Limoncello is a liqueur that is made from the finest Sorrento lemons, water, sugar and alcohol, just a few simple ingredients to create a real marvel, a liqueur loved by everyone in every corner of the world. Limoncello is perfect for any occasion, it can be served as a digestif after a meal, as long drink by adding it to prosecco or, for a higher value it can be added to champagne, and finally, as a small touch of flavor it can also be added on salads or on ice cream.

How can its flavor be so intense? Obviously, it is all about the lemons. The area between Vico Equense and Massa Lubrense the area of Capri and Anacapri, these are really outstanding places of the Campania coast where the climate is more temperate and where the sun is always present. Thanks to these climatic conditions the lemon plant is free to grow lush and periodically gives life to these rather large fruits, giving them shiny and healthy-skin and leaving them with a very juicy flesh. When you get close to a stretch of lemons on a windy day you will almost start to feel  a sense of dizziness due to their strong scent that fills the air.

Limoncello is a traditional drink in Sorrento, Italy

This is sensation that will leave your mouth watering and with a strong will that will lead you to pick up a lemon and in order to savor it. We have to admit that seeing a lemon tree for the first time is a unique experience. Seeing so many yellow fruits that shimmer in the rays of the sun, watching the Sorrento pergolas made with reeds and chestnut poles and observe the work of those who truly love them, the lemons will be an experience that will remain in your heart, I can assure , forever and ever.

To make the Sorrento lemon liquor only the skins of lemon are used, which is recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. The recipe has never been changed over the years, so have the greatest respect for the traditions and local culture. But there is a difference from the past. What is it about?

The difference is that today the Limoncello is not only made by some lady in a house from the area, it is produced by real businesses that bring it into supermarkets and stores across Italy and they also bring it to any other corner of the world. It is precisely for this reason that a few years ago it was decided that the real Limoncello of Sorrento IGP must be a product of geographical indication, in order to avoid that the marketing would lead it to ruin by preventing the mass marketing of limoncello to lose its’ initial distinctive taste. Limoncello was protected from degradation, an exceptional product that still lives in full compliance of the traditions and culture of the Sorrento peninsula.

(Amberr noteHere’s a decent recipe for Limoncello I discovered, but Everclear yields a better flavor).

What are you waiting for then? Run immediately to buy a bottle and keep it cool in the freezer. This way you can relive the excitement of Sorrento whenever you desire and you can finally receive all your guests at its’ best.

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