that’s the last thing you need. It could cause you all kinds of problems.

For example, if hackers got hold of your sensitive information, they could steal money from you. You need to have a strong firewall in place, as well as a plan for how to deal with breaches. If you have a small business, the issue is even more important because more money will be at stake. You’ll need to find disaster recovery solutions for your business in case of an emergency.
Dramatic Slowdown
When your tech starts to really slow down and become frustrating to use, it’s not just the annoyance of the situation that you should think about. You will also need to give some thought to what could be causing the slowdown. You might need to defrag your computer if the data has become fragmented.

This is a common cause of slowdowns. But there might also be malicious software present on your computer. Viruses can implant themselves in your system and cause you all kinds of problems. And one of the symptoms is slow performance.