This fantastic, versatile bath toy organizer doubles as a shower caddy and overall multi-use product for the home

Bath toy organizer choices abound, but finding the perfect organizer/shower caddy with a variety of uses proves difficult. Until now. Taylor Malone’s deluxe bath toy organizer is useful from the bathroom to the kitchen and I adore mine!

 Check out the gallery of photos showing the bath toy organizer, its multiple uses, and some of the reviews. I’ve been out of action for a little while, but I’m back. Miss me? I know I missed you.

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Reviews on the Taylor Malone bath toy organizer

“I love this product. It’s positioned primarily as a convenient organizer for children’s bath toys, but I use it in our guest bathroom. The bathtub is older and doesn’t have a wide lip to consistently support necessary sundries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. As a result, the bottles and soap are constantly slipping into the tub, a minor, but still annoying and inconvenient nuisance.

This bath organizer absolutely solves the problem. It de-clutters the bathtub and enables all the sundries to reside in one convenient place. In addition – and importantly – it’ll take plenty of weight.~Nelle”

“My 8 month old would stay in the tub all night if I let him and he has quite a collection of bath toys. I love the large size and extra pockets on the TaylorMalone bath toy organizer. The big 18″x14” pocket is great for larger toys and I use the smaller front pockets for his favorites plus a few extra wash cloths.

The mesh drains fast and dries quickly plus I like knowing that it’s antimicrobial. I’ve never had good luck with suction cups so I like using the attached clear suction cups together with the heavy duty white suction cups. 

I’ve found that for best results with the heavy duty hooks flip the hook all the way to the top rather than half way.”Andy

“I have tried many many bath toy organizers and I cannot find a single one that I like. There is always something that I don’t like about it and it just doesn’t work. With this organizer I have plenty of room for my sons toys as well as his soap and shampoo.

I love that this has three separate pockets instead of just one big one like every other organizer out there. I like that it is netting so the water can drain out instead of sitting in the toys and chancing mold growing.

It is very easy to wash when it starts to get a little dirty. My son can put his toys in and take them out easily with no help unlike some others we have used he couldn’t get them out without taking it off the wall.

This also comes with suction cups that actually do what they are supposed to and hold the organizer on the wall without falling off. Overall, I am very happy with this bath organizer and I would recommend this to others.”~M

“My kids are older now so bath toys aren’t a thing for us any more. Even so, I really wanted the bath organizer.

This organizer is perfect for keeping my things organized and allowing them to dry out. It comfortably holds my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and soaps.

The suction cups are strong and hold well. I’ve had this unit in my shower for about 10 days now and it hasn’t slipped at all. 

The mesh is nicely constructed and it is sewn well. The unit has a huge back pocket for holding multiple items and two front pockets that I’ve been using to store my soaps and shampoos.

It also came with two strong suction cup hangers. These I’ve been using to hang my razor and my puff. Keeps the sharp blades of my razor away from delicate fingers.”~Max

Wrap Up

I highly recommend Taylor Malone’s organizer for your bath toys. Do you have a current favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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